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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
22,844 backers pledged $751,920 to help bring this project to life.

The Home Stretch! $600k+Live Streams and Final Stretch Goals!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Hi guys, We've blasted through $600,000 to achieve the Three Kingdoms stretch goal! Not only that, but our pledges are gaining steam as we enter the last 36 hours of the campaign. This has been a wild ride for us at Radiant, and we once again want to express how deeply grateful we are for all of your support.

So here's how we're planning on ending things with a bang!

Final Stretch Goals

Our stretch goals have been incredibly popular. So popular in fact that our plates are pretty full right now. We don't want to bite off more than we can chew and risk sacrificing the overall quality of the game, but at the same time we want to reward you guys for achieving higher pledge levels.

So what we've decided to do is add two more big, beefy "moon shot" stretch goals, but time them as post release. If we achieve these goals, you are guaranteed to see these features in the game, but they will come in through a free update that ships sometime after our initial release in September 2014. Without further ado, here they are...

New Playable Race: Dwarves: While the Three Kingdoms of humans spread across the world's surface, the dwarves build their own empire deep in the mountains and bedrock below. 

This dwarven race will come complete with new art, entirely new play mechanics more suited to a dwarven disposition, and new classes and crafting recipes. 

Help! All driven underground by fire and trapped by rocks. The ground shakes; Dwarven drums in the deep. We cannot get out... they are coming! 

--Jiruk Firestarter, Goblin Shaman

Persistent, Connected World: We'll offer the option to host your game on our own servers (this may require a fee). All hosted games can choose to participate in entirely new gameplay modes with other hosted cities!

Here are some of the things we're thinking about: 

  • Your cooperative games will be available all the time, not just when the computer serving the game is on
  • Establish alliances and supply-routes between friendly, player controlled cities
  • Trade in the global economy that spans all hosted games
  • Band several cities together to create your own Empires

Virtual Pizza Party, Today 2:00 PST (GMT -7) 

 As a reminder, the whole team will be holding a Q&A over pizza today on our channel. You can tune in at

Countdown to the End Live Stream, Wednesday 6:00 PST (GMT -7) 

We'll end the Kickstarter with one more live stream. Tom will be answering questions, maybe doing a little modelling, and talking about what's up next for Team Radiant as we count down the last hours of the Kickstarter!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikey Ricketts on

      @Stephan... Only if you write it properly :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Levi Zinkhon on

      I would do anything to reach that 1 million goal, this game shows so much potential and I know that would set it over the edge to make it such an amazing game. With only 8 hours left though I don't quite see us raising another 250k which is unfortunate and I hope that the developers will take further donations afterwards because this game would easily set other games on their ears if it had persistent connected worlds.

    3. Justin Linskens on

      Wow. I only check this thing every several days, and every time I've been surprised by how much has been raised in the interim. But I'm absolutely flabbergasted by how much has been pledged in the final week. This is shaping up to be a hell of a game. Congratulations on the success, guys, and I can't wait to try it out for myself!

    4. Brian on

      So if all previous stretch goals were going to be in game post release if they weren't hit - does this apply to the post release stretch goals as well? (i.e. sometime down the line we'll get dwarves and persistent worlds?)

    5. Missing avatar

      Stephan Vorstenbosch on

      @Mikey Ricketts 444 cents is $4,44. So your calculation would me wrong. :P

    6. Missing avatar

      Sascha Gellert on

      @Sebastian Ruecker: That's excactly what i thought about the Project Eternity UI.

    7. Sebastian Ruecker on

      Sorry, posted that in the wrong project! :/

    8. Sebastian Ruecker on

      I like the concept artwork for the skripted events.
      The UI doesn't looks bad... I like the style but I am unsure if it might be to big. Why don't you follow the lead of wasteland 2 and make the UI elements adjustable? It would be nice if as a suer, you could make them smaller or bigger or change their location. This way there would be a solution for different preferences and different sizes of Monitors!

      Keep up the good work! :)

    9. Sebastian on

      How about 1,000,000 - hire Tarn and Zach Adams?

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikey Ricketts on

      Nice... Total of $666,555... I'll donate 444 cents to make it $666,555.444 :P

    11. Missing avatar

      Dylan on

      Man its going be lame to not have persistent worlds when they were fairly close to their goal. I hope they will consider developing more of the game post launch.

    12. Missing avatar

      Зеро on

      Come on! Dwarves are overused to death already. It would be far better if it was something more unique, like elves (lol. Still, literally growing your town to victory...) or kobolds or aliens (from the another Plane... With a goal of transforming the map they appear in into the part of their home plane?.. Heh, if it was a Plane Of Fire And Brimstone...). If you wanted to move underground there's always ants-people with their unique hive mechanics. Options are endless!
      ...Just kidding. I have already fallen in love with your game, and firmly believe you will be able to execute any idea flawlessly. Hope you get another mountain of money in this last hours!

    13. Mark Newcombe on

      @TJ - no its not that the extra $150,000 will only deliver Dwarfs, it's basically just saying that the extra funds will let Tom & Tony continue to develop this game post release, it lets them flesh out the game play and add content and mechanics.
      In all likelihood Dwarves would have eventually made it into the game anyway, but by hitting the stretch goal they are promising it. (albeit post release)
      The initial goal of $120,000 lets two guys take a year off and develop their dream, the extra $630,000 lets them dream big and enable them to set aside several years to realise the new bigger better dream :-)

      Well done Tony & Tom -

    14. Ehsan on

      @mitch By post release they mean a few weeks to a few months after the full release of the game (not beta). They have to get all the other core gameplay and all other strech goals done first!

    15. Missing avatar

      mitch singewald on

      come on guys we need to get to dwarves 100k to go which i think it should have beed 650k but i guess not and by post release do they mean it has to be within 29 hours or by the time the beta comes out

    16. Michael Tsui on

      @René, John: I guess T. J. has a legitimate point. Instead of having more diverse races and gameplay modes, he would want most of the development monies be put into the base game, and that means more resources, classes and crafts instead of fluffy side-arms like different races.

      TL, DR; he wanted more Geomancers and Magma Smiths than more races.

    17. René M Jensen on

      T.J. Brumfield. I think you like many other people dont quite understand stretch goals.

      This isnt about all the money more than donated to that goal will cost that to implement.

      The idea with stretch goals is that we recieve more incentive and content for support them with more money.

      It helps to motivate people to donate and gives a better game for all of us in the end, its about getting more people to donate.

      Im sure the game would be totally fine and fun if they only had the 120.000$ but now they can maybe hire more people they can certainly work on it a lot longer and keep improving it, thus generating more sales.

      Its just win / win for everyone.

    18. Daniel Missailidis on

      Oh and I appreciated the LotR reference so much :D

    19. Daniel Missailidis on

      I really like the idea that you guys are conscious of how much effort some of these stretch goals can take to make a reality, so this really does look promising. Might just up my pledge,

    20. Simon Boigelot on

      @Steve Adamo Thanks.

      Btw next live stream is tomorow 6 PM PST if anyone else then me wonder. (Hard to reach from CEST but I'll try ^^)

    21. Simon Boigelot on

      Thanks for the pizza party stream, it was awsome :)

    22. Sean Kramer on

      @ T.J. You have to remember that they want to do tons of stuff after release, continuously updating and bringing in new elements to the game. Those two goals are basically a promise that they will happen.

      Grats again Tom and Tony, hope you enjoy your pizza.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mikey Ricketts on

      Congratulations Team Radiant, that's super cool...

      I myself would be happy enough for some of the earlier stretch goals to be added post release if it means that the initial release is polished and awesome.. I'm probably alone in this thought though.

      Keep up the great work.

    24. T.J. Brumfield on

      The entire game cost $120k, but Dwarves cost $150k? That does seem odd, but I think a small team of developers (3 employees?) is wary of continuing to add more features that would only push development out far further than they want.

      I'd have preferred to see more core gameplay (more resources, types of crafting, new types of building, etc) but at the same time the core game without any stretch goals would still be worth my pledge.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sharky on

      So glad you guys have gotten such an amazing response for this game. Really hope we can make the 750,000 goal before the end! Love it. :)

    26. Luke Whitehurst on

      So unbelievably excited about this game!

    27. René M Jensen on

      Dwarfs does that mean we can dig and build underground with them ? :P

    28. Missing avatar

      faust_33 on

      Dwarves! What is STONEhearth without the DWARVES?! Yea, I'm exited about both the new stretch goals! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Kelley Schaefer on

      I find it a bit odd that a new race will cost ~$150,000, which is more than the original budget for the entire game. I'd love for you guys to get more funding, but I rather doubt that'll be reached in 30-ish hours. I'd like to see such a mechanic that can add a LOT to the game without too much effort (beyond balancing and different models) included even if the extra $150k isn't met.

      Still, pretty excited! Didn't opt into beta, so anxiously waiting full release!

    30. Missing avatar

      Bernardo Santos on

      Zipi it is post-release

    31. Simon Sejer Nielsen on

      I'd honostly like to be able to host my servers as being persistent, that way I wouldn't have to start up the server everytime I wish to play with my friends, though continue being able to play on the same map without them even, as well as them being able to play on that map when I can't etc.

    32. Zipi on

      As much as I like this game the 2 post game goals will never be met in 33 hours.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ray Lakies on

      Wait so can players get the server code as well or do we have to use your servers?

    34. Missing avatar

      Marios Pagonis on

      Indeed, you should try to post a video update. It would create a lot more hype.

    35. Jörn Huxhorn

      @Ben I'm also a fan of the SimCity franchise but I don't touch anything from big publishers anymore. I wouldn't even play a pirated version.

    36. Colin Matter on

      Shut Up and Take My Money!!!

    37. Steve Adamo on

      @Simon B - the livestream today? its at 2PM PST - which is about 2 hours from now..

    38. Missing avatar

      kristopher marsh on

      I Love Dwarves and now I love you guys even more. <3

    39. Ben on

      @Jörn Huxhorn well thought out and said! Now I love stonehearth even more... And I love Sim City it's one of my favorite franchises, but I refuse to buy the newest one because of its DRM.

    40. Joseph Doherty on

      @Niklas, I backed about the same time as well and I was with you. I though this was a great concept and was going to be an awesome game. I just didn't think that it would do so well because its not a shooter or something like that. I am pleasantly surprised at how much attention and funding this game is getting. I do hope that we hit the $750k goal. If we dont hit the million stretch goal that would be a shame but we need the dwarves in because they would bring a lot to the game.

    41. James Wood on

      @Jörn Huxhorn Well said. You can't stop piracy, and your game will only suffer for the legit buyers if you try. If you give decent support, updates and such, piracy will be greatly reduced anyway.

    42. Simon Boigelot on

      The hour of the live stream is confusing for me :s sorry
      Is it 6 am PST or 6 pm PST?

    43. Jörn Huxhorn

      Sorry for the rant.
      But people actually requesting always-on (or DRM in general) are giving me increased blood pressure.

      Most be stockholm syndrome...

    44. Jörn Huxhorn

      The whole point of DRM-free is that such a key verification system is not mandatory.

      Radiant has previously promised that, yes, there will be an account system. But this system will be optional and is mainly used to establish a proper identity. People will still be able to play the game if they abstain to log in but they will not be able to e.g. use backer-only content.

      Found the comment, so I'll quote:
      "We believe that if we make a great game and make it easy to buy for a reasonable price, that people will buy it rather than pirate it. We absolutely want to make the game as close to 100% playable in the absence of authentication servers. What we're planning on implementing is about identity management rather than DRM. For example, the KS pet rewards are exclusive to backers of the Kickstarter. We'll likely enforce this by making your prove your identity in a manner similar to e-mail authentication before you can download your pets. Identity is extremely important, especially in a community. We want people to know that when they bump into JoeTheAwesomeModder on the Stonehearth community page or in a multiplayer game that it's actually who they think it is, which will require some form of centralized authentication. This will probably be "opt-out" in some way for people who don't value identity or want to remain anonymous. If you have any specific questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Thanks!"…

      They also promised that they won't pull a Harebrain on us (see the Shadowrun-KS), meaning that future extensions/expansions/DLC won't require or impose DRM either (read: you won't have to use the Steam version to get fresh content/mods) and that non-backers will also still be able to buy this game in a DRM-free fashion by non-Steam means (e.g. GOG or something like Humblebundle).

      To me, this is an issue of mutual trust:
      I trust them to develop an awesome game and they trust me that I won't spread it (beside by word or showing off, i.e. propaganda, which I'll do).

      Let the big studios eff over their paying customers by stricter and stricter DRM that ultimately only serves to prevent legitimate user from playing the game (a pirated copy would have the DRM-part removed, making it superior to the original game) due to arbitrary technical difficulties (SimCity anyone?) or simply by turning of their servers. But please keep this abomination away from crowdfunded (actually: fanfunded) projects.

      This game will be pirated, yes. This can't be prevented. It's just impossible.

      But I won't take part in it. I swear. And neither should any of the other backers. If we manage to keep the beta inside of our community, it would be a huge win.

      But even if that does not happen:
      A pirated copy is not a lost sale.
      It's actually promotion, especially if the game is DRM-free.
      If the game rocks (which I'm pretty sure of) then guilt will set in and people will be more likely to buy it if they can afford it. And if the CAN'T afford it then they wouldn't have bought it anyway.

      Yes, there will be people that simply don't care. They won't have a feeling of guilt and they will happily play their pirated copy as they please, without second thoughts. But those would have NEVER bought the game so they aren't a lost sale, either.

      DRM does not prevent piracy. Pirated copies are superior to DRM-encumbered original copies. DRM does only hit paying customers. So don't do DRM.

      If anything of the above wrong then please correct me, Radiant.

      In the meantime, I simply applaud Radiant for going non-DRM. ♥ ♥ ♥

      (I honestly wouldn't have backed this project if they had any other stance on this topic. And I don't own a single pirated copy of any piece of software, believe it or not.)

    45. Missing avatar

      Max Uhrig on

      We will be able to host our own servers. They said that already.

    46. Missing avatar

      Sascha Gellert on

      @Viktor Wiman: I know it's optional. But i hoped we could host our own server.

    47. Missing avatar

      Miki Pony on

      I'm so incredibly happy about all this! When I first backed this game in the early days of the kickstarter, I hoped against hope that we would reach the 400,000 goal and get coop. I never imagined that it would not only reach that, but fly past it to other awesome features such as multiple playable kingdoms and a professional score for the game.

      Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and make us proud guys! Your fans will be with you all the way.

    48. Scott Friebel on

      I also understood it would be like Geoffrey said, regardless of the Persistent World stretch goal, we will be able to host our own servers. If we don't get to that goal, we would need this for any multi-player aspect so it would've already been in their plans.

    49. TanC on

      +1 for hosting our own private game server. I am not a fan of the persistent world as I mostly play with close friends.

    50. Tim Kortsmit on

      Very glad to see that you are you creating even more work for your self but instead keeping the project more manageable. Post release goals are a great way to create additional stretch goals yet not potentially negative affect the project outcome. Cannot wait to give this game a try!