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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
22,844 backers pledged $751,920 to help bring this project to life.

We've Crossed the 1/2 Million Mark!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Hi guys. Thanks to some incredible promotion from our friends on YouTube, the Stonehearth has passed the 1/2 million dollar mark (including the $22,500 in pledges we've received through PayPal)! 

Alternate Planes Stretch Goal Reached!

We've just achieved the Alternate Planes stretch goal, and are on our way to the upgraded music and Three Kingdoms goals.

Update on the Dragon Whelp Pet

On Thursday, we streamed the modelling of the dragon whelp, with some feedback from the viewers online. Here's what we came up with. As Kickstarter backers, you'll all be able to include this little guy in your starting settlement.

And here's his cousin. Maybe we can make both variants available in the game. Note the different horns.

You can watch an archive of the modelling process here.


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    1. T.J. Brumfield on

      Assuming PayPal hasn't even gone up at all, then we're over $645k. I suspect we will in fact pass $650k before the $650k stretch goal is posted.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mikey Ricketts on

      Looking great... We've created a whole bunch of work for the team.. We're evil evil task masters. :D

    3. T.J. Brumfield on

      With PayPal we have to be over 630k right now. Hopefully they post a 650k stretch goal.

    4. Missing avatar

      Yang JinMing on

      oh man...i cant wait for it to come out!
      But it will be on steam right?

    5. Xergz on

      @Eden Watch the stream;) It was meant to be. He's gonna fix this through animating;)

    6. Missing avatar

      Eden Sanders on

      the end bit of the tail is off center by a PIXEL! Hope you notice

    7. T.J. Brumfield on

      3 days ago PayPal was over $22,500. So with PayPal, we're already past the $600,000 goal. Bring on some new stretch goals!

      Especially given that the last two days in a campaign are often the biggest.

    8. Missing avatar

      faust_33 on

      We're almost at the Three Kingdoms, wonder what's next?! :)

    9. Cats777

      The sky plane... Does that mean we get to build floating islands and airships?

    10. Alexander Barger on

      finally raised my pledge to 75$ - hope the 3 Kingdoms are going to be a reallity :-)

    11. Edmond Mondor on

      There is a tail on both dragons. You can watch the twitch stream and watch Tom design the dragon.

    12. Ricardo de Jong on

      Hopefully they will keep the paypal pledge system open after the initial kickstarter part ended. That way we could still somewhat reach Tiers we can't reach right now. Three Kingdoms should be a must! ';)

    13. Missing avatar

      Stephen huey on

      This game looks amazing I'm so glad I saw the YouTube video for it before the kickstarter ended. Can't wait for the beta.

    14. T.J. Brumfield on

      If crafting/building is the core gameplay, is it possible for any future strech goals to enhance that directly?

    15. Martin Nicolas on

      Thumbs up for the red one. Just wondering if there is a tail - the dragon whelp need a tail, at least a tiny one ^^

    16. Donn Manalili on

      Amazing work guys, I was skeptical that we would reach 500,000 but here we are! Very excited about the alternate planes!

    17. Hampus Berggren on

      Awesome stream yesterday! I hope you guys can find some time to keep streaming at any interval when the Kickstarter ends, the Alternate Planes goal being reached is awesome, I really looked forward to it. Hoping we speedily break through the next goals!

    18. Vincent Oostelbos on

      Also @Rand Chua TL: they already are past the $500K point counting PayPal pledges.

    19. Vincent Oostelbos on

      @Ward: Yes, they have said that they will be working on the unreached stretch goals still, it just would be post release and might take a bit longer. The stretch goals are about having things be done sooner, in time for the release.

      Also, if the end sprint is fast enough, we might indeed reach $600K -- if I were Radiant, I think I'd reveal a $650K stretch goal before you get there, just so there's always a little more for the backers to reach for. Just an idea.

    20. Missing avatar

      faust_33 on

      Yay for Alternate Planes! Hope we make it to Three Kingdoms. The Red Dragon Whelp looks great!!

    21. Ward Muckenthaler on

      It looks like we should at least hit the 550k mark in time too, but REALLY hoping that we luck out and reach 600! In addition to choosing one of the three, it'd be really cool to run into them as NPCs while playing! Raya's Children trading caravans visiting your town from time to time, or coming across small settlements of the Ascency, etc! Also, for unreached stretch goals, are those things you guys would be looking at doing post launch, or only if you can get the cash now from Kickstarter? I know that if there were a donation link directly on your site (like Starbound has) you'd most certainly keep getting donations once this ends here!

    22. Steve Adamo on

      @Last Man that guy is actually a lady... Stephanie Dee, the most recent addition to the team... ;)

    23. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @Last Man, that guy is Stephanie, officially employee #1 after Tony and myself. You'll get to meet her at the Virtual Pizza Party on Tuesday.

    24. Dablue

      Congrats, quite the achievement

    25. Last Man on

      With all this extra money I am sure they are gonna hire more people to help them out... I hope we get to meet these people. To be quite honest, I would like to meet everyone who is contributing to this great game.

      For example, i would like to meet the guy who is always sitting, his back to the camera in the modding stream. I am really the only one who is wondering who that guy is?

    26. Joshua Bliss on

      Will there be a choice on which welp we can have? Because the red one looks so badass...

    27. Bill Briggs on

      I wish I could hug pixels . . . they're so cute. But, my monitor doesn't like that. And, being at work, I get strange glances from my co-workers. Hugging my monitor is new, even for me.

    28. Rand Chua TL on

      Congratulations on getting close to 500K goal!

    29. Steve Adamo on

      unbelievably excited for you guys... enjoy the moment! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      LokisPlayground on

      Congratulations on making the 500k goal everyone, always great seeing something we like succeed!

    31. Daniel Bridges on

      I like the red one I shall call him Smoky.

    32. gandalf.nho


    33. Ethan Unken on

      ooooo that blue dragon looks AWESOME! I would just love that thing XD
      Great model! I think the other variant is cool too, blue just pwns all x3

    34. Missing avatar

      James Fitzwater on

      Gratz dudes! And wicked cool dragons!

    35. Gladys Rodriguez on

      Congratulations guys! I'm super happy about reaching the stretch goals~

    36. AngoraFish on

      Super! Now on to more biomes, pretty please. :)

    37. Eauxfolles on

      Congratulations to the fortune ;-)

      Looking forward to the next goal. Actually upgraded music sounds a bit more appealing to me than the 3 Kingdoms (which modders might turn into 4 to 100 Kingdoms after release ^^).

    38. Vincent Oostelbos on

      Congratulations! Excellent!

    39. William Wallace on

      Congratz! Alternate Planes stretch goal reached!!! :P

    40. Missing avatar

      The Colourful Jester on

      I'm honestly shocked by how well this is all going. The 600 000 is in sight. Great stuff!