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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Three Kingdoms Stretch Goal and New Digital Soundtrack Rewards

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Hi guys. We are creeping up on our next major stretch goal, Co-op multiplayer! We have a couple of exciting announcements for you as we approach the Kickstarter's home stretch.

New Stretch Goals

We've added new major stretch goals at $500,000 and $600,000. We've already achieved a lot of stretch goals, which is incredible, but at the same time we don't want to bite off more than we can chew. So we're reducing the number of minor stretch goals to ensure that we can finish every goal in time for the game's release.

Here are descriptions for the newly unveiled stretch goals: Festivals, Upgraded Musical Score, and Three Playable Kingdoms.

Festivals: Join your townsfolk as they celebrate popular holidays like Solstice, Harvest, and The Monday of The Twelve Golden Fruit. Properly provisioned festivals produce happy, energetic workers. Forgotten events invite the wrath of greater powers...

“Though color variations make it clear at which point in its cycle the banana ought to be eaten, the proper way to hold the fruit is still debated. Though all scholars agree that the curved, nearly hexagonal shape fits the human fist, accounts vary as to whether the golden peel should be pulled back from the stem (as is traditional) or up from the black nub at the bottom. Either way, so please the gods.”

--Celebrant Jordan, Treatises on the Rituals of The Monday of the Twelve Golden Fruit

Upgraded Musical Score: The Japanese RPGs from which Stonehearth draws its artistic inspiration were as much defined by their soundtrack as their visual style. Help us draw on the talent of a variety of professional musicians to create an enticing score that will stand up to a decade’s worth of play.

Three Playable Kingdoms: Hardy explorers and canny traders join our hardworking settlers in their quest to build, farm, and fight their way across the land. At the start of each game, choose one of the three kingdoms, each with its own unique perks.  Click here for a high resolution version of the image of the three kingdoms.

Healing Crosswinds Caravan, Transcript, Early Summer, Immediately before The Incident

New $75 Reward Tier, Digital Soundtrack

A lot of you have asked for a reward tier between $50 and $100. By far the most requested perk was a digital soundtrack, so that's what we did! For $75 you can now get all the benefits of our $50 tier, plus a digital download of the full Stonehearth soundtrack.

New Gameplay Footage

We sent out a special pre-pre-alpha build to a few YouTube channels to help promote the kickstarter. If you'd like to see some more gameplay footage, you can check them out here. Please keep in mind that this super early build is very light on gameplay. It's just a taste of what's to come.

A Hermit's Look: Stonehearth

DaveChaos's Stonehearth Preview

That's it for now. We do have more developer live streams planned over the next two weeks, and I'll send out an update once we have them scheduled!


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    1. Thomas Zilling - Tormented WoOS of OOoE

      @Radiant Entertainment - I like the new 75$ Tier but additional 25$ for a soundtrack that's quite expensive. Maybe you could spice the Tier (and the Tiers above) a little up with another pet or another ingame item. Something like a (Were)sheep or maybe a pair of bats (Bruce and Wayne).

    2. Grimoire Studios on

      Really psyched about Three Playable Kingdoms. 三国! =D

    3. GenericD on

      While I agree with taking caution so that you don't over promise, I think that the three kingdoms goal might be more attractive if you offered more. Right now it looks like the kingdoms just have a few skill modifiers and maybe different AI priorities. Offering different textures or premade buildings designs would give them stronger atmospheres. It would be even better if they each had a unique or improved class. It might not need to be anything fancy, just something to encourage different play styles.

    4. Emerald Fire Studios on

      *cough* Radiant* whoops

    5. Emerald Fire Studios on

      @Radiane Entertainment First lemme say how happy I am you broke 400k before time ran out. Will you have other materials to build with? In your main image it shows a large stone castle; will things like this be possible for players? I read that you have plans for underground stuff later on, but will there be other materials to mine for?

    6. Simon Boigelot on

      @Radiant Entertainment Thanks about the beta video approval, I'm so glad about it :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Bobby Loomis on

      Hooray! At this rate, we might even hit the $500,000 stretch goal! I think you should release the pre-alpha to a few more you-tubers It seemed to really help increase funding!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jay Poel on

      Woot! $400,000!

      I was hoping it would hit this goal - co-op multiplayer with my son is going to be a blast!

    9. Missing avatar

      Conway Bolt on

      What language is the game being developed in?

    10. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @Shevn: We're going to finish the game before we think about localization, but we've noted your request for French.
      @Simon Boigelot: We can't wait to see your youtube videos at beta
      @Martin Huber: Yes, everyone at the $100 tier and up now gets a soundtrack!
      @Jonathan Moses: Thanks!
      @Rob Hamilton: We hope to have more biomes than just glacier and forest
      @Matthew: We'd love to keep supporting Stonehearth with updates or add-ons after it releases. Specifics, of course, will depend on how we're all doing by then. For now, we'll focus on finishing the game.

    11. Missing avatar

      Svehn on

      I just want to know if this game could be in other languages at the release ?
      And great job, this game looks awesome !

      A french backer !

    12. Simon Boigelot on


      Just a small question, what will be your politics regarding youtube video during the beta phase? Will you allow backer to make some?

    13. Martin Huber on

      So does a Digital Soundtrack at $75 also mean, that the $100 and above also include the Soundtrack?

    14. Missing avatar

      Yang JinMing on

      I love this game!But i really wish for some different dimension.
      Anyway,good work guys! :D

    15. Jon M on

      I like the idea of not over bloating the game with a lot of stretch goals, especially at release. Take your time making your perfect game, personally I can wait until you are 100% happy with it.

    16. AngoraFish on

      more biomes please

    17. Socrates on

      Definitely have to hit upgraded soundtrack.

    18. TanC on

      Loving the additional stretch goals and I look forward to all of us reaching them! However, I feel that the soundtrack tier is a little too pricey...additional $25 for the soundtrack or 2 additional games? Maybe have some digital addons instead so backers could customize what they want?

    19. Matthew Warren on

      I want an early copy :(

    20. Mathew on

      This is a bold and early question but you quoted below that you aren't adding other races, which is smart because you have more time to make the core game :) but im curious now. Are you going to be updating the game now and again? (aside from fixing bugs etc) Like adding a new race later on? a new race specific kingdom or class etc or is this something that if you did wish to try you would instead make an expansion to sell ?

    21. Missing avatar

      James Mills on

      I was just wondering if you could make the game where if you click on something else it won't pause the game. I use multiple monitors and sometimes like to bounce between multiple things. I haven't seen many games that let you do that. I love where this game is going and hope we can hit all stretch goals.

    22. Missing avatar

      Etheris on

      I have a lot of respect for you guys for not going overboard with the stretch goals! You already have a ton on your plate for your first game, even with your software development experience!

      Good luck with your funding and development, I'm excited to play the game with my brother, as it looks like we'll be going well past the co-op play stretch goal.

    23. Missing avatar

      Clunker on

      Will the Game Soundtrack be available for purchase outside of the KS, and/or will be be available as a "Add-On"? I'm interested in getting the Soundtrack, but not so much the other doodads at $75...

    24. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @qaqua No new playable races. When we do add them we want each race to play very differently, and there's no time for that kind of effort before our first release.

    25. qaqua trewqwerty on

      i like the look of this game it looks really cool

      can I ask will there be playable races other than human?

    26. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Ack! I forgot Biffa's excellent Let's Play video for Stonehearth. Sorry Biffa!…

    27. Missing avatar

      faust_33 on

      Very cool new Stretch Goals. I've quintupled my pledge! :)

    28. Josh Kalmbach on

      You gave the pre-pre-alpha to GennyB!!! I love this development team even more. One of my favorite YouTubers. Also, these stretch-goals look great. Can't wait to see what we end up with.

    29. Missing avatar

      RoSon on

      Awesome new stretch goals in my opnion. As @Kora Schmitt said "Although I am already satisfied with all the goals that have already been achieved. I don't understand why a lot of people are upset about the new tier" and neither can I understand how people manage to complain about the new stretch goals being bad.
      I hate PvP but I was glad when they hit that goal anyway because I had already gotten a lot of my favorite goals fulfilled and because other people and the devs wanted that I was happy.
      We probably won't hit all the new stretch goals but if they get implemented 2 or more years from now i'd be really happy anyway. This game can't come soon enough.

    30. Stefan Scott on

      O please make it to 400k!
      I so want co-op!

    31. Nine

      Good choice to keep the minor goals down. Make some surprises while programming when you have time left, but keep on the main track for everything else.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kora Schmitt on

      Great stretch goals. Although I am already satisfied with all the goals that have already been achieved. I don't understand why a lot of people are upset about the new tier. I must say a game can only be truly great with a good soundtrack. I have purchased game soundtracks before simply because they were memorable and just great pieces of music. Thumbs up for all the new stretch goals and the new tier from my part. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      John Dibble on

      Damn, now we HAVE to make $600k which may be a stretch unless we get some major coverage. Why must TotalBiscuit be out for the week?

      All hail the Ascendency! You will bow down to the might of our mighty saws!

    34. Max Pierce on

      i was kinda hoping to see alteast one more "pet" minor strech goal. but the only goals are great choice. i hope we can get to them all.

    35. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      i would love to see the three kingdoms, but 600k is far even for your well going campaign, i hope you get there, i'd love to play raya's children, good luck!

    36. Zeph Grey on

      Come oooooon Co-op! Daddy needs a new game to play with friends!!

    37. Steve Adamo on

      Absolutely love the new stretchgoals, and the approach to offering them... but I think you missed one of the YouTube alpha videos that have been published ... its on discourse, which I can't get to at the moment...

    38. Martin Nicolas on

      thumbs up for "but at the same time we don't want to bite off more than we can chew"!

    39. DanMac on

      Really? Digital soundtrack was the most requested perk? I thought it would have been another pet, or an exclusive weapon? Oh well, I have no interest in the soundtrack, but grats on those who are. Maybe we can get more exclusive pets/weapons later on...

    40. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @Niklas at some point we will offer T-Shirts at a more affordable price, but it will be a slightly different design. We want to keep the current design as an exclusive for the Kickstarter backers.

    41. Missing avatar

      Ragas on

      Will we get an update on the backings via PayPal?

    42. Missing avatar

      Nythor on

      You guys are coming out with more and more awesome stretch goals; Makes me want to spend more just so they can all be achieved.
      Also, great choice on the youtubers. They are two of my favourites :)

    43. Missing avatar

      ddbelyea on

      "but at the same time we don't want to bite off more than we can chew". Good call. Too many kickstater devs end up with a list of stretch goals so long that the game ends up being the size of some huge AAA budget game, even though they are still a team of 2 or 3 guys. Unless you design some kind of computer where you can shove money into it and it will develop features on its own, superfluous stretch goals are rarely a good thing.

    44. Niklas Krebs on

      Awesome job so far. I'd love to get the T-Shirt, will there be any other way to get it, except the 100$ Tier?

    45. Tyrone Biggums on

      None of these new goals excite me in the least. I couldn't care less about the music. Spend that money on gameplay/graphics.

    46. Edmond Mondor on

      Lols, "I... I like saws?"
      The best

    47. Anna on

      Awesome new stretch goals!

    48. Victor A Burgos on

      Keep up the good work...bring it home baby... let's get $500,000, give it to us