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    1. Edmond Mondor on

      Can't wait for Friday's live stream!!

    2. Jalister on

      Can't wait for the game to be released!!

    3. Scott Friebel on

      Can't wait for 400k and co-op!

    4. Zeph Grey on

      I was worried about getting to $400,000, but it seems that was unfounded. It's just chugging along!

    5. Missing avatar

      Doug Bedwell on

      Excited for all them, but to me, Co-op Multiplayer is the Holy Grail of Stretch Goals for this game.

    6. Stian Aasheim on

      Co-op could really make or break this game when it comes out for sale. I know I can get a few mates to buy if. IF it has co-op.

    7. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      Yess, also looking forward to Co-op, if we get it, looking good though! I have a couple of people in mind who might enjoy the second copy I'll have to give out at release time.

      I only just found this project, so I wasn't sure how fast the pledges were coming, I was worried we might not make The Engineer tier! I find myself being cautiously optimistic about it now~

      So, who else really likes the idea of Alternate Planes?? It seems so far away, but I really hope if we get as far as Co-op we can get as far as that. Still got 14 days, after all!

    8. Joel Koh on

      Come on, Co-op! $400,000!

    9. Steve Adamo on

      magma smith added to desktop wallpaper rotation? check...

      i absolutely cant wait till friday's live stream... :)

    10. Missing avatar

      John Dibble on

      The Magma Smith needs the slanted eyebrows like in the concept, because working with magma is serious work and that requires serious eyebrows.

      Also - Elementals! Woo!

    11. Sam on

      Honestly co-op is less interesting to me than the planes
      I don't have many friends who enjoy these types of games and those that do are on the opposite side of the world to me

      So let's keep pushing and go planes!

    12. Shane Zehnder on

      You guys are doing everything right. Keep it up! Super excited!

    13. Missing avatar

      Samuel Longstreet-King on

      This is the first project that I've ever kickstarted, and I'm really excited for this, I can't wait to see it! Patiently awaiting the beta :)

    14. David Kennedy on

      you multiplayer fools have it backwards - seasons, then planes, are where it's at!

    15. Max B. on

      "Samuel Longstreet-King 10 minutes ago
      This is the first project that I've ever kickstarted, and I'm really excited for this, I can't wait to see it! Patiently awaiting the beta :)"


    16. Missing avatar

      Marco Peno on

      Also the first kickstarter project I've backed (my dad also backed once he saw the vid and he is 60 lol) just such an exciting concept for a game with such promising content on the horizon, so its hard not to back and updates like these just make it that much better. Keep it up guys.

    17. Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven on

      I have to agree with Sam here. Co-op will be a feature I will almost likely never use. Looking forward more to additional things in/around the world, such as the planes.

    18. Richard Balmer on

      Honestly would have preferred coop to PvP being the first multiplayer goal. Even if it's some random person and not a friend, I like working with people over having to fight against them. Really hope it hits 400k. Posting frequently on twitter and facebook to try and get people at different times of day to possibly chip in.

      Regardless, looking forward to playing this one, coop or no coop. I was interested before any kind of multiplayer was announced. =D

    19. DJC on

      Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Looking forward to it!!!
      Excellent choice for the time too (for us Europeans)! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Miki Pony on

      I just can't wait to have the coop! I have plenty of friends excited for this game, and I'm trying to get them all to kickstart (some already have). Seems like some people are not too interested in the coop, but hey! Lets keep going past that to make this the greatest game ever!

    21. oscar on

      Really hope we get alternate planes

    22. Hampus Berggren on

      Upgraded myself from $30 to $115 because of the livestreams. Really love the insight you give into the production of things, and really looking forward to seeing more of the modding. Awesome stuff Tom & Crew! :)

    23. Matthew Brener on

      Really looking forward to getting as many stretch goals as possible.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrea Nesta on

      "John Dibble about 10 hours ago
      The Magma Smith needs the slanted eyebrows like in the concept, because working with magma is serious work and that requires serious eyebrows."

      I approve for the serious look, handling magma is serious business! eheh also congrats for the stretch goal, really looking forward the new livestream ;) keep up the good work

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Bush on

      Great work guys! The live streams are really quite cool, and I love the access you're providing us. I upped my pledge because of it. Keep it up!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ragnar Pettersson on

      I really looking forward for the next broadcast, really nice that you will send it a little earlier then before too. Let the modding begin :D

    27. Johan Holm on

      I reaqlly hope magic and magicians are not required in any way. I hate the concept of magic, at least you could make some quasi-logical reasons for them like in final fantasy 6 and 7 such thatr any "magical" effect is caused by extracting some natural effect from some stones, shooting fire and ice is due to different gasses and such things

    28. Austen Higgins-cassidy on

      I imagine you could mod magic out of the game, or remove the "first-party-mods" that enable it?
      Not sure how much Radiant wants to segment their packaging. That's an interesting concept tho... complete conversions/total mods of the game. Any chance this is possible?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jesse Smith on

      So is there a possibility that co-op would be added in at a later date, even if the stretch goal is not met? I know I've backed some other games that said they would eventually include it, but that it would be a while until it's update. thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      Johan Bergström on

      Like Jesse Smith below me said, if it does not reach Co-op (something I really hope it will) it would be awsome if it atleast could be implemented at a later date. As the game looks now I'm super pumped for it!

    31. Tim Carpenter on

      Come on people... pledge away!! Let's get to that $400,000 goal ASAP!!

    32. Joachim on

      Increased my pledge from $15 to $30, let's get this done! :) Can't wait!

    33. Missing avatar

      Marco Peno on

      Was watching the live stream you did, and had a thought that if you changed the gold buckles on his shoulders to a gold ring, and had the colour of the apron in the middle and recessed it (so only altered the voxels in the very center of the little buckles), it would look like realistic apron adjustment buckles instead of something sitting on top of the straps. fantastic model none the less. looking forward to more updates! (:

    34. Kelvin Tay Hjia Hean on

      Increased my pledge from 25 - 30$! BETAAAAA BACKERR! :D

    35. Missing avatar

      zxzc77 on

      raised mine from $30 to $45, we MUST get co-op!

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul W. on

      You guys are paying attention to your pay pal account to make sure your funds don't get suspended like they did for Project Zomboid and Xenonauts, right? I don't know anything about the details of what happened for those two projects but it would suck to not be able to access your funding.

    37. Liam Friganiotis on

      Really hope you get to $400,000! Co-op will be the bomb, I can't wait!

    38. Tim Boex on

      If we get really close can you add co-op multiplayer still.

    39. amigacooke on

      400K is a shoe-in, I'd be surprised if this doesn't hit the half million.

    40. JML604 on

      360K Congrats!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ragnar Pettersson on

      Really nice Broadcast by Tony last friday on twitch, keep em comming!

    42. Robert Koon on

      Give me coop or give me death.

    43. Per Kristian Brastad

      Congratulations on seasons.. now we are almost at co-op, Will be interesting to see if the total gets a real jump from all who are holding out until co-op.

    44. Eli Butcher on

      @per kristian brastad that's a really good point... I'm curious to see if there enough holding out that will give a big boost through the next several tiers after co-op too?