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Paying it Forward, Some More Cool Things on Kickstarter

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Hi guys,

Tom over here. We are incredibly grateful for our early Kickstarter success. It gives us the ability to continue to follow our dreams and try to knock Stonehearth out of the park for you guys. 

I hope you'll indulge me by paying it forward a little and sharing three projects that I'm pretty excited about and have backed myself.

The Realm

A point-and-click adventure with interesting characters and gorgeous, hand-painted environments?  Yes please!

Son of Nor

What got me really excited about this one was the open-ended uses in their magic system. Magic is more about manipulating the environment (throw rocks around, change the landscape, set stuff on fire), so there are potentially all kinds fun opportunities beyond your stereotypical "do damage" or "stun that big guy over there for 3 seconds."


This game oozes style and draws from some of my favorite action games as a kid: Metroid, Castlevania, and Zelda. Chasm has been funded (hurray!), but I'm pulling for them to hit their $200k stretch goal, Arena Mode! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      @Luke I am watching Monster Realm as well. But I think it is as much of a lost cause as Wranglers. I just don't think the genre is big on here. It is what it is. I would really love a game that is a mixture between Pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monsters. The breeding system is Dragon Warrior Monsters was stellar.

    2. Richard Dawson on

      @Luke Cross I think this was probably aimed at people who don't use kickstarter very frequently and may not have realised these were also available to back, as well as being an eye opener to other campaigns that the devs themselves' are interested in. I wouldn't class it as an intrusion though, the title points out what the update's about and you can easily skip it if your specifically focusing on certain kickstarters. I'm sure we'll hear more news soon though, the campaign's running along nicely! :)

    3. Luke Cross on

      @Nathan - I liked Wranglers too, but I saw it as a lost cause. I found Monster realm on Day one and got hopeful, but it seems to be going the way of the Dodo too.

      Perhaps you can shift your pledge from Wranglers to Monster Realm?

    4. Luke Cross on

      The reason why it gets people the wrong way is because you've essentially turned yourselves into door to door salesmen. We've given our trust, we have pledged our money and allowed you into our social awareness. We expect updates and content news, and instead we get spam for things we HAVENT given our money to and allowed into our social awareness. That makes it an INTRUSION, and it feels jarring.

      I have seen other kickstarters do the same, indeed, I have pledged through other kickstarters doing the same, but it was ALWAYS tacked on the bottom of an actual update, almost as if an afterthought.

      A full update just listing thigns I have already seen and chosen not to care about is like you coming to my house and asking if I have accepted Christ as my personal lord and saviour.

      Your use of paying it forward does indeed make sense, when you put it like that. I just would have thought speaking to the public, you were addressing the public. I apologise if I came off as aggressive or angry, as thats never been what I have felt. Just annoyed. In the grand scale of things, teh amount of Fudges I give either way is 0. It just bothered me, and I saw in the comments it bothered others, so I thought id join in the feedback.

    5. Richard Dawson on

      I really like the "From Dust" style mechanics in Son of Nor, very interesting, and I hope the others do well too. Also, congratulations on the campaigns progress, it's going great! :)

    6. Gazz on

      Be agitated all you want!
      Writing comments drives up the popularity rating of Stonehearth and it doesn't matter one bit if they are positive or negative. =)

    7. Scott Friebel on

      I've seen a few other projects post an update similar to this about other kickstarters they thought deserved a mention and they always got a ton of criticism for it.
      I don't really see why.. It took about 20 seconds to read this update if you didn't go to each of those project's pages. Also, these mentions between project creators drives a feeling of support and community - a much better feeling than everyone fending for themselves or specifically trying to beat out another project.
      Of course we are all excited for updates on this project, but the communication so far has already been awesome.
      But anyway, here's to hitting $400k! Best of luck guys, great work so far!

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      @Radiant :D Its all good. It is so easy for us to criticize everything little thing, because we are on the outside looking in. It is very different view from the inside. Cheers! Keep up all the good work! :D

    9. Brian on

      @Nathan: I suppose the irony is lost on me; and I have no idea why kickstarter hasn't updated beyond my Stop SOPA image, as I've changed my FB Icon several times since then.

    10. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Thanks for providing your feedback on this update. We will be more careful about how we use Kickstarter updates in the future.

      @Nathan Yes, I should have bundled the two updates together.

      @Luke My use of "Paying it Forward" was ME paying forward the goodwill that we have received over our Kickstarter, not you guys paying anything forward, because as you mention, you haven't gotten anything yet! Quite the opposite, you're the givers here. Future updates will be less...muddled and more content focused.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      @Ken Yes that is exactly right, I originally stated that I had mixed feelings on updates like this. I didn't state that I was angry about it, I just wanted to express my opinion. I think what is a bit irritating to some was that this was 40 minutes after another update. Why not put them together like Chasm does? It would give people that don't care about other projects the developers like, a reason to read it because it will have content from this game. Chasm did this nicely, they gave an update on their game then proceeded to have a header "allowing" you to stop reading. With one off updates like this, you have to click into the email/page to read it wasting someones time, if they didn't care.

      @Brian I find it ironic that you want to take away someones pledges for complaining about stupid stuff, but you have a S.O.P.A. image. :D Read what I said above.

      With all that being said and since the developers opened this up, here is a list not mentioned that I am watching/following/supporting.

      TUG - Voxel based sandbox RPG with a twist that the voxels smooth out over the terrain.

      The Stomping Land - Just awesome.

      Risk of Rain - Platformer,Roguelike RPG? It has a demo out free. It is pretty sweet.

      Boon Hill - Kind of morbid but very contemplative. It's a graveyard sim, based on epitaphs.

      Rawbots - Robot sandbox game. More for a programmer type of gamer. Can program your own robots in game.

      And finally one I don't think will get funded but it seemed interesting.

      Wranglers - Pokemon clone, playing mainly to my nostalgia.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Smith on

      I like the idea of paying it forward. Although, I do wish one kickstarter game was among them. That being TUG: It seems to follow some of the great creativity and ambitiousness found with this kickstarter and seems like a "forward-thinking" choice. Feel free to check it out. Have a good day electronland!.

    13. Brian on

      Also, since there seems to be some unnecessary debate about "paying it forward" - everyone after the first person has had something nice done for them and is "paying" it back by doing something nice for another person. Stonehearth is giving you a game that you obviously like since you pledged, for a pretty low price - and continue to add more to it for free as more people pledge - stretch goals are by no means required of any project.

      Also - at least in the case of Chasm - they also gave stonehearth a plug in their latest update:…

      So paying it forward is completely valid.

    14. Brian on

      Don't know what's up with all the petty aggro over one update - oh no, the devs are supporting other projects! What ever will we do!

      Could always remove the aggressors pledges so they're out entirely - see how they like that as an update :P

      All kidding aside, much love for this game, but I would like to know what our next set of stretch goals is ^_~

    15. Luke Cross on

      Ken, in which case, even paying it forward is the wrong choice of wording. As someone who starts paying it forward chains IRL on a weekly basis, it means you start by doing something nice, for no reason, for another person. That person then does the same for someone else. ETC

      Stonehearth hasnt done anything nice for me. Why then, should I do something nice for these other programmers?

      So no matter what word he used before "forward" It still makes no sense.

    16. Per Kristian Brastad

      I kind of see these as a way to get more referals, You who are against it, Think of it like this, the projects listed here migth see that they are getting backers from Stoneheart, and then refear back, getting Stoneheart more backers again, bringing us closer/to the 400.000 goal for Coop. ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Edelenbos on

      Wow, why so agited guys? I back this game because I love the concept and love gaming. Great to see the developers love gaming too and want to share their opinion.

      Btw, do check out The Realm! They deserve their mention!

    18. Ken N.

      Well, this was sad but predictable. Post an update about something other than the project and you get people acting like you kicked their dog or insulted their mother.

      Complaint about this update all you want, people, it's your right; but the level of anger from some people is way out of proportion. I mean, it's one update out of eleven! If they did this multiple times I'd understand the anger, but, again, it's one update out of eleven!

      Out of all the truly awful things in this world people could get upset about, like, I don't know, poverty, hunger, genocide, war, etc., people choose this to get angry about? Kickstarter updates?

      Luke - you understand that Tom said "Paying it forward" right? "Kicking it forward" is where you use the money from the Kickstarter to donate to other projects. "Paying it forward" is a completely different expression.

      Tanya - "filling your inbox"? Again, one update out of eleven!

      Nathan - Hey I can do that too! Stop being so sensitive to us being sensitive to your being sensitive (I think)

      Gabriel & Beacon - I missed the part in the Kickstarter bylaws that state that updates can only be about the project and absolutely nothing else.

      Aaron - I agree with Gavin. I don't think upselling means what you think it means.

    19. Lifeless Loser on

      You should give C-WARS some love. That game looks legit and they're really close to their 3DS strech goal.

    20. Miles Fitzpatrick

      At least they're helping other indie/small team projects. Whats gross is when inXile give's money to Obsidian or something similar. WHEN BOTH their projects met there goal in one day!! Then you have games like Death inc., Project Awakened and Dream not even make it. Its a farce and I lost respect for those nostalgia farmers.

      it's called promotion and its for a good cause. You don't have to read it

    21. Missing avatar

      Tanya on

      Not sure i care for this kind of update. It would be unfortunate if all my KS projects started filling my inbox with advertisements for other projects. But I understand the urge to share something that excites.

    22. Nick M on

      What the heck! People are getting really bent out of shape over what I think is a fine update. Remember the devs are gamers just like us! They get inspired by cool ideas and have games they like to play (besides their own :P) just like us! Besides the awesome part about cross-promotions is that it shows just how tight the developer community is with Kickstarter. Think of it as scratching one anothers' backs. (I.E. Chasm just posted an update mentioning Stonehearth).

    23. Luke Cross on

      You understand the point of paying it forward is to use the money YOU get and put it into other projects, right?

      If I give to any of these projects, it means I take from this one, as I dont have a 230000+ paycheck on the horizon.

    24. T.j. Tarazevits on

      Don't forget about Rawbots. It looks like an awesome game and it already has a playable pre-alpha

    25. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      @Sammy Stop being so sensitive to us being sensitive. Sammy just skip over the comments that start like the following: "This is not an update" " This update is irritating". :P

      Point being they have the same right to be sensitive as you do to be not sensitive.

    26. Sammy Dahan on

      Stop being so sensitive. He's just pointing out some other kickstarter projects. Everyone who's going "Durr this is annoying" can just hit the delete button on the email they got and relax.

    27. Gabriel Eggers on

      This is not an Update. If you want to call out your love to other projects, wouldn't it be more appropriate to do so at the end of some actual update on this project.

    28. Missing avatar

      Beacon on

      This update irritates me quite a bit. Please only send "updates" that are actual game updates.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      @Dermott, Gavin, and Erik. This brings me to my other point I was going to make. This shows favoritism, why not mention TUG, The Stomping Land, Wranglers, Risk of Rain, Boon Hill, Rawbots, Tinykeep, Vitality, and/or Monster Realm. All of these KS I have had my eyes on as well. I can talk about each on if you want. One or two of these I have backed already or will be backing. I won't probably be backing any of the ones they mentioned. There are plenty of kickstarters that deserve attention, why not give them it?

      Back to the point, there are plenty of people in this world that have limited budgets and can only spend so much on video games. Which would lead me to believe there are people out there that are waiting on upping their pledge level until they can afford it, but if you present another game then they might spend that money else where. If I was in this boat, I would probably be backing very specific projects that have I high likely hood of getting funded. I can understand the upsale idea as well. It is like, I have bought this and now you are being guilted into buying into other ideas.

      On a side note about me, Why I back projects: Because EA screwed me with SimCity and I am done paying $60 dollars for games that don't have souls. And the fact that I am hobbist/developer in my free time and I understand the effort put in.

    30. Jonathan Rudd on

      Hey thanks for the heads up :) I've backed The Realm - it reminds me a bit of the My Neighbor Totoro - in fact, during the video there's a Totoro clock in the background!

    31. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on

      @Aaron - Upselling... that is an interesting interpretaion. What about this makes it feel like upselling to you?

    32. Gavin Reading Rainbow KS backer! on

      @Nathan - I understand your point, but it is different for me. I have backed Stonehearth at a level that I feel is the best value for me and have no plans to increase my pledge. However, that does not mean I have "maximized" my Kickstarter budget on Stonehearth alone. I like to back many projects at lesser dollar values for both maximum personal value per project and maximum number of supported projects. Crowdfunding is about strength in numbers, afterall, not in who can be the biggest super backer.

    33. Aaron Winemiller on

      I also am not a fan of this sort of update. These kind of things make me not want to back the current project. I dislike upselling and this felt like that.

    34. Dermott

      i think you're wrong nathan... i guess maximum 1% would change their pledge to another game.. the rest just thinks "no thanks" or "thanks great hints i go and back one of them (or all) :-)

      i for myself already backed the realm and son of nor..
      chasm is not my gaming style. Take a look at A.N.N.E.

    35. Erik Harden on

      @Nathan- I have the opposite reaction. I love this because these are projects I probably wouldn't have found out about otherwise, and it gives me the opportunity to back them if I want. If I were to wait until this KS was all finished, those projects would all be over. Pay it forward all you want guys!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      I am mixed/bothered a bit on updates like this, especially when the KS is on going. On one hand it is nice to try to pay it forward, but especially when a campaign is going on it seems like it is counter intuitive. Its like go spend your money over here, don't spend your money on us. Just my thoughts, not trying to be negative towards you guys.

    37. Chris Weigle on

      I'm hoping Chasm make it to 250k, I want to see random dungeons!