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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Dev Video Archive and PayPal Pledges!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Hi guys. Congratulations on achieving the first major stretch goal of Mac and Linux support! I've got a couple of exciting updates for you.

Developer Stream Archive

Our first developer live stream yesterday was a whopping 2 1/2 hours! Tom stepped through the process of animating the mammoth pet, and answered tons of questions.  You can check out the archive here:

Paypal Pledges Are Now Online!

I'm happy to report that we are now able to accept pledges over PayPal!

Just head to, or click the giant PayPal button near the top of our Kickstarter page.  A few notes about PayPal pledges.

1. Please pledge through Kickstarter if you can. We get better tracking information that way, and it's easier for us to communicate with you. If that's not an option, then by all means use the PayPal page!

2. PayPal pledges will count towards all our stretch goals! We'll track this money manually and keep you updated on the sum total.

3. We don't have the ability to make changes to your PayPal pledge level once you pay us, so please choose carefully before deciding on a pledge level.

Thanks so much for your continued support!


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    1. Rick Sheahan on

      I watched the archive of the stream and it was really interesting to see the workflow. Usually streams and such aren't my thing but I'm definitely looking forward to more

    2. Scott Friebel on

      This stream was awesome guys. For people looking to do some indie development themselves, actually giving us a preview of your development (and not just the result of it, however early stage) is really great!

    3. Gladys Rodriguez on

      I wasn't able to watch the stream live because of work but I watched the whole thing right now on the archives and Tom was super awesome! The game just looks great, I'm so excited for all of the things we might be able to customize and I'm so excited that we'll be getting the game on MAC! I can't wait for you guys to reach the next stretch goals! ^__^

    4. Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven on

      Thanks for putting it in the archive on Twitch. Useful for us in different timezones/at work. Much appreciated.

    5. Hampus Berggren on

      Great stream and really looking forward to it all, playing around with Qubicle Constructor Basic already!

    6. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Thanks Anna. That's a great suggestion.

    7. Anna on

      If I can make a suggestion for the next dev video-- A list of player questions before going in to the session would probably make things go smoother. A lot of the big questions got glanced over just because there was sooo much chatter.

      Otherwise, the stream was awesome, including the bit of gameplay and animations and all the rest of that. Looking forward to the next one!

    8. Dablue

      Yeah the baby chtullu was uber cute.

    9. Sean Kramer on

      Loved the interaction of the stream, can't wait to get my hands on beta!