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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
22,844 backers pledged $751,920 to help bring this project to life.

congrats on achieving the Arctic Biome stretch goal!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Thank you so much for your continued support. We're traveling today, but will be back tomorrow to answer more of your questions in the comments.


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    1. Missing avatar

      David Fenwick on

      What are the chances of getting a siege weapon engineer class or a wall builder class so we can get their delicious fruits? In other words could we see some stretch goals that are going to make the class system in this game completely insane and intense. Maybe even some fun/crazy classes like witch doctor or shaman, I want this game to be a life vortex because im completey ready to surrender myself to its charm. Village drunk class would be siiiiiick fun :D

    2. Lewis VerticalSynapse Ross on

      I had only just heard about this other game that blizzard announced a couple months back, 'Hearthstone'. Does it concern you at all that it might raise a fiasco similar to that of Bethesda and Mojang with the Scrolls "trademark"

    3. Kevin Monkhouse

      I imagine the reason it's at 400k is that for co-op to work, they'd have to figure out how they want to approach the network code, if they want to have it as a local host base, or server host base (or both), and what to do in a server environment if only a couple people are logged on. In that case, they need to figure out how to handle the players that aren't online, do they simulate in radius "x" of an active player's beings (possibly leading to other player's people being simulated while they're away)? I can see there being a whole host of concerns to deal with when they hit full co-op.

    4. Thomas John Draine on

      When I backed this I did not realize the goal for Co-Op was 400k thats kinda depressing, being I got the 45 dollar pledge in hope of playing with my friends. But granted I do understand that creating a Co-op game is a bit more work then a single player, but I dont see why its so high up there, even with the rest of the goals, but I do look foreword to playing the game and the game does look good : )

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul W. on

      It seems like I get a new update from you guys daily regarding how fast this is getting backed. That is awesome.

    6. Sean Kramer on

      @Filip in time I'm sure they'll do it :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben Llewellyn on

      If people continue to pledge daily at their current rate, this game will reach the $400,000 needed for co-op.

    8. Missing avatar

      Filip Stollár on

      Yeah guys, videos could be nice. Some kind of tutorials how to craft things, customize or how to settle a working village (or whatever else)

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Maxwell on

      kind of agree with zeph grey, co-op would be spectacular. i bet youd push alot more buddy backers!

    10. Don Balao on

      matthew is right! WE WANT MORE VIDEOS!

    11. Matthew Warren on

      I'm so anxious to play this! I keep hoping for new videos on Youtube to slake my thirst but it's not working!

    12. Zeph Grey on

      Kind of a downer that co-op is so far down there... =/

    13. LordMatsu on

      My ADD is getting to me, is it possible to edit this update and capitalize the C in congrats XD

    14. Missing avatar

      David Henson on

      @DJC Hey thanks, no idea! I'll enjoy playing with that. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      John Dibble on

      @Angus - the "trending toward" on Kicktraq isn't very accurate since it basically uses the daily average to make that calculation. The first few days and the last few days of a Kickstarter are when it gets the biggest daily funding, so that number will quickly go down in the next few days - if you look at the pledges and backers by day it's already going down. A bump in funding may occur if someone with a big audience does a spotlight for the game. We'll have a better idea when the project has been running long enough for the projection tab to work.

      I'd say reaching $300k is probably a safe conservative bet, but $400k is definitely reachable.

    16. Angus Goldie-Scot on

      I'm so incredibly excited about this project! If you take a look at It shows that, at current projections - we'll reach our Furthest current Stretch goal! I don't want to jinx it though!! Remember - share it with everyone - get the word out there!

    17. Ruze on

      More biomes!

    18. Liondrome on

      Would it be possible to get a physical copy of the game? Could be perhaps a single run just for kickstarter?

    19. Dawn_

      Eh? I didn't know Stoneheart was a stand-alone from the Elders scrolls series...

    20. Ágúst Þórir Ammendrup Antonsson on

      Do you know what would be cool daedra armor and weapons

    21. Gazz on

      I'm more interested in the magma smith.
      Everything is better with magma.

    22. DJC on

      @David: The editor is 3rd party. It's Qubicle Constructor.

    23. Klaus T. on

      Moving fast - Politicians and ninjas are almost certain now :)

      Question: will it be possible to buy the t-shirt seperately?

    24. Aaron Winemiller on

      That would be sweet

    25. Missing avatar

      David Henson on

      Any chance of stand-alone editor to play with before the release/beta? Let people see how easy it will be to create new assets.