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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stretch Goals Part 2

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Many thanks to everyone who wrote and commented to tell us which features they most wanted to see as stretch goals! Since we heard a lot about multiplayer, both co-op and PvP, we've spent the last few days figuring out how we wanted to build it and what we would need to make it awesome. We've also heard a lot about building, simulations, and classes, so there's a bit of that in these stretch goals too. 

Here's a little description of each current stretch goal, and there's a graphic at the bottom to show what we need to realize it for everyone: 

Mammoth Bonanza - 140k: (Success!) All backers at the $15 level and higher will receive a cuddly baby Mammoth pet!  

Friendly Faction: Rabbit Clan - 160k: (Achieved!) An ancient race of honorable, subterranean lagomorphs. Your potential allies.  

Glacier Biome - 180k: Snowy, icy lands with unique building mechanics for igloos and frost forts!

Mac and Linux Port - 200k: Retail release of the game for both Mac & Linux.

Pirates, Ninjas and Politicians - 220k: Your wealthy, thriving communities will draw the attention of the dread Order of Applied Equivocation. Unlike the straightforward aggression of goblins and trolls, these new enemies will cheat, kidnap, and blackmail their way into your citizen’s homes... and coffers.

A secret panel in the dead merchant’s desk reveals a cheerful crest chased with the following motto: The OAE: Backstabbing You for Our Better Tomorrow.

New Class: Animal Trainer - 240k: Tame wild animals and train up their young to work and fight by your side. Optimize food, building, and resource production through careful breeding and rigorous conditioning.

“Extra fine, I get. Extra fluffy? Sure, keeps the kids warm in the winter. Even the natural saffron yellow, I managed, though it took three generations and the weavers complained it came out more chartreuse than goldenrod. But steel wool? Who’s ever heard of a sheep growing metal outta’ its skin?” Devin Baaspeak stared dolefully at his herd. They stared dolefully back. “Crafters,” he sighed. “Time to get to work, guys.”

New Class: Magma Smith - 260k: Harness the earth’s most destructive material to incinerate invaders and raise towering walls of black glass.

“Lad, I once saw a man bend fire and earth into a new continent for his people. The least you can do is dig your ma her new flowerbed.”

Dragon Whelp Bonanza - 280k: All backers at the $15 level and higher will receive a hyperactive baby dragon pet. Warning: may take centuries to mature.

“What, the egg? The kid found it in the stream bed yesterday. It’s small enough. What’s the harm?”

Player vs. Player City Raids - 300k: Select a party of adventurers to storm a copy of another player’s city and bring home their treasures. Leaderboards will rank and track the deadliest fighters and most impenetrable fortresses.

“Stormloft47 has demolished 208 raiding parties.”

Co-op Multiplayer - 400k: Share a living world with your friends and family! Build sprawling empires of towns, cities and castles, and unite in mutual defense against the towering threat of ancient titans. 

“When the shadow fell over the valley the ground trembled, but our hearts did not. For no matter what happened between this breath and the next, we knew we stood with our brothers and sisters, together in this world... and the next, and next, and next.”

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    1. Rand Chua TL on

      Wonder would there be hobbits too later on?
      Like the idea of a friend to send funds or supply over to help build up the town quicker.
      Trading with player and the AI rabbit clan?

    2. Missing avatar

      Brysen Becker on

      How will modding work? Will we have direct access to tools on the main menu and an area on the menu to share our mods with (kinda like cubemen)? I know this isn't a question related to stretch goals but I've been desperate to know.

    3. Mathieu Dallaire on

      CO-OP before PvP seems more logical to me for a RPG/Build and Craft game...

    4. Aaron V

      Day/Night and weather cycles.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben Llewellyn on

      To add my thoughts, like everyone else, I think that Co-op should be prioritised. It seems much more vital than pvp is, and it could be really important in bringing in more attention and players. Please consider prioritising it. Asides from that, everything looks great!

    6. Missing avatar

      Alluvian_Est-Endrati on

      A nice set of goals. Looks like we will reach the Glacier one today or tomorrow at the current rate. The Mac/Linux port one looks very likely IMNSHO. Of the others, the Magma Smith is the next one I would really like to see reached. Time will tell.

    7. Tom Minton on

      I am also for day/night cycles and weather effects.

    8. Phillip Phoelich on

      I can almost copy @Anablanc's post.
      Co-op should be prioritized and weather effects and day/night cycles would be awesome!

      Hope to see some more gameplay soon! :D
      Good luck!

    9. Missing avatar

      Anablanc on

      So freaking excited for this game! It's just what I've been waiting for!

      I agree with a lot of others that co-op should be (if possible) prioritized on the stretch goal list.
      And I would also like to see, as someone in the comment section pointed out, weather effects and day/night cycle! That would be awesome.

      Thanks for this to-be-amazing game, and congrats on your success!

    10. Klaus T. on

      Will it be possibe to buy the T-shirt seperately?

    11. John Jones on

      The dragon whelps and coop sounds awesome! But how would coop work? Would it be shared control over villagers and resources or would we control our own villages and just share resources

    12. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on

      The rabbit clan should be potential enemies as well, think of the ducks in King of Dragon Pass. It's a bit lame to just have them as pale shadows of Usagi Yojimbo.

    13. Sean Kramer on

      Nevermind, didn't even check the front page I see what you are referring to now :)

    14. Sean Kramer on

      But isn't the $30+ one cumulative of all the lower tiers, so far example, the Intrepid settler also receives the settler tier buddy backer, in which case it's an extra beta pass?

    15. Sean Kramer on

      I'll fix it up firstly @Nick

    16. Nick M on

      @Sean: I will add that the graphic looks nicer than the one currently on the front page though :P

    17. Nick M on

      @Sean: It's not correct. For all the $30+ tiers it should be: "1 copy of game on release" + "1 beta copy which gets upgraded eventually into a release copy". If you look at the visual on the front page of this kickstarter that is what is being described.

      To clarify further the $45+ tier is "2 beta copies which get upgraded into release copies". So all tiers have a max of 2 copies. The only difference is "when" you get access to the copy. For the beta tiers you get earlier access and the beta clients get updated all the way to the final release versions.

    18. Sean Kramer on

      I'd hate to be wrong so wait for Tom or Tony to approve this. - Visual table for the tiers as I understand them.

    19. Gage Conklin on

      I agree with Ben Brysiuk fully. I think co-op should be more of a priority than the PVP stuff. but that's just my 2 cents!

    20. Missing avatar

      Ben Brysiuk on

      I agree with some of the other commenters Co-op is way more important to me than pvp. My brother and I live far away from each other and game together as much as possible. I would up my pledge if the Co-op seemed reach able

    21. BlinkShot Productions on

      Im not sure if this has been suggested or is even going to be in the game alone but Watchtowers with archers would be awesome or a watchtower where if a city or settlement is attacked a light goes off in the tower signaling more towers to light up automatically warning the other villagers/you.

    22. BlinkShot Productions on

      I have a feeling that the games going to be easy to survival via resources just wondering how that would play out. Also as stated below by Enenra seasons with effects on the world making it harder to gather materials, etc.

    23. Ben Shaffer on

      I think it would be awesome if the multiplayer were just like the single player, only with more people in different places. It would be awesome if you were a trade hub city built for economic dominance and you traded with another city who was military minded, and they were at war with a third city who was also trading with you. You could send supplies to one city and fund their war efforts while secretly selling materials to the other as well. take that "play however you want" motto and apply it to multiplayer. The game looks great so far though, you guys are doing an awesome job. Keep it up!

    24. Missing avatar


      Have to agree about the Co-op. Would love to have that over PvP in the earlier stretch goals.

    25. enenra on

      As I can't seem to edit - some more ideas:

      Day / Night cycle, weather system, seasons with their respective effect on the world. And just generally more biomes. And maybe world generation options at the beginning so you can have some influence on how your map will look.

    26. enenra on

      As for additional stretch goals: I think it would be neat to have randomized and localized resources. What I mean by that is: Instead of just "wood" you'd have "Birch wood" or "Oak wood" which would grow in certain regions and look different, maybe even have different attributes. Depending on where in your world you spawn, you have more or less of certain types of these resources available and in turn your city will look different / maybe even your game strategy would change. These types of resources could be randomized so you get tons of different types, maybe even procedurally.

      Furtermore it would be nice to be able to share "seeds" for worlds with other players so that both could play on the same map, even if not together.

    27. Kyle Smith on

      Here's a thought; the game's focus is indeed on the strategic game and commanding groups around, but if it's good enough for Dungeon Keeper, it's good enough for Stonehearth! It would be great to have an ability to 'possess' and play through the eyes of one of your settlers.

    28. Chunmeista on

      260k: "And then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked..."

    29. Nick Lowe on

      I think that Co-op is wayyyy more important than PvP. But then again, maybe that's your angle to get more backers. I would definitely up my pledge if I felt like co-op was more tangible.

    30. Steve Adamo on

      loving these stretch goals... more biomes, more classes, more, moar! :D

    31. Tuhalu on

      Everything is better with Co-operative Multiplayer, but that 300k goal sounds like pure awesome. Even if one never goes after another players city, it'll be fun to know how utterly bastardly your own city is at slapping down other players attempts to have a go at it...

    32. Luca Quartero on

      Go to 400!!!
      Co-op Multiplayer is a must!

    33. Missing avatar

      John Dibble on

      The Magma Smith is a must have for me - after all, if I'm not able to have a moat filled with magma how will my city be the proper seat of power for fantastically racist empire of rabbit enslaving jerkwads?

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin Malesker on

      lets go 400k then. Co-Op would sell this to my friends more than any other additional feature.

    35. gandalf.nho

      Loved the 240K and 280K ones

    36. Missing avatar

      J Smith on

      You're doing amazingly well so far. I hope you keep true to the voxel philosophy (graphics sacrificed for deep gameplay), unlike minecraft.

    37. Scott Friebel on

      Here's to hoping for 400k! Co-op interests me a lot more than pvp, especially in this style of game where play is focused on creation.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ben Llewellyn on

      If it looks hopeful in 10 days that we might reach 400k, I will happily raise my pledge. If people keep pledging at their current rate, we can probably get there in about 12 days. So people, keep advertising this game! Convince people to pledge! And consider raising your pledge a bit!

    39. Jalister on

      I also would prefer co-op before pvp. Maybe I don't share the destructive nature of most humans, but all the friends I game with would prefer co-op also.

    40. Missing avatar

      kyle mulqueen on

      go go go 400K!

    41. Stan Kastanek on

      @DavidRaymond I also loved the banners and I'm already missing them

    42. Stan Kastanek on

      I don't really care about PVP but co op is what this game needs. I'm pretty sure we'll overpass easily the 400K. Hope we'll also get other friendly or neutral factions between the 300 and 400 as well as mountable creature or megastructures (who told Pyramid ?)

      Now if there are pirates, maybe they could be playable in another stretch goal (since the world is generated, maybe some factions could be randomly either friendly or hostil to you

    43. Mike Petrillo on

      Try to make different character skins!

    44. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      new class, new enemies, co-op, multiplayer, now you are talkin'! i think i'll upgrade my pledge and hope we get to the 400k and beyond!

    45. Missing avatar

      Stephen Williams on

      I think the co-op should come before the PvP reward. Games are always much more fun WITH friends, not against them. I think it'd be in your best interests to switch these around. You might manage to raise $400k anyway in which case it wouldn't matter! Apart from that these are great rewards and I love this project! :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Anders Kühnel Jagert on

      Because of the 400K Stretch goal I upped my Pledge. :)

    47. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @DavidRaymond, building this kind of PvP is a step on the way to building the Co-op mode we imagine.

    48. Brian Rubin

      All looks lovely to me. :)

    49. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @DavidRaymond, Tom got some sort of stomach bug this week, but I'll let him know you liked the art. :)