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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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New tier added for two copies of the beta

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Due to popular demand, we've added an upgrade to the Settler Tier backing!  For $45, you get two copies of the beta, so you can play with a friend.  Both copies will have access to your choice of the kitten or puppy companion.


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    1. Missing avatar

      millicent on

      how the hell do you download the beta

    2. GreenDragon on

      Okay, so I got in this morning at the $30 level. Here is what I thought I bought: 2 copies of the game both of which included beta access and an additional pet (for each). So is that what I actually purchased? And can you please spell out the meaning of each level in excruciating detail on another site if you can't do it here because of the rules. I think everyone who is backing you wants you to succeed. We just need some clarity. Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ubben on

      Please add Multiplayer for a stretch goal!

    4. Richard Rudman on

      @Darren I would LOVE COOP! That would be sweet. :)

    5. Darren Moffatt on

      @Richard As per the front page: "•This kickstarter is to fund the single player version of the game. We would love to add cooperative multiplayer and PvP modes as well, and these will appear as future stretch goals."

    6. Lorenzo Gaetani on

      iwould like to see more interesting streatch goal, please put something realllllllly interesting, like more jobs, more buildings and so, ihave great expectations for this game

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin Malesker on

      Upgraded to the double digital + beta. Thank you for adding. Now please add multiplayer!

    8. Richard Rudman on

      Curious...It says we can play with a friend. Is it MP?

    9. Richard Rudman on

      @Jeff, Thanks for clearing it up. I am fairly new to Kickbacker and am sometime skeptical. No disrespect was meant, I was just looking for answers. Thanks Again!!!

    10. Arboris on

      I'm sorry, I just saw my own question answered in one of your previous posts.

      $45 Two Games (each includes one pet mammoth and one puppy OR kitten) + Two Beta Access Accounts

    11. Arboris on

      Doing a the $45,- pledge will only get me an extra beta invite, correct? So no extra copy to give to said friend when it's done.

    12. Missing avatar

      Elliott Holt on

      ignore my earlier comment

    13. Missing avatar

      Elliott Holt on

      So if im on the $50 tier does that mean that I will recieve 2 copies to the beta??

    14. Missing avatar

      Ben Llewellyn on

      Hey guys, considering the support for this game, assuming you don't meet a multiplayer stretch goal, would you consider adding multiplayer in the future if the game sells well?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wimett on

      @Nick - Judging from the original tiers, Beta Access is projected to open December 2013 with the game going retail in September 2014.

    16. Missing avatar

      nick Hopkins on

      When does the beta come out?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wimett on

      @Richard, What mark said. This is just a matter of a group setting up a kickstarter for the first time and not anticipating things like folks wanting more than one copy of the game. They tried to fix this by adding in 'buddy' tiers that included more than one copy, but this just confused things since they can't change the wording of their original pledge levels and these levels say things like, 'includes all rewards from lower tiers.' The first time it happened they were kind enough to say, 'Okay, we screwed up so everyone gets a second copy if they pledge at or above the level of the buddy tier,' which raised the question of whether or not these extra copies would get a corresponding beta account on the levels that include beta access. They tried to clarify that the extra copies would not get beta account and would only be able to play the game at release, and then added another buddy tier for those who wanted both copies to have beta accounts - which raised the question of whether or not all tiers above that tier would get two beta accounts instead of one. At the moment, it looks like for the digital-only tiers.
      $15=One Game (includes one pet mammoth)
      $25=Two Games (each includes one pet mammoth)
      $30=Two Games (each includes one pet mammoth and one puppy OR one kitten) + One Beta Access Account
      $45 Two Games (each includes one pet mammoth and one puppy OR kitten) + Two Beta Access Accounts
      $50 Two Games (each includes one pet mammoth, one puppy AND one kitten) + Two Beta Access Accounts + One Digital Art Book + One Digital Poster

    18. Mark Newcombe on

      @ Richard, There is no scamming going on.
      I believe that once a kickstarter tier has been authored and has a backer then the wording is locked in and is not able to be edited by the Project creators.
      They can release another tier at the same $$$ level and lock the initial tier so nobody else can pledge for it, but the original tier would still remain in the list with it's original text locked in.

      So I guess you must has misread.

    19. Nick M on

      @Richard: They're going to release a chart tomorrow to remove all ambiguity in the wording of these tiers :P

    20. Richard Rudman on

      @Michael of Stonehearth
      What does "All the rewards from the lower tiers" mean?

    21. Richard Rudman on

      Didn't the $30 backer come with 2 games? That is what I thought I read when I backed the game. Is there scamming going on, or did I miss read it?

    22. Rico on

      Jeff and Scott describe how it could be done.
      Check out how "Heroes of Normandy" handled their reward add-ons:

    23. LordMatsu on

      @Mitch The $30 is just for one copy of the game + beta + kitten and the other forum stuff. Basically, + $15 you get another game + beta access for that game as well.

      At least that's what I think

    24. Missing avatar

      Mitch Walker on

      Does the $30 tier not get both copies in the beta? If so, it doesn't read that way. And seems odd that $5 gets you in the beta but you need an extra $15 to get both in beta.

      If it means a third copy for the beta, then nevermind! :P

    25. Nick M on

      @Radiant: You basically do what Jeff and Scott said. I would be a bit careful about having "add-on" rewards as they can be a logistical nightmare and since you guys are a pretty small outfit, just be sure you know what you're getting into before offering it :/

    26. Scott Friebel on

      I think what you would do to add an ala carte 'reward' wouldn't be to add an actual reward tier, but to just state on your page that "If you would like to ... (add a second beta account?) just add $15 to your pledge."

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wimett on

      You comment it out in the description by saying, 'we will send out a survey after the kick starter finishes. Any pledge dollars above your chosen tier can be used toward these items...'

    28. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      I'll just expose my ignorance now. How do you add an ala carte reward in Kickstarter? Sandiches, Intrepid backers do get the Beta Buddy tier.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wimett on

      Oop, and it seems the devs hath spoken. Hmm... That makes Intrepid Settler seem much more attractive than the new tier.

    30. sandwiches on

      Guys, again you made the same mistake of not specifying that the Buddy tier is a standalone and when people get the Intrepid one thinking they'll get the Beta Buddy tier, there will be more whining as before. I could be wrong and maybe you did mean for every tier above Beta Buddy to get two copies of the game.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wimett on

      Saw this question coming. It might have been better to add a $15 ala carte add on to any their for a beta upgrade to the second account.

    32. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Guys, all our tiers are cumulative! So Intrepid Settler and onward all include two copies of the beta.

    33. BlinkShot Productions on

      i pay 5 more dollars and i lose all my buddy beta access stuffs? Sort of sucks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt W on

      Does the intrepid settler tier include the buddy beta tier?