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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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First Developer Stream, Monday 6th!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
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Hi guys,

This is Tom.  As a special thank you for backing us, I'll be doing a live stream this coming Monday at 2:00 PM Pacific time.  During the stream I'll show you how I model things, and will take the mammoth pet from a static model to a fully animated game character!

We'll be streaming our our newly created channel: (it looks horrible right now, but will look much better come Monday!)


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    1. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      2:00pm PST. Sorry for the confusion. We're setting it up right now--so see you all in 25 minutes!

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Ewan on

      its says 4pm pacific time on your dev blog. just so we don't get the wrong time, which one is it? :)

    3. Hampus Berggren on

      It's going to be late here in Sweden, but I'm too curious. Really really excited and hoping the modding tools will be the crown jewel of your work, because I think it's key to the success and ofcourse I'm very tempted myself to create a lot of stuff. Looking forward to your stream!

    4. Richard Dawson on

      I'm sure I can put some Uni work aside for a while :D.. Looking forward to it [10pm GMT]

    5. David on

      This is great! Will check out the stream if I can on Monday.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kelvin Baillie on

      W00t! My army of cute cuddly animals will defeat the big monsters by staring at them. They shall fall to their knees from how sickly sweet they are!

      I like the look of the next 2 stretch goals, more variety is always better. Also curious to what will come after the $200k goal, at this rate it will be reached in just a few days or so.

    7. Belsameth on

      I just want to say HOLY SHIT! I NEED THIS YESTERDAY!

      The mammoth looks awesome and I *really* look forward to getting my hands on it!

    8. Chris Cannon on

      They have created their own engine in C++11. Rendered in OpenGL. Most of the rest written in Lua. Tony had an awesome post on, date January 28, 2013:

    9. Missing avatar

      Shan on

      Hi guys what game engine are you guys using?
      I saw the vid with the HTML and JavaScript, interesting stuff.

    10. Don Balao on

      love the baby mammoth but id like to know about the mechanics behind these "friendly rabbit" clan

    11. John Romero on

      @Eric Farraro, thanks for the head's up.

    12. enenra on

      Please make sure to leave the VODs available or upload them to a YouTube channel for the people in other timezones that cannot watch it live! :-)

    13. LordMatsu on

      Thanks Jeff :D

    14. Eric Farraro on

      @John Romero The tool they're using is called Qubicle, and is available to download right now

    15. Jeff McDowall on

      Correction: Make that $45 tier and above.

    16. Jeff McDowall on

      @Michael Radiant said in another comment thread that for the $50 tier and above you get two beta access and two digital downloads of the game, no need to combine anything.

    17. LordMatsu on

      Is it possible to have a combination of the $45 and the $50 one? Basically buddy package with beta + the digital artbook/poster and the pets?

    18. John Romero on

      I imagine this may have been suggested already, and if so, sorry for the repetition ...

      Have you considered releasing a modeling tool to us supporters? Wasteland 2 did something like that and had a lot of help from enthusiastic KS supporters in modeling parts for their game world. They created a library using the Unity 3d modelling tool, and by the reporting on their KS pages, they reaped many useable models for their game world. I realize you might be trying to go for a particular style of art, but even if only 5% of the models you got back were useable, it might be worth your while. I am imagining that making a block modeller like you have there generally usable to the average game player would be simpler than asking people to learn a 3d modeling tool, and it looks very accessible to me as is ... just a thought. Thanks for considering it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Evan Wall on

      Thanks for the answer, i looked it up after posting, but the app wouldnt load so i couldnt post again. Cant wait for the stream!

    20. Richard Jones on

      Thankyou for also recording it for us poor people in the wrong timezone!

    21. Richie Bisso

      Sweet! I'm so excited for this game, and I know a lot of other game developers are, too!

    22. Bandit Dragoon on

      Cannot wait for it i dearly hope we get to 160K before the kickstarter ends altho by the looks of it that is not going to be a problem

    23. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      2pm Pacific time is 5pm est.

      Yes, the stream will be recorded so you can catch it later. I'll be answering questions from the chat, so you want to catch it live if you can!

    24. Phillip Wiley on

      Im in Alaska and its 4 hours behind EST, I think they are only 3... So that should make it 1700 or 5pm

    25. Missing avatar

      Evan Wall on

      That's around 8pm est correct?

    26. Phillip Wiley on


    27. DJC on

      Awesome! Looking forward to it!

    28. Missing avatar

      John Dibble on

      Sweet. Onward to rabbit peoples!

    29. Eric Farraro on

      (Loved the troll speed-model btw!)

    30. Eric Farraro on

      Sounds great! Any chance that this will be recorded as well?