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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Refunds, Saves, and ACE!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Hey Everyone, 

Before everything else, if you are a Linux backer who has asked for a refund and have not yet received it, our sincere apologies. We were hoping to get to his much sooner, but due to the age of our Kickstarter, we do not have the ability to do refunds through Kickstarter itself. As a result, have had to set up a system that will allow us to issue refunds manually through PayPal. We expect to be able to finally start using this system next month. This process is manual and our bandwidth is such that we hope to process all refunds between October and our 1.1 release at the end of the year. If you're a Linux backer and you'd like a refund because we will not be delivering a Linux version of the game, please ping us again through the Kickstarter message system and let us know what Paypal account we should direct the refund to. If you do not have a PayPal account, please make one! We do not have an alternative mechanism of processing refunds at this time. 

Second, our reduced team is making progress on the art book and soundtrack. We plan to make these backer rewards available on the Humble Bundle download pages also by December. For those who did not back at a level to receive these rewards, we are investigating ways to make these available as game DLC through Steam. 

Third, we're still hearing reports of performance issues in the form of stalled hearthlings and buildings not building. Fixing these are our team's first priority, but in order to do so, we need your saves! If you have a save that shows performance issues or a stuck building, please post it for us here:

As those of you who have been following for a while know, performance problems can occur at the intersection of any of our many systems, so the most efficient way of making the game better is to solve against an instance that's actively problematic. Anything you can do to help us here would be much appreciated! We will continue to push updates with performance and bug fixes to our Steam Unstable branch through the fall until a final 1.1 release in December.

Finally, if you're missing more Stonehearth content, as opposed to bugfixes, I want to specially call out that the community modders of Stonehearth ACE have been hard at work creating all kinds of beautiful new things for you to enjoy. You can find their heartfelt work here:

Personally, we find their work really inspiring, and we're glad that so many of you are still finding a place to be creative inside the world of Hearth.

All the best, 

--Team Stonehearth

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    1. Missing avatar

      Josh Stricklin on

      Hey guys, I'm still waiting on my key, is there anyway I can get any help with this?

    2. Slyde on

      Just got mine, as well...

    3. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Just got my refund. Thanks for following through; got worried there for a while :)

    4. Onizuka on

      I would like to know about the mac version too and get a refund if you cancelled it…

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Wickersty on

      Ive continued to message you about my Linux user refund and you continue to ignore my messages. I demand my refund. Read your messages and reply.

    6. Missing avatar

      Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. on

      I am a Linux user and would like a refund (or Proton support for the Steam version). My Paypal address is the same as my KickStarter address.

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh Stricklin on

      I am still waiting on my key - I have sent you guys a few messages about this and have heard nothing back.

    8. Ceres Games

      I am still waiting for the key I've paid for - 6 years ago.
      What's the problem here? With over $700,000 USD in funding, you guys should finally become a little bit more professional.

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! I'm a Linux user and I don't need a refund. Good luck with next projects! :)

    10. Drew Parrott on

      I'm happy with how this game came out. It did take longer than I thought it would, but It's even more impressive that you were able to keep with it for that long and you came out with nearly everything that was promised.

    11. Slyde on

      @Joakim Johansson: "I got what I payed for."

      Hmmmm, you payed for a game that contains HALF of what was promised, and still buggy as shit? Thats so strange, cause i paid for the full, working game....

    12. Karl Hedstrom

      I have to admit, this sort fell off my radar. I am in the $15 level for a Mac. I can't remember ever playing the game. Saw comments about needing a key code. Did you make a Mac version? Is it something I download from you or Steam? Thanks for your answer.

    13. Missing avatar

      hooby on

      I am a true Linux user, and do NOT request a refund.

      I think the game turned out pretty well, and I would probably play it a lot more, if I had not to shut down my PC and boot in Windows first, to be able to play it...

      But I do understand, that things may change during development, and that you can't plan a project of this scope waterfall-style from start to finish. Features do get cut (or changed) all the time - and when it comes to the core gameplay, such changes most often are for the better.

      I still find it saddening that Linux is being considered "not worth it". I'm not an evangelist, and I do not suggest anyone should switch from Windows to Linux. Use whatever System you like the best.

      But I strongly believe that it would be for the long term best of all Windows Users, if Microsoft was forced to work harder to actually earn their market dominance through product quality.

      Instead they get a quasi-monopoly gifted to them, through companies like Team Stonehearth producing Microsoft-exclusives for them for free. That's imho a real shame.

    14. Turk

      if you had any integrity, one day you will look back and regret not finishing your game.

    15. Michael Bryant on

      Asked multiple times via email and KS message about my second key not working and 0 responses.

    16. Maydee on

      I Ask for a refund.
      I don't believe the kickstarter system anymore.

    17. Joakim Johansson on

      Jeez the foul people in the comments.
      I haven't had any problem with the game or this Kickstarter at all and the game for me is fun and I got what I payed for.

    18. David Reeves on

      I am a Mac backer. What is the news about how Mac support is going? If there will also be no Mac support, I would also would like to be part of the refund.

      What is the status of the Mac build and stability?

    19. Justin

      Wow, people certainly aren’t happy with you guys.

    20. lokiracer on

      I'm with @Indigo Fox. Go fuck yourselves. I backed for $45. Feel free to refund anytime. I never received anything I paid for. is my paypal.

    21. Missing avatar

      cpt_freakout on

      Guys, I've left you messages which you no longer respond. I have a relatively simple issue (my key is missing) and you haven't responded for two months now. I didn't even want the refund, but now it's pretty tempting since you can't even send me, I don't know, maybe a replacement key or something? At least you could answer the message with a "fuck off, we don't care about your stupid key" and I'd know where to stand.

    22. bar10dr on

      This is what kickstarter is guys.
      Nothing is certain in this world, especially not when it comes to software development.

      At least the people stuck around long enough to add mod support and round out the edges, I have kickstarted a lot of projects that just stopped and that was that.

      When you kickstart you are putting your money towards something that hopefully will be made, that's just how it is.

    23. Missing avatar

      Indigo Fox on

      Fuck you and your company. Bunch of scammers. I'll believe you this time when the refund is in my account.

      Again, in case the first time wasn't clear. FUCK YOU

    24. Missing avatar

      KhaosElement on

      You guys are the reason I came to Kickstarter. I saw a city builder I had always dreamed of, like, six years ago. I backed as soon as I could, enough to get an extra copy for a friend.

      Now? You're the reason I almost never do Kickstarter anymore. Thanks for the shell of the game you promised us.