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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth 1.0 is Here!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
Stonehearth 1.0
Stonehearth 1.0

Hey everyone, now that we’ve stuffed in our last few features and a ton of performance and bug fixes, our game is finally complete. Team Stonehearth is proud to announce that our cozy, quirky, and sometimes epically heroic building simulation game is finally ready to leave Early Access and go 1.0. 

 This has been an incredibly long journey for everyone on the team, and especially a long one for all of you Kickstarter backers. I think it’s safe to say that building Stonehearth turned out to be way more difficult than we all expected. For many of us, this was our first game, and the things we learned about game development and about ourselves and each other could probably fill at least 99 Leather Storage Chests(™). Every day though, Tom, Tony and I, and later Albert, Chris, Brad, Yang, Doug, Winnie, Linda, Allie, Malley, Nikki, Richard, Justin, Ana, Morgan, Angelo, Luke, Max and Aaron found in the game--in its tone and in its radically weird tech--something precious, something that made us all want to get up every single day to bring it to life. 

 We also found all of you. You gave us a chance to build this game, we will be forever grateful. In the years that followed the Kickstarter, we gathered so much energy from interacting with all of you. We found inspiration in the things you built, from mods to templates to villages. We gained so much strength from your enthusiasm for what this game could be, that even through the game’s darkest hours, when we were, multiple times, over multiple years, on the verge of giving up, we managed to persevere until we’d built something we could legitimately feel proud of. 

 For more of our thoughts on wrapping up the game, please see our Desktop Tuesday from this week, Building Cathedrals

So what comes next? Well, the game is done, but the story isn’t quite over yet. On Thursday, 7/26, we will have one last all-day stream on our Twitch channel, starting at 9:00am PST and running until 7:00pm PST. This stream will be focused on all the beautiful things you have built in the last five years, and we hope to see you all there. 

 Also, pets! Your Kickstarter pets--the mammoth, the dragon whelp, the kitten, puppy, and a few more, are now available for download from your Humble Bundle download pages. To find your Humble Bundle page, which also contains your download codes for the game (if you haven't already gotten it), see our faq from 2013 here

You can also search for the pets mod itself and it will appear in your Humble Bundle library looking something like this: 

To activate the mod, download it, save it to your mods directory, and you can turn it on within the game from the embarkation screen:

 We hope you enjoy! What else? Well between now and a planned December 1.1 release, a subset of our team will continue working on performance, bug fixing, polish, the MacOS port, the artbook, the OST, and an expanded modding guide. They will continue to make pushes to the Steam unstable branch, though there will not be a new build on the stable branch or Humble Bundle until the 1.1 in December. The MacOS port will be on an unstable branch soon; more details as we get them. 

We also want to do whatever we can to support your modding efforts (looking at you, ACE!), so if there’s anything you need from us, or if you’d like to report a bug or issue, please continue to find us on

We love seeing your save files, especially ones that reliably reproduce issues or that show off gorgeous cities and happy towns. It’s hard to say goodbye, so let’s not say goodbye. Instead-- 

Thank you all for everything, and Happy Re-Embarkation Day! 

Love, Team Stonehearth 

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    1. Slyde on

      same here.


      You told us that you would entertain refunds, and asked us to contact you.

      As of this point, there has yet to be ONE confirmed report that you have responded to ANYONE'S request.

      Was the promise of a refund a lie, as well?

      SOME kind of update or answer here would be appreciated.

      thank you.

    2. Sly on

      Still waiting on the refund update, the fact so many of us are being ignored at this point is not respectful and considerate.

    3. Missing avatar

      Josh Stricklin on

      I used the Humble key resender with the same email address I used to back this project and did not get a Stonehearth key.

    4. amigacooke on

      The Linux version has been cancelled.

    5. Missing avatar

      kilobug on

      I'm one of the many Linux users who backed this game because Linux support was promised... is it totally canceled (and if so do you do refunds ?) or is it just delayed ?

    6. Eric Latham on

      "our game is finally complete."

      The only way you can say this with a straight face is because you took a pair of scissors to your to-do list. Shameful.

    7. Missing avatar

      Edvard Sorbo on

      Congrats on finishing such a long project! Finally finally finally we get to play to our hearths* content!

    8. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Dolynchuk on

      Still waiting for a steam key

    9. John Tobias on

      @Erich Zahn, I have the humble bundle codes, pet, wallpaper, etc. What I do not have is a Key for V1.0 (the key I have is listed as "Stonehearth (Pre-release Steam key)" And it notes they will send a new key for the final release. When I log into Steam the game has not updated since RC5. Others say they have 1.0 already. Thanks for the links though.

    10. Justin

      That doesn't surprise me. Sounded like an empty statement.

    11. Missing avatar

      Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. on

      "If there is no other way for you to play this game other than on Linux, and you backed for this reason only, please reach out to us via direct message here on Kickstarter and we’ll see what we can do to make it right."

      Sent a PM toward the beginning on the month. Still no reply.

    12. Erich Zann

      @john Tobias, I just followed the link to their FAQ, and then the link to the key re-sender to get mine. I already had the game in my list, but it wasn't until I had the key resent that I saw the pet.

      Key resender:

    13. John Tobias on

      @Brian, I still do not see a new key in HumbleBundle or an update in steam. Where are you seeing this stuff? Can anyone give instructions on how to get the final release key?

    14. Brian on

      @Ceres Games - Humblebundle

    15. Ceres Games

      How do we get our keys now? (Steam)

    16. amigacooke on

      Time to eat at least a slice of humble pie for me.

      A macOS release is available on the Steam unstable branch:

    17. Brian on

      Well the game has locked up my PC twice today. Last version had no issues.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Wickersty on

      still waiting for my refund.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      > As a Linux backer, I've still never even tried the game.

      Same here. But sometimes it happens. This is Kickstarter! :)

      Don't blame the devs so much. Not everyone are able to calculate their capabilities when it comes to such a big project. Moreover, developers had no previous experience in creating games. Still not more disappointment than Peter Molyneux on KS. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Riley on

      How is this 1.0 when half the features are still missing? You just quit on us.

    21. Drew Parrott on

      My Tuesdays will be a little less exciting now, but I'm more than happy with how Stonehearth turned out. Thanks for sticking with it, and good luck in your future endeavors.

    22. John Tobias on

      @Brian I am looking in steam now, and while the post about 1.0 is there, there is no update for my Stonehearth app. Is there another way to get it?

    23. Brian on

      @Richard Neilsen - I've been using that same key for years - I have 1.0 using it on steam.

    24. John Tobias on

      I also would like to know how we get the 1.0 release download/key/however you decide to distribute it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Richard Neilsen on

      How do I actually get the game? My humble bundle account just has a pre-release key that says it is not the final release one.

    26. Jo-Herman Haugholt

      I've got no answer to my request for a refund since you've reneged on a Linux version. I waited 5 years for nothing, and I still can't play this game and probably never will. Screw you guys...

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Zelenjak on

      When will I be able to download the game?

    28. cycyx

      And no word about the Linux backers who contacted you about support and are still waiting to hear from you...


    29. amigacooke on

      I look forward to using the macOS port, but I won't be convinced it's happening until I can actually download it from Steam.

      Team StoneHearth's record on delivering on the ports is ... unreliable.

    30. mrxak on

      This is really shameful. You should release the full source code with 1.1 and maybe the game can be finished by somebody else so backers get what they paid for.

      I still remember how right after you sold out to Riot, you shut down all discussion of how much you’d screwed your Kickstarter backers and made all sorts of promises about how it wasn’t going to destroy the game and you wouldn’t abandon it. You couldn’t be honest then and you’re not being honest now.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kellaen on

      The writing was on the wall for a cut and run after the riot buy out. What a joke.

    32. Slyde on

      “our game is finally complete. “

      No, it’s not. But you already know that.

    33. Justin

      Where's our second key?

    34. Tyrone Biggums on

      So, I did the buddy backed for $45. Where do I get me second key?

    35. Andrew Pam on

      As a Linux backer, I've still never even tried the game. I guess I'll have to see if it works under Wine and hope for a native port some day. :(

    36. Vincent on

      Could you please reply to the PM I sent. Thank you

    37. Raymond Bray on

      This is unacceptable. This game isnt "done". You guys just "quit" there is a huge difference
      This is not a finished game by any standard and certainly not the standard set by the campaign that was financed by the backers.
      Of course its on the backers, who funded and trusted you to deliver what you promised, to accept not getting what they paid for because why should it be on you the ones who made those promises?
      As developers you are very nice, gracious and helpful, but being real nice about it as you cheat people doesnt change what you are doing. Neither does your reasoning
      I honestly hope you reconsider this and instead choose to keep adding to this game until actually finished.

    38. Hal Motley on

      As long as there's a solid modding framework to compensate for SpaceBase DF-9ing this game. Look forward to an unofficial GNU/Linux port and additional features such as those detailed as stretch goals.

      Playable goblins would be cool too.

    39. Missing avatar

      Vertal on

      How is this 1.0 when it's still missing half the features? I sent you a message over two weeks ago for a refund, but you have ignore it. It's a shame that Kickstarter promotes this behavior.

    40. Franz Piechotta on

      I send you a message about a refund as you said us, who are unstatisfied should do. I'm still waiting for a response from you.

    41. amigacooke on

      Stringing Linux backers along for five years and then cancelling at the last second is a stain on StoneHearth. There really is no excuse for using them as the scapegoats.

      This KickStarter assured us that both Linux and macOS versions would be available at release. Again, what Team StoneHearth say they are going to do and what actually happens can be two different matters.

      Congratulations on releasing the Windows version.

    42. Finvana on

      I'd also like to know about the refunds you talked about in leaving the nest. This game has little to do with what we were promised.

    43. lokiracer on

      This isn't a v1.0. This is you walking away from a commitment you made to your backers.

    44. Brian on

      Hope that have a way to refund those unhappy. I have 110 hours played so I got my moneys worth thus far.

    45. Stefan Lopuszanski on

      Really disappointed. So many of the Kickstarter things were never fulfilled. I backed at a very high level specifically for those things and was promised by multiple people they would come and yet they never did. *sigh* Was hoping with Riot Games helping out it would actually be like what was promised, but guess they dropped the ball on it too. =/

      Any info on refunds for unmet promises or some other type of compensation? Heck, even if Riot Games offered something in LoL or an upcoming game I'd be happy.

    46. Missing avatar

      Indigo Fox on

      This is my second request for a refund, as per your last update you would "work something out" for those that wanted a refund.

    47. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      Where exactly is the mods directory under ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Castle Story ?

    48. Brian on

      Good luck getting any refund now, guessing the money is all spent.

      This is a risk of Kickstarter.

    49. Sly on

      Any further updates on refunds for those of us backed the game for features/platforms that were dropped from the final game please?