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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
22,844 backers pledged $751,920 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon Benson on

      Please contact me and tell me how I can receive a refund.

    2. Missing avatar

      ttorbicki on

      Very disappointed to hear the team is throwing the project in the trash. Here's hoping they actually release the code as open source so it's not just money down the drain for everyone who backed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. on

      "If there is no other way for you to play this game other than on Linux, and you backed for this reason only, please reach out to us via direct message here on Kickstarter and we’ll see what we can do to make it right."

      I sent a PM about this earlier, but still no reply.

    4. Jukka Palko on

      Sent a PM on July 6 because of the Linux version being dropped and having backed because it was coming. No reply.

    5. foxfirerage on

      Its not done : / you are abandoning the game just like you promised you wouldn't, all of the jobs/races are not implemented. You promised you would continually develop the game, and now you are not : / There is no replay value in the current game, way to leave things half finished, I will not be backing any future projects by your group. Such a disappointment : /

    6. amigacooke on

      I checked on April 18 this year to see if the Linux port was still planned. I was assured it was:

      An astonishing way to treat backers.

    7. Missing avatar

      termac on

      I backed for the Linux version which unfortunately you decided to ditch. I sent a PM 14 days ago and still got no reply. Atleast give an ETA if you are still working things out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      I'm a Linux baker as well. I'm heartened you're doing the right thing - please refund me. I don't see an option to send you a PM here.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Wickersty on

      Still waiting for my refund.

    10. Evendur on

      This whole Situation is very Disappointing....

      I backed a promising Projekt with 40$ and now most of the promised Content got cut out, and even the Game is still Laggy and Buggy when the Screen gets more filled....

      Specially when the game will be still available for 20$ and still that is not worth it...

      I believed in this Projekt since there was so much heart in it and you Guys were Passionate about it. Now it feels like you Abandon it and leave the sinking Ship...

      The next Time i will see a Projekt from you guys i will do a big Step over it...and stay by Projekts from established Programmers.

    11. Franz Piechotta on

      the last Radiant and Riot game i've ever bought for sure.

    12. drazed on

      I backed only for linux version, sent PM as requested, after 7 days still no reply.

    13. Franz-Christian Schaden on

      This really is not acceptable. The community entrusted $751,920 to you for all the features and the support you promised... And now you're kicking all of your financiers in the balls/ovaries. -.-

    14. Hal Motley on

      Just to let you all know that SidAlpha has officially labelled Radiant Entertainment as a "Dirty Dev" and is rather livid with the company. He did run through the stretch goals but did not talk about Riot's acquisition.…

      To me this whole situation reminds me SpaceBase DF-9 as a game that was abandoned before ever reach anything close to its potential. Still while most of the source is apparently out there, ideally both the engine and the assets would be open-sourced under a libre or proprietary license just like the afforementioned SpaceBase DF-9 which has recently announced a fan patch:

      Radiant do what you can to ensure that fans can keep the game alive!

    15. Missing avatar

      Hap Perry on

      Oh well, some kickstarters finish... and some don't. I really need to remember to stick with board game kickstarters, not computer game ones, because they tend to be the ones finished. And I was really looking forwards to playing as dwarves too.

    16. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Not everything always turns out as we want. The first experience of game development is always difficult - especially when you choose a project of this scale! The project still looks a little unfinished. But I was pleased to follow the development. Please don't take the words of trolls and haters to heart. Thanks for this experience and hope that you guys will have the strength and opportunity to complete this wonderful project! :)

      P.S. If it's not possible to release a Linux version - please release the game on GOG!

    17. Ryusho Yosei on

      This is just dissappointing, I have been so excited, I saw some of the recent updates and went "Okay looks like they are finally getting closer to what they had advertised to really start getting interested in this again." ..and your done? ...Your done by getting the -baseline- of what you said you were going to do....Not by Finishing the project but getting the baseline of it put together enough you can call it finished.

      ...I was so excited to see that it was finally having the "Core" stable part of the game running and going "Alright time to start playing and watch them add the rest to this so it's the game we were w aiting on!" ..and now your not going to do it. ....That really just feels like a cop out. Really. I have to agree with other comments, that it feels like your just trying to back out now that you have been invested into by someone else and the like, not delivering a large chunk of the things you promised and even cutting out platforms you promised to release on, YOu realise those who -are linux only- you owe full refunds for, and then some...But indeed, this feels half built.

      I Like what I have seen, but it's not fair to say its Finished considering your promises and your page for it.

    18. Jason Zapasnik

      The game is very buggy, and now it will never be fixed. Very disapointing.

    19. Derek Robertson on

      Great, now I have to uninstall LoL in protest.... I liked riot up until this. This game is not complete until you fulfill all of the promises you made in order for us to fund this project.

      You took money from people, promised to deliver certain things, and then sold out and didn't deliver.

      Would Riot have been interested in your company if not for this project? This is where the betrayal really starts to stink, a lot of your popularity came because we believed in you and your promises, you are not even delivering on all platforms that you promised so some will never even get to play the half built game.

      The wrath of your kickstarter backers will haunt your future endeavors

    20. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      >> How about releasing the actual source code (minus the assets of course) of the game e.g. on Github to let the community keep Stonehearth alive, improve it and maybe port it to Linux?
      > 90% of it is currently avaialble; just rename .smod to .zip, unzip and go! We may consider open source if there's enough interest, but it would be a lot of work to clean it up, and we'd rather work on the bugs etc in the meantime.

      That would be the right course of action. Do it the same way ID Software does with Quake, for instance: do not open-license the game assets but make sure that the engine is fully open to tweaks / porting / fixing (rewriting proprietary parts you can't release if need be) and a bought copy of the game contains everything assets-wise to run an identical copy of the game.

    21. bonuswavepilot

      Wow... Well I suppose you can take the vitriol in the comments here as proof that people were invested in your game at least. :/

      Good luck with the next thing folks! Oh, and if you're considering Linux support for another project in future, for God's sake build it in from the start! I have seen several Kickstarters now promise to support Linux, and then only try to build for Linux after they have finished the Windows version, and discover at that point that none of the tech is cross-platform.

    22. lokiracer on

      This ia a Riot game through and through. Riot didn't buy Radiant for the fun of it. They bought Radiant for the assets, people and code. We shouldn't give Riot a pass on releasing this Kickstarter a quarter finished and full of broken promises.

      Riot owes us all refunds. This campaign is one of the many reasons I stopped backing anything on Kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      I waited to back until after the Mac/Linux stretch goal was hit. I never would have backed a Windows only game. Now you're dropping the Linux support completely and trying to throw together Mac support at the last minute. It would have been 100x easier to build for all three platforms at once instead of putting off something so fundamental until "after the release." That was just stupid.

      I also can't help but notice that your plan is to release a Mac version that only runs in low graphics mode on Macs that are one year newer than what was available when you promised to make a Mac version. That's pretty disingenuous.

    24. Hien Pham on

      Thank you for your work and good luck with your future endeavors!

    25. Missing avatar

      Duhwolf on

      Damn, I now regret leaving positive comments in the past. I didn't mind the announcement until I saw all of the things being cut without much of an explanation other than, "eh, don't have enough time to finish; or "don't have enough to time to figure it out."

      This was THE one kickstarter I didn't regret backing. Sure, the game's still not finished and it's been over 6 years, but at least it seemed there was a level of transparency and consistent updates. I will say thank you for giving an explanation even if it is bullshit and not disappearing with nothing to show like other projects *cough* The Mandate *cough*, but throwing in the towel is ridiculous. Especially the "three people isn't enough to finish," line.
      I've seen people make mods grander, bigger, and more fleshed out than your game in their spare time. Some of them did take longer, but some of them also didn't have 15 people supposedly working on them full time.

      As a programmer and 3D modeler I can say with certainty that the left out features can be added to the game over time with as little as one person working on it. No updates after 1.1 is abhorrent. It's even worse that you suggest in this article that the players should finish the game themselves by modding it. The players, especially after paying hundreds of thousands into the kickstarter and after, have no obligation to finish the game as it was promised you do.

    26. Missing avatar

      Indigo Fox on

      "I felt like all the shame language and sadness honestly shortchanged the heroic efforts of every single person on the team."

      Fuck you. Grow up, act like an adult and admit your mistakes from the actions you are taking.

      Shame language? You should feel shameful. You've strung people along for 5 years and you're releasing a failed project. That's not something you should feel good about.

      The fact you are even going to charge people for this broken and unfinished game is sleazy. I'm glad people are taking the time to change or write new reviews. You've dropped from mostly positive to mixed and you're on your way to negative on steam.

      What you made was bad and you should feel bad for ripping off 22, 844 people. You're nothing but a bunch of con artist's.

    27. Missing avatar

      Telos789 on

      Had a lot of fun with this game during the beta releases what feels like many years ago and will definitely play again after 1.0 hits. Good luck to all your team!

    28. Missing avatar

      John Eddowes on

      So basically a long winded way of saying ‘we’re bored of developing this now, and besides we sold out to Riot months ago, and they don’t want us working on this so it’s a nice convenient excuse to stop.’

      It’s fine, we didn’t need 10 pages of backtracking and excuses, we’ve had the exact same treatment from 99% of Kickstarter gaming projects over the years. Don’t bother trying to sugar coat it. You failed, just like everyone else does. There will never be a fully playable version of Stonehearth, just whatever cobbled together mess you leave us with before turning your back on the project forever, having learned that you’re not as good as developing games as you thought you were all those years ago.

      Don’t worry, most people probably added you to their spam filters years ago, back when Minecraft stopped being popular. Would have probably been a good idea to release an actual working game before that point, huh?

      Still, hope you enjoyed all that money.

    29. Missing avatar

      Seth Mellon on

      I was hoping for more, but I'm still quite happy with what was delivered. Best of luck to your team.

    30. ThomasN on

      "the game will ship DRM free" you said.
      Workshop and Steam integration is not exactly what I'd call that.
      Glad I only wasted $15 bux on this.

    31. Harley Gorillason on

      > Really? It’s.. Done? I’m sort of... stunned!

      It's not even close to being done. You made a ton of stretch goal promises that people donated extra for and just threw them out for no good reason because you were too lazy to keep working on them.

    32. Jason on

      "Hey guys, guess what? that game we're 5 years late delivering? The one you paid for up front? We got sick of working on it! So its 'done' now! No, we didn't do all the features we sold you, why would we? Everyone congratulate us for our 'heroic' efforts as we avoid 'shame language' for literally stealing from all of you! And be sure to check out our other projects, we totally won't rip you off on those too lol."

      You guys are not impressing anyone with this. I mean whatever, you got what you wanted out of it, good for you. I hope you feel proud to release a minimally viable product.

    33. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      > While I do wish there was more to the campaign/story, I do think the game is fun and worth playing. I have enjoyed the hours I've spent with it, and it was well worth what I pledged for my copy.
      Thanks for saying so! Much appreciated :)

      > This final update just feels really dishonest, like you are covering your own butts rather than apologizing to the community. It feels like you are trying to spin it, which is not the tone you have had with us for the last 5 years. It is a disappointing way to end the relationship between you and your backers.

      I actually wrote and re-wrote this update a lot because I wanted it to be honest to how we were all feeling. The truth is that as someone who has been here since the beginning of the kickstarter, I knew so many of you would be sad that the first five versions were a lot more in the vein of what I think you would have expected. In the end, though, I just couldn't hit post, because I felt like all the shame language and sadness honestly shortchanged the heroic efforts of every single person on the team who poured their hearts into all the features (builder, multiplayer, titans, buns, geomancer, northern alliance etc!) over the last six months. They were heroes, and I honestly do play the game they built and smile in delight at what they achieved.

      Part of this disconnect might have to do with the fact that how you feel about the game changes based on when you joined the story, and what expectations we had at that time. Either way, I do think we are proud, honestly, even though we are also ashamed. We feel all the things. XD ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin Vierra on

      While I do wish there was more to the campaign/story, I do think the game is fun and worth playing. I have enjoyed the hours I've spent with it, and it was well worth what I pledged for my copy.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stephen T. Robbins on

      I'm sorry for the backers who did not get what they wanted out of this project, but I just wanted to say that I did get the co-op builder I wanted.

      If Radiant/Riot can, open-sourcing the code later would be great if performance is still an issue or serious bug reports are still rolling in so that there is at least a small chance that they might be fixed.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jared A. Thomas on

      Just wanted to thank you all for putting together this game. The community you built and the dev streams that granted such elucidation into the process of game development were invaluable and a pleasure to behold. I wish you all well on your future endeavors and look forward to seeing what the community whips up. Don't be strangers :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Dennis Voegele on

      I understand that you aren't guaranteed anything when you back something on Kickstarter. But what you are delivering here is not what any of us hoped for (the devs or the backers). It feels like a lie to simply call it done.

      At least have the guts to admit that you guys are effectively abandoning the project, and that you did your best and hope we can get some joy out of the unfinished final product. If that was the final update after 5 years I would have been satisfied. You win some you lose some on KS, and that is ok.

      This final update just feels really dishonest, like you are covering your own butts rather than apologizing to the community. It feels like you are trying to spin it, which is not the tone you have had with us for the last 5 years. It is a disappointing way to end the relationship between you and your backers.

    38. Jani Jereb on

      Good luck to the team. I for one think you did a good job overall. The main reason I back on Kickstarter is to help provide creative people a chance to better themselves with projects they want to pursue. So in that regard, I'm happy if you think you met that goal.

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen Nelson on

      All I can say is that it's incredibly bad optics for you to release the game and immediately abandon it. It may be "finished" for you but you're leaving a fair amount of content on the table, and there's no way all the performance and bug-fixing will be complete by January. Even if you never intend to add new "official" content to the game you still need to support YOUR PRODUCT for at least a year after launch. Please consider how this harms other Kickstarter game projects.

    40. DW, Chancellor of Valoria

      Thanks guys! I can't believe how much you were able to do from the initial dream. Really pulled through and shot for the moon.

      Looking forward to all your great future projects that SH bulked you up to do.

    41. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      > Would you please write another Kickstarter update detailing game/key redemption? I backed at the buddy tier and have no clue how to redeem that for my friend and myself.
      Look here!

      > How about releasing the actual source code (minus the assets of course) of the game e.g. on Github to let the community keep Stonehearth alive, improve it and maybe port it to Linux?
      90% of it is currently avaialble; just rename .smod to .zip, unzip and go! We may consider open source if there's enough interest, but it would be a lot of work to clean it up, and we'd rather work on the bugs etc in the meantime.

      > As you aren't really delivering on what we actually backed, is there a way to get a refund?
      We're working on a mechanism. According to Kickstarter, our account is too old to refund via the kickstarter UI. Send us a private message via KS and we'll try to get to them when we have a system in place.

      > 5 years is a long time to work on something, so it's good that you are ready to move on. You've shown your work and given us updates. Thank you.
      Thank you so much for the kind words. :)

      > he Steam key I received never worked. When redeeming it said, "The product code you've entered has already been activated by a different Steam account." I emailed in 2015 and never received a response. The redemption page said new keys would be provided at release. Is that true? Do I finally get a functional key?
      Sorry about this; try messaging us directly through KS. Basically, there's an old mixup in the humble bundle/steam system that sometimes distributes duplicate keys. We have to manually untangle this and it takes a while.

      > I'm sure this was a difficult decision, so thank you for communicating this clearly with your backers. Game development is hard and 5 years is a very long time, so I understand where you're coming from.
      Thanks so much. :)

      > I do not understand how I can get my pet if I have not used Humble Bundle at all. There's another way I can get it?
      Everyone who backed has a humble bundle page from which you can download the game, and soon, the pets. Check out:

    42. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      > The game is still really laggy even on a fairly high end PC and there's still a lot of glitches. It needs a lot of work, particularly around performance to be considered "done".

      If you have a save file that is lagging on a machine that is beyond the recommended specs, please send it to us asap. We're still looking at performance!

      > "What about the DM mode, and your friends adventuring with you or sending them on adventures where you control what happens or their encounters. Or sending NPC's out on quests to grow your town like in Majesty?"

      I'm sorry that this was a huge thing for you; the game changed quite a bit over it's development, and when we saw how big the task was, we decided to focus on the town development part.

      > Simply put, the game you are releasing at the end of the month is nothing like what your Kickstarter promised. Basic features will never happen. As someone else said, you’ve poisoned the well, and your failure with this project is why so many people don’t back games on Kickstarter anymore.

      I think that as a crowdsourcing community, we're learning a lot about the viability of games. This was our first foray into the games industry; after we got here we discovered that like startups, most games do not make it. A veteran once quoted a success rate of about 10% to me; the same rate as that for startups. I'm honestly glad I didn't know that when we started; it would have been a lot harder to give it a go.

      > What happens to the BUDDY BACKER TIER? I only got my key but not the second one.
      The second key should be on your humble bundle page. Take another look

      > When do I get my key to access the game?
      If you still haven't gotten the game, follow the instructions here:

      > despite the fact you make it up to the Orc invasion and that's pretty much it as the game constantly crashes
      Can you send us this save?

      > I, personally, do not have a Humble Bundle account. Will I have to create one to receive this things?
      You do not need an account. Just follow the instructions here:
      The page is a link, and items will be downloadable from the link.

    43. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Thanks for the continued comments! To continue addressing them:
      > I for am disappointed in the lack of the GNU/Linux port, it wasn't the sole motivator so perhaps I'm ineligible for the undisclosed "amends" but it did entice me as a feature and I would like a further technical breakdown as to why it's infeasible when the game will apparently run on 4 year old Macs.

      The port is technically feasible, but the engineers who could have worked on it were also working on the builder. Since the linux port could happen through a wine wrapper, but only they could fix building bugs, we decided to prioritize the builder over the linux port.

    44. Justin on

      "and the end result is worth it" - To you sure, obviously not to many other people. This is where you learn the planet doesn't revolve around you.

    45. amigacooke on

      Sorry Edvard, this has fallen short, there's no disguising it.

    46. dan tal on

      I do not understand how I can get my pet if I have not used Humble Bundle at all. There's another way I can get it?

    47. Missing avatar

      Edvard Sorbo on

      Whoa! Stop all those "disappointed" comments! This is a great end product from lots of sweat and tears. The team stuck it out for way longer than can be expected and the end result is worth it. Forget the promises, as this is today, its more than enough. Be happy.

      I was one of the first kickstarters and I've played a new map once a year and I'm already satisfied. I've been waiting and waiting for the multiplayer part and that was the crowning achievement. Congrats.

    48. Finvana on

      You shouldn't apologize about not releasing the linux port. You should give the money back to those backers.

    49. Derpy Starhead on

      While I appreciate your honesty here (you at least had the guts to just come out and say it), I now have yet another game to add to my increasingly long list of games that I backed and will go unfinished.
      If you paid a company to redo all the drywall in your house, and they only did half or even three quarters of it, you would be upset yes? You would be even more upset if when you asked them about finishing the job they responded with "We feel it's in a good state to call it done".
      I'm not really upset by this, but at the end of the day, you took money to do a job that you are not going to finish. So good luck with your future endeavors....maybe you'll even finish some of them.

    50. Justin on

      I don't know what's more sad, the fact you guys failed to deliver or the fact you think what's finished is worth 20 bucks.