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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Alpha 24+: The Alpha to End All Alphas

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter Backers,

We know it’s been a while… but we’ve been hard at work. And now: It’s Mega Alpha time! Several months ago, Team Stonehearth decided to dramatically parallelize our workflow. This approach let smaller sub-teams work efficiently on many projects at once, with the end result being that with Alpha 24+ we’re delivering about six alphas’ worth of features in a much (much, much) larger-than-usual release.

This mega-alpha contains many features players have long awaited: The new builder! Weather! Town Tiers and Progression Quests! Steam Workshop and Modding Improvements! And… (wait for it): MULTIPLAYER. Plus, there’s much moar in this release, including a host of smaller features and an ongoing pass at performance.

Full release notes can be found here:

If you’ve been following the updates on, you’ll know that we now believe Stonehearth is engine complete: a sufficient number of the game’s core features (core AI, building, crafting, combat, multiplayer, and top-to-bottom moddability) are in a sufficiently stable place to enable full-on modding and content creation. Alpha 24+ is, therefore, the last Alpha release, and future releases to our unstable branch will be named “Beta” releases. To make bug fixing and performance work more efficient, we will not guarantee backwards compatibility between saves from Beta versions of the game and Alpha versions of the game. If you’re very attached to saves from A24+ and earlier alphas, you may want to save a copy of this version of the game to a separate place on your computer so you can continue to access and play with it as we update the build going forward. We will also create a Last Alpha branch so you can retain access through to this build through Steam.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us debug the myriad of features jammed into this release — it’s been a crazy dense few months! There were many times we thought that we’d never come to the end of the seemingly infinite bugs between where we were and something playable, but in moments like those, looking at all the beautiful things you’ve been creating and posting gave us the energy to go just one more hour, make one more fix, and finally arrive at this alpha to end all alphas.

We've also reached the point in Stonehearth's development where we're ready to call upon our Content Tier backers (the Explorer, Name a Titan, World Shaper, Legend, and Advisor Tiers) for the user-defined content that was included in your Kickstarter pledge. We're super excited to see what you contribute. You'll shortly be receiving a survey where you can submit your hearthling names, titan names, place names, and so on (depending on your tier). 

That’s all for now -- but more (MOAR) is coming very soon. Thanks as always to you -- our Kickstarter supporters -- who helped us begin, and have joined us in, the journey of Stonehearth.

-- Team Stonehearth

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    1. CashWiley on

      I've been holding off patiently to play this at release. I'm a believer in the 'when it's done' motto, so I'm happy to see you folks taking the time to craft the game, rather than shoving something out to cash in on crowd funding. Kudos and keep up the good work!

    2. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      A24+ is now on Humble Bundle, and ready for download!

    3. Justin Dorsey on

      I am just curious when we are going to see the stretch bonus stuff like the Geomancers and the Dwarves...
      It is a good game and I like it but I need assistance with building and a Geomancer and a Magma Smith would be beneficial especially against those asshole goblins...

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! This is awesome news! But what about GOG and Linux? :)

    5. erutan on

      I've tried reaching out a few times about my original kickstarter backing being from an email address I don't use anymore. I've sent three emails on a roughly yearly basis about this and haven't heard back.

    6. Justin on

      Complain all you want but these guys are showing constant progress. Go check out SpaceVenture if you want to see what a real train wreck looks like.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joel Baxter on

      Congrats guys; it looks like it's been a ginormous amount of work. Looking forward to seeing what the final form is like once these systems and components finish voltron-ing together...

    8. Jo-Herman Haugholt

      Will you finally be releasing a Linux and Mac client now that the game is going into beta?

    9. Mikkel Gerdes on

      Great game. I have played several hours in Alpha and love it. Keep up the good work. Relly looking forward to the multiplayer version.

    10. Daniel Risse

      Any update as to when there will be a Mac client? Is that going to be pushed until actual release? Alpha and beta access when not on the system I backed for that was promised doesn’t do much for me. That said, congrats on the milestone!

    11. Erich Zann

      @Digimortal they gave access to alpha backers years ago and then opened alpha to beta backers about 6 months after that. They were very responsive to requests for keys back then, from what I've heard now not as much. Try Radiant's forums, or their official support channels.

    12. Aaron V

      Congrats on reaching Beta!

    13. JGO

      +1 to what cpt_freakout said. Making games is not easy, I have backed several of them and some weren’t even completed. On top of that, stoneheath have said on several occasions that all there updates are on there website.

      Congratulations to the Stoneheath Team on their success. Thank you for your dedication to this awesome game, looking forward to the finished product.

    14. Missing avatar

      cpt_freakout on

      Come on, people, this is good news. I've backed a few projects that have gone under way faster than this game has been up, with no response from devs and no way to get any money back, so this is truly good news. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the beta!

    15. lokiracer on

      campaign update: we are 5 years behind schedule

    16. Justin on

      Awesome update, thanks!

    17. Digimortal on

      When do I get access? People buying this in Steam sale for less and I have to wait until when? This stance should be reviewed if the company has any integrity at all.

    18. David on

      Oh hey an update, when did I originally back this game? *checks history*.
      2013? 5 years ago??

    19. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      holy ... an update!

    20. Tim Carpenter on

      Still Alpha. Never again, I swear.