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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Alpha 22… and Moar.

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)


Hello Kickstarter Backers! 

We’ve supersized our latest alpha -- Alpha 22.5 is now available on Steam and Humble Bundle.

This alpha-and-a-half release focuses on the full introduction of Conversations, a feature which builds on the Happiness and Trait systems launched in previous Alphas, and the combination of which deepens the impact of hearthlings' interaction with their world and each other (and with you!). These collectively provide a foundation for a more engaging and deeper Stonehearth -- one which features more vibrant communities, a solid economy, exploration and discovery, and (sssh) multiplayer.* 

 * We’ll say no more. Except that we're planning how it's going to work right now. And it’s going to be really cool. 

This Alpha also delivers the first significant upgrade to water infrastructure for… well, a really long time. For the last few months, Albert has been reworking water’s basic infrastructure, dramatically improving correctness and performance. He’s also added evaporation of water puddles, so that an excavation error won’t make your town soggy forever. Waterfall rendering has also been improved and appears more integrated with the water source. 

Read all the details here:

A bit more about the work we’ve been doing recently: As we’ve been emphasizing for a while now, we believe that Stonehearth is, at its core, a game about people -- that is to say, your intrepid band of hearthlings and their struggles and triumphs as they seek to survive and thrive in an unfamiliar environment. So we want to bring features to the game that further engage you in their lives, bringing them to life as individuals and as a community, and that reflect their development as your settlement grows. 

What We're Working On and What Lies Ahead

It is worth noting that Alpha 22/22.5 development represents an even purer version of a pattern we’ve introduced over the last few releases, in which the whole team -- artists, animators, engineers, designers -- works collaboratively on a single primary feature. This is a departure from our past approach, where individuals would work separately on different features and then we’d throw them all together for the release. While this did result in more individual features appearing in a given release, we have come to realize that it’s not the best long-term approach for us to take in planning and developing the game. 

The isolated, siloed approach meant that we did not always take into account how a given feature might impact future development on related features (perhaps forcing us to redesign or rewrite things). Working collaboratively now on more complex, deeper foundational features gives us deeper individual features and is something of a “go slower now to go faster later” approach… something that will create a strong infrastructure for the game we want to bring you. 

This may mean a slightly slower cadence for the releases in the short term, but it’s totally going to be worth it: Alpha 23 (next up) is about improving and enhancing crafting; and up right after that are our new building system and an improved and more effective economy. (Not necessarily debuting in that order.) 

So stay tuned! We’ve set the stage for a lot of great stuff to come. Soon. Soonish. And, as always, we are grateful for your support and feedback. We couldn’t do it without you.

 -- Team Stonehearth    

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    1. Martyn Iannece on

      I’d like my money back as well. At this point - fives years after I backed the project - I have to assume you’re just con artists and scammers. Just return my $50, I won’t even bother with compound interest.

    2. John Oswald

      Can I get my $30 back? I feel really bad for the people that backed hundreds and the few that paid thousands! You guys are a joke! *smdh*

    3. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Dewes on

      This game made me lost my faith in Kickstarter.

    4. Inquisitioner on

      "Soonish" says it all..

    5. Missing avatar

      Kirill on

      Fuck release, could you BETA at least. Not funny.

    6. Iván de Neymet

      So, we'll be stuck with Alphas for the next millenium?

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen T. Robbins on

      As a multiplayer backer, I just want to reiterate that I'd really appreciate a cooperative option (e.g. shared-control town, skirmish vs. AI, etc.). Glad it's still ticking along.

      I'd also echo Martin below that we're here for the town, not the individuals. Individual "people"/hearthling simulation is only interesting and useful insofar as it adds to the quality of the town building and management experience. Details that are interesting with 1-9 hearthlings may be entirely overlooked and ignored with 20-99, consuming development time and computing power for no benefit to the player experience.

    8. SpawnTD on

      Sorry, but is this a joke.

      You are at least 3 years behind schedule and have no timeline for release.

      And now you are telling us development will be even slower.

      I had great hopes in this kickstarter, got 2 games for my wife and me to play together. But now we dont even care when it will be released.

      This and many other kickstarter projects like this are the reason we are no longer backing anything.

    9. Martin Nicolas on

      Thanks for another nice update! I'm a little bit worried that the game gets too much "The Sims" like. Personality and interaction is nice, playing RimWorld and The Universim myself. But I can also imagine it could hinder straight forward game play while instead becoming a social simulation.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! When we will see a Linux version? Thanks.

    11. Balmung on

      Thanks for the update. I can wait, the most important thing is that the game get a release some day. "When?" is not so important than in what state the game is. I want a good game, that's all.

    12. Justin

      At least we get updates and at least we can see progress and at least we can play the damn thing!!! Want to see what an utter failure of a project looks like? Check out Spaceventure or Hero-U.

    13. Scott Jackson on

      Glad you guys are still hacking at it and I love hearing about these updates! Don't get discouraged from the negative comments. As you guys know by now, games are extremely difficult.. People don't understand that most software start-ups in the non-gaming world fail and they are 10x simpler than the most basic games.

      "They should know that before making false promises".
      -Generic entitled user who forgot that he made a BET on a crowd-funding site.

      My response to you: Next time you come remotely close to accomplishing something a fraction of this scale/ambition please let us know.

      To Devs: Stay the course, this is your baby and you're doing something fairly unique in the RTS realm so its supposed to be hard. Looking for future updates.

    14. Missing avatar

      Theodore Alteneder on

      I am a mac user still waiting for SOMETHING, and I AM pretty livid by now.

      ...well, anger is more of a heat-of-the-moment thing. It's mostly resentment and frustration.

      This project has run more than 100% over the delivery estimate, with literally no end in sight, not even a mention of timelines. I wrote this off as a lost cause long ago. I only remember that I'm out $25 when they send me updates.

    15. Missing avatar

      cpt_freakout on

      As long as it's still getting made, I don't mind.

    16. Slyde on

      I'm grateful for all hard work the devs are still putting into this, but as others have said, the amount of time behind schedule now is ridiculous.

      And, if I was a mac user still waiting for SOMETHING, i'd be pretty livid by now...

    17. Justin

      But what about Mac? But what about Linux? Whaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. amigacooke on

      If I understand the ongoing news from team Stonehearth, it’s unlikely the Windows version will emerge in the next couple of years, so the macOS and Linux versions ....?

      What exists is being rewritten, and what’s to come is a matter of confusion even for the dev team. The new building editor is shaping up well though.

    19. Anthony on

      Thank you for the progression - interrelated why it is so slow now your in a large gaming company. Maybe it is not their focus ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Bob Koutsky on

      Aaaand still no sign of the Mac version. Because you already have my money, so why bother delivering what you promised.

    21. wersimmon on

      Why does the team seem to be focusing so much on performance when massive swaths of the original concept are still missing, four years later? The idea communicated by the Kickstarter campaign was a village builder where you could take your townsfolk on adventures. Four years later (in ALPHA, still), we have a portion of a village builder and nothing else. Has the team considered focusing on delivering basic concepts and then fleshing them out over time? I think this would get all of us to a more playable game a lot quicker.

    22. lokiracer on

      Campaign update: almost 4 years behind schedule.