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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
22,844 backers pledged $751,920 to help bring this project to life.

A very Happy New Year to our Stonehearth backers!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Greetings, Stonehearth Backers!

2016 was a great year for us in terms of features (combat classes, monsters, building, town progression), work on long term projects (performance, art), and in terms of building out our team. For those of you who haven’t been counting, we added nine members to Team Stonehearth in 2016! (And we’re not stopping there… Team Stonehearth is already adding new members in 2017.) So we’re well equipped to take the game into the future.

As we head into 2017 we double down on our goal, which is to make Stonehearth a complete, deeply enjoyable fantasy townbuilding game. We don’t know how long this will take us, because we’d much rather the game be good than finished prematurely, but we’ll continue to be transparent as we add new things and make further plans.

Stephanie has posted an in-depth discussion of where we’re going this year and what you can expect. It’s a great read, and we’d love your feedback.We so have some significant milestones to tackle this year, and we’re eager to achieve them -- there is much good stuff on the horizon, including the development of a solid game loop; a satisfying endgame; and our initial outline for where multiplayer may take us.

The New Year has also brought the arrival of a new unstable Alpha. We debuted Alpha 20 on our Steam latest branch this week; this Alpha brings a whole new Happiness system to the Stonehearth which is the foundation for deeper interactions of hearthlings with each other and their world, and a critical element for us to develop a more engaging game experience to keep you occupied. If you’re interested in experiencing this latest and greatest feature, go get it now.

It’ll be a couple of weeks yet before we’re ready to move Alpha 20 to stable (and make it available on Humble as well as Steam); if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to play Alpha 19 now is your chance! This Alpha brings some long-overdue love to the Rayya’s Children kingdom and the desert biome.

Finally, if you love the image that accompanies this message (we certainly do!), you can download it as a desktop background for your very own. It’s a Frostfeast-themed portrait created by Allie, and a lovely seasonal bookend to her midsummer background from last year. And if you’d like to try your hand at this year’s challenging Frostfeast community mod, created by RepeatPan and Froggy, you can get that here and use Alpha 19’s in-game Mod Manager to turn it on and off as you like.

So... onward! As always, we’re deeply grateful for your support and we look forward to continuing our journey with you.

-- Team Stonehearth


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    1. Justin

      @bonuswavepilot - That's pretty much what I said.

    2. bonuswavepilot

      @Justin - you might want to have a look through the various comments to updates made by software engineers about the wisdom of leaving the Mac/Linux stuff until the end of the project. Basically, if you take portability into consideration as you go, you end up with much, much less incompatible nonsense to have to fix at the end.

    3. Justin

      LOL! Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      "Can Mac/Linux backers get a refund yet?"

    4. Kevin Brown on

      @Justin, Yah, I fully understand the why of there not being a Mac/Linux version of the game right now.
      I think the point of what I'm saying is over here
      aaaaaaand your fervent apologism is way over here >

      Anyways, good luck. Enjoy the game.

    5. Justin

      "is a fine indicator of how long it will take for a MacLinux version to arrive"

      No, it's not. There is ZERO REASON to create anything for another system until the game is feature complete. Otherwise you're wasting tons of man hours to create something that is going to drastically change only to have to do it again. That's why they aren't doing it right now. Once there is an actual release THEN the ports start to happen and they'll happen at the normal speed as always.

      Hope that cleared it up for you and you see why there is no reason for Mac/Linux version right now that's up to par with the current beta. So hopefully you see now why your specific Mac/Linux comment was moot and why I replied as I did.

      "there's no product to deliver yet at all. Kind of jumping the gun there aren't ya?"

      Because without that there will NEVER be a Mac/Linux version at all, beta or otherwise. Not unless they decide to throw something together real quick only to have it be a piece of crap that everyone would cry about.

    6. amigacooke on


      Team StoneHearth haven't moved the goalposts, they've taken them away. There is no estimated release date.

    7. amigacooke on

      It's not uncommon for video game projects to miss their estimated target. However, some vdeo games projects miss their target by months and not by years. Just under a third of backers have not had a chance to use SH as they backed at the game release level. I wonder how many would have done so if they had known the release date is liable to be three years plus after the advertised release date?

    8. Kevin Brown on

      @Justin, not to turn this into a discussion, but...
      The fact that the Windows version of the game is two years late is a fine indicator of how long it will take for a MacLinux version to arrive. My initial call out was based upon lack of a Mac/Linux version. My expectations of seeing a Mac/Linux version are predicated upon the glacial pace of the Windows final release.
      Once again, it all dovetail together pretty nicely. Not too confusing and I haven't moved any goal posts.
      Only ones here who have moved goal posts is Radiant. Moved from Sept 2014 to some date in 2017. Or 2018.
      Maybe 2019.
      Or so.

    9. Justin

      @Kevin, now you changed your story. Which is it? Are you wanting a refund because of no product at all or because there's no Mac/Linux in the works yet? Your entire initial basis was to call out Mac/Linux.

    10. Kevin Brown on

      @Justin, If you consider asking for a refund for a that that is already two years late and a version of the two year late game that has even been started yet "jumping the gun" then I suppose I'm guilty as charged.
      I would think it's fairly obvious that the whole "no product to deliver yet" dovetails pretty nicely into the "asking for a refund."

    11. Justin

      @Kevin, there's no product to deliver yet at all. Kind of jumping the gun there aren't ya?

    12. Kevin Brown on

      Can Mac/Linux backers get a refund yet? Radiant was more than happy to take money from Mac/Linux backers yet seem not so inclined to deliver on what a product for Mac/Linux backers.

    13. Justin

      Buy Windows and quit your damn crying already!

    14. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Oh and still no Linux version... thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Vierra on

      Let me start this comment by saying I have 40 hours in this game, and certainly have "gotten my money's worth" from my pledge. I still believe in the concept, I've found the recent campaigns fun and enjoyable, and sincerely hope this gets finished and continues to be made with love. I seek no refund, think the acquisition will be good for the game, and harbor no ill-will or anger to the dev team.

      Having no schedule is a cop out, plain and simple. Projects have schedules, period. Hobbies have nebulous "done when its done" timelines where you poke around for 4+ years to make a game that's still so early in development you're posting design document type statements more than 2 years after the initially posted release date.

      I'm sincerely hopeful that the Riot team additions and (hopefully) project management and oversight reign this thing in. Because it can be incredible, and I know you guys can make it.

    16. Ken Mencher

      @anthony - The decision to not do any work on a mac/linux port isn't any comfort, or even any sort of commitment to actually complete that.

      I backed this for the idea, and more for the idea of a game like this on Mac...

      Not getting the warm fuzzies that will happen.

    17. Balmung on

      Yeah, the game is still not finished, but that is also a reason why I spend money more for the idea of the game than for the game itself, so it get the chance there will be a finished game at the end, whenever that will be. Without our money, no game at all. And so far there is a progression at the development it is all ok for me. Better a finished game in the future than a unfinished released game on day X.

    18. Alex Volnutt on

      I don't know if it was mentioned anywhere, but is gamepad support going to be a thing?

      Also I really love this game. It's a lot of fun. The only complaint I have is the current lack of controller support, which isn't even a huge deal

    19. Daniel Risse

      I am still interested in this project, but much less so than when I originally backed it. I know that you stated that a big part of what keeps you motivated and shapes the future of the game is all of the interaction with people playing it. With the decision to wait to do the mac port, I am not able to take part. I do trust the finished game will be good eventually, I'm just frustrated that I still have to wait to try it.

    20. Anthony on

      @Ken if you bothered to click on the link in the update you will find an FAQ with information on the Mac and Linux port.

    21. Ken Mencher

      With no Mac version in sight, I'm regretting having backed this game...even if I knew that you were doing testing on Macs to ensure compatibility, I'd be somewhat reassured...instead...dead silence.

    22. Anthony on

      Thank you for the transparency with answers to all the major questions.

      The more you update the progression the better :)

    23. Missing avatar


      Just to counter the negativity- I'm glad I backed the game. It's been a good ride so far and, for a city builder made by a small team, coming along at a nice, reasonable pace. I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve over the coming years. :)

    24. lokiracer on

      Campaign update: 3 years behind schedule.

    25. Callum Joshua Dupree on

      How much must I pay for a PS4 version of this!!! (Unless that's already planned and I've missed it �)

    26. Andrew Pam on

      Games often take a lot longer to develop than originally planned, and that's OK. I'm happy as long as there's still significant forward progress; the saddest thing is a game that never gets completed.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bob Koutsky on

      Aaaaand still no OSX version you promised. But who cares, we got cool desktop background, right?

    28. Missing avatar

      Alexander Gayed on

      Man do I regret backing this game.

    29. Chris O'Connor on

      So glad I backed you guys in May 2013 for a September 2014 release date so you could still be in ALPHA in 2017 and selling copies to people while not giving your backers anything.