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Stonehearth Alpha 18: BOOM.

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)
No poyos were harmed in the creation of this splash screen.
No poyos were harmed in the creation of this splash screen.

Welcome to the explosive debut of Stonehearth Alpha 18 (aka The Alpha Directed by Michael Bay)! In this release, we’re continuing the focus on building begun in Alpha 17. Except this time, the emphasis is on destruction rather than construction. That’s right -- the “Remove” button is back… with a bang. That means your structures don’t simply disappear, they’re demolished. (This is only the initial implementation of this feature -- improved animations and SFX will be added soon.) You should be able to remove both completed and in-progress buildings, including those from older saves. 

Also arriving (finally!): buildings that don’t leave landscape holes when destroyed. (How does it work? We don’t know. It’s almost like… magic.) Please note that there is still a landscape scar left by the Goblin chief’s camp -- but we’ll be remedying that very soon. 

But wait! There’s more! This Alpha also features the initial steps in a first-time player’s tutorial (only for the Ascendancy at the moment). Let us know what you think of the format. This is an oft-requested feature, and we're eager to make sure we cover all the necessary first-time player challenges. 

Alpha 18 also adds features and functionality that will improve your Stonehearth experience. You’ll now see more engaging idle behavior from your hearthlings, and even in some of your enemies! See if you can catch them in an unguarded moment. There’s also some functionality you won’t see -- but it’s just as important. We’re instrumenting Stonehearth to provide us with anonymous data about how you play the game -- how your towns grow, what classes you choose for promotions, how long you play a given settlement, and so on. This information is vital to help us continue to create a game that captivates you and exceeds your expectations. You can choose to opt in or out of this feature on your loading screen. Obviously, we hope you’ll want to participate! 

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR MODDERS AND PLAYERS WHO USE MODS: Alpha 18 contains certain updates designed to improve performance of the game overall. These updates include a bunch of mod-related improvements we have made to make your life and the game better. The minimum mod version number has been increased to 3 so outdated mods will no longer load. Please update your mods (and let us know if you have any trouble) -- games using mods that have not been updated will not see those mods loaded. These changes are effective immediately. Full details can be found here; and for players, a list of mods already updated to work with Alpha 18 may be found here

Want to know more about Alpha 18? Go here. Alpha 18 is available now on both Steam and Humble.

And what (you might ask) of Alpha 19? Our next Alpha will bring some long overdue attention to Rayya’s Children. New unlockable building templates, monuments, critters, monsters, music (and more)… finally! The Ascendancy will no longer have exclusive bragging rights. Keep an eye on for news of Alpha 19’s debut on our Steam unstable branch. 

Our PAX booth, in one of its quieter moments.
Our PAX booth, in one of its quieter moments.

Finally, the team had an awesome time at PAX West in Seattle over Labor Day weekend. We met lots of old and new friends; thanks to all you Kickstarter backers who came by to say hello! Special thanks to community members Froggy, Micheal Handy, and Deluks who helped all weekend, showing off mods and builds and being all-around great evangelists for the game. Our booth was swamped the entire weekend, and we continue to grow our community of players, modders, and fans. 

Until next time! And as always, thank you for your incredible support. 

 -- Team Stonehearth 

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    1. Erich Zann

      @miime cox, there was a link in update #28 from September 2014 with a link that hopefully will help you.

    2. Miime Cox on

      Where can I download the game now? I backed it, but don't know where to download.

    3. amigacooke on

      'Buy a PC' is what Radiant could have said, but they didn't, they took the money.

    4. Jonah Falcon on

      I haven't played the last few builds. I'll have to check out this one.

    5. Justin

      Buy a PC.

    6. Fabrice Rossi

      And still no MacOS and Linux versions. Probably never, no one in her right mind could believe they will port this perpetual alpha to other platforms as they can't deliver.

    7. lokiracer on

      Thanks for responding.

    8. Steve T on

      Has edge of screen scrolling been added?

    9. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      Sorry, realized I didn't get to the second half of your analytics question. If your game can't dial home, nothing happens. It saves the data and may try again later. The worst thing that could happen is that we just don't get that data.

      We have no timeline for a beta at this point. I could give you a guess, but all our previous guesses have been incorrect, as you point out multiple times, so... let's not do that again. ;) Instead, we commit to working as transparently as possible, iterating with you all, and keeping the build in your hands working at every step along the way. I invite you to measure our velocity for yourself, and extrapolate out. If your extrapolation is like ours, it' time soon.

    10. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @Moosh9, thanks for the kind words :) Much appreciated!

      @lokiracer, Riot's purchase of Radiant has changed very little for Team Stonehearth. They're a large company with lots on their mind, but they help us out where they can. Analytics were something we actually tried to add to Stonehearth back before Alpha1, through a service called Gameanalytics, because we always knew that measuring how people were actually playing would help us find issues (for example, does the goblin campaign kill everyone?) We added what analytics we could, but when the data started coming back, we were quickly overwhelmed with how to parse it. None of us are data scientists, alas. Riot's analytics team lent us an intern this summer who helped us set up better dashboards. As we mention in the post above, both the original analytics, the crash reporter, and this updated version can be opted out of; you will see a "would you like to help us by sending us anonymous data" when you first load a game with the new code.

    11. Moosh9 on

      Keep up the hard work everybody! I'm enjoying the game in its current state, and I look forward to it getting better and better.

      Every Kickstarter game I've ever backed has been way behind schedule so I don't where all the shock and outrage is coming from on that front honestly. Also, I personally *like* your posting habits of tiny frequent updates on your site and major updates on Kickstarter. I hope you guys keep pushing until the game meets your initial vision!

    12. lokiracer on

      @Radiant I'd take you and this campaign more seriously if you would engage with your community here more. Maybe explain a little what the Riot purchase of Radiant means for the game that is 2.5 years behind schedule.

      Did Riot force you to prioritize analytics inclusion? Will we be able to opt out? What happens if my game can't dial home?

      You're been putting out alpha builds at roughly 1 per every 2 months. What does the timeline look like for getting a beta?

    13. Radiant Entertainment Creator on

      @lokiracer, there is not a moment I am awake when I am not aware of this, so I'm glad we're in the same boat about it. ;) Hopefully you won't get tired of posting it, because there's a long way to go.

    14. Tom Cannon on

      Great update with lots of improvements that make the experience more realistic.

    15. lokiracer on

      Campaign update: 2.5 years behind schedule.