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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth Alpha 14 Is a Monster Update!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Happy New Year, and Happy New Alpha! Stonehearth Alpha 14 has arrived, and with it big changes to enemy encounters.

You’ll discover new monsters; better combat party controls; a new hearthling class (the Herbalist, who can heal your wounded); and did we mention more monsters? This is only Part One of the evolution of enemy encounters and combat, with more to come in future Alphas. You’ll also find continued performance improvements, other features, and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new and notable in this release:

Moar Monsters! You didn’t think we were going to stop at goblins and undead, did you? Discover several new enemies and enemy encounter types, both raids and ambient appearances (enemies spawn and lie in wait for unsuspecting hearthlings).

New Class: The Herbalist. Moar enemies? Moar hurt! Good thing your herbalist makes house calls. Herbalists can craft and employ a variety of healing items, helping to keep your footmen, crafters, and workers in top condition.

New Combat Party Controls. We’ve made our combat controls more RTS-like; and you now have finer control over combat party activities.

New Town Defense Options, and a Well-regulated Militia. Your Carpenter can now craft a standard to create a “safety point,” which provides a new way to manage non-combatants in times of crisis. Also, you now have the ability to enroll any hearthling who is not a footman in your militia. Those in the militia will not only be more aggressive than their non-militia counterparts, but they are less likely flee from enemies and also receive a slight boost in damage done.

Hats and Helms! Moar Monsters? Moar Armor! Alpha 14 implements a new schema for hair that allows for hats and helmets. Some classes come with hats by default, and others can get helmets from advanced crafting recipes.

This is a monster update in more ways than one! There are tons of bug fixes and improvements to performance; hearthling activities; hearthling and NPC behavior; and more. Read all about it at

This is an Alpha release, so you may encounter monsters of a different kind -- that is to say, bugs. Please report them in our forums at Stonehearth Alpha 14 is available immediately on Steam and Humble Bundle.

Still don’t have your copy of Stonehearth?

We’ve tried to ensure that everyone who backed us has received access to Stonehearth during our Alpha phase. However, some of you still may not have your copy. If you don’t yet have Stonehearth, please write to us at and we’ll have you managing your hearthlings in no time.

We’re not slowing down! Alpha 15 is well underway. Visit to keep up with all the news.

As always, we’re grateful for your support.

-- Tom on behalf of Team Stonehearth

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    1. David Jonathon Simpson on

      Pledged but no steam key... Only just got a PC good enough to run it though... Game time now!!

    2. Erich Zann

      For those of you that backed at the Backer and Buddy Backer ($15 & $25 tiers) that still do not have a copy of the game and haven't heard back right away about your key, bear in mind they opened the alpha to all backers 18 September 2014 in update #28.

    3. amigacooke on

      Mac version isn't due until beta I believe, I'm playing Alpha on BootCamp but I backed for StoneHearth on OSX.

    4. Claude M. on

      Would be nice if you also replied to the e-mail sent to you asking about my copy of Stonehearth. 3 days, still nothing...

    5. Tobias O.

      I pledged, will I ever receive a beta key?

    6. Timotheus on

      Another Mac backer, hoping to get some good news soon!

    7. Robert on

      Another Mac-backer here, politely noting how much we'd love to have a timeframe on when to expect to be able to experience Stonehearth natively. From what I was able to play on my old, ancient PC (which I admit, wasn't much before the game crashed), it looks fantastic.

    8. Georg Mir on

      Mac user here. I'd love to hear some news also. Thanks!

    9. CalaveraJoe

      I'm so happy that development is moving along on this, but like several others, I'm a mac guy and would love to hear ANY news about that side of things.

    10. Ken Mencher

      So...When's the Mac version coming out? I can't play the Alpha...I don't do Windows.

    11. Jason Frisvold

      That's what I get for not paying attention... I didn't realize the alpha was open to everyone now.. :P Go Go Gadget DOWNLOAD!

    12. CaGeRit

      Well spotted @Neo will there be a way to turn our pledges into GoG early access games which mature into full games upon release?

    13. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      You can now join GOG - even if the game is under development!

    14. Slyde on

      thanks for this. if you noticed in the KS comments thread, there are constantly people there asking about never getting their copy. This should finally point them in the right direction.