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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth Alpha 13 is here – welcome Rayya’s Children!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Lucky Alpha 13 is here, and it’s a big one for both content and performance.

The release features the debut of Rayya’s Children, the second kingdom to be introduced in the world of Stonehearth. You’ll enjoy exploring their desert biome — it’s much different from the more familiar temperate environment of the Ascendancy, and carries some new challenges to creating your settlement. (For a real challenge, try playing the Ascendancy in the desert….)

Also in this release is the Hearthling Therapist, a new UI which replaces the old citizens’ menu, and allows you to take more fine-grained control of your hearthlings and their tasks.

Other features abound, from a choose-your-adventure introduction; the new Potter crafting class; and much more.

All the details are here:

This month also sees the arrival of another Stonehearth holiday: Frostfeast. This festive “celebration of giving” is a special mod courtesy of community modders RepeatPan and Froggy. It’s considerably larger than October’s Candledark mod, with much holiday goodness to explore and experience. Check for news on Frostfeast’s availability.

Here are some of the highlights of Stonehearth Alpha 13, which is now available on Steam and Humble Bundle.

Redesigned Game Options

All new storybook-inspired getting started screen: select your kingdom, biome, and difficulty via an interactive illuminated manuscript .

New Biome

Welcome to the desert! Eat prickly pears and husband your wood; it’s beautiful but bleak out there.

New Playable Kingdom

​Rayya’s Children is now available for exploration!

  • Their default starting talisman is the Potter’s Cutter. Make clay bricks to build shelter in the desert. 
  • Four brand new desert-themed housing templates. 
  • New desert-themed UI skin, supported by the hot-loading mods feature. 
  • New trading encounters. 
  • Make lots of items to sell for necessities and talismans. 

​Rayya’s Children’s basic systems are in place, but still need a lot of tuning, so write us with your feedback.

"Hearthling Therapist"

The citizens UI has been overhauled and redesigned! In addition to showing portraits and attributes for the hearthlings, you can now select which jobs the hearthling should be able to perform. This makes it a lot easier to decide who to promote and control what jobs should be performed in your town.

We’re already hard at work on Alpha 14, which you can expect to see early in the New Year. (You didn’t hear it here… but combat is about to get a whole lot more interesting.)

We wish you a very happy Frostfeast (and whatever other holidays you choose to celebrate).

And as always, we’re grateful for your support.

- Tom on behalf of Team Stonehearth

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    1. David Reeves on

      And that would be for the Mac OS X version, please.

    2. David Reeves on

      I seem to have been sent a Humble Bundle key, but I want a Steam key. How do I receive my Steam key?

    3. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      @Rand Chua TL
      You already have access to the beta on steam, check your email.
      I am also a 15$ backer and have had beta access for a long time now.

    4. Rand Chua TL on

      When do backers at the $15 pledge get their game?

    5. Richie Bisso

      Hey, Radiant folks! I tried emailing, but no response, so I'll try here. I'm finally ready to download the game, but it looks like my Humble Bundle key no longer shows up! Any ideas on what I should do?

    6. Jon on

      When is Linux support coming?

    7. Keloran on

      The betas have been going good, keep up the good work

    8. Slyde on

      thanks for the update (and thanks for continuing to update here on KS)... there are many of us (like myself) who keep checking here regularly...