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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth Alpha 12 arrives, plus the return of Candledark!

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Stonehearth Alpha 12! Alpha 12 is now live on Steam and will be available on Humble Bundle within the next day or so.

This release is filled with both content and “under the hood” improvements. We’ve been particularly focused on performance improvements in pathfinding and AI; naturally, we’ll continue to work on these, but you’ll find significant improvement over the previous release.

You’ll also find new content and capabilities for crafters; enhanced capabilities for the shepherd and cook; and much more. A full Alpha 12 breakdown is below, but first...

Candledark Halloween Mod

Candledark, our spooky holiday mod, has returned. Long-time (and very talented) community modder Froggy has produced a sequel to last year’s event. Get all the details at (You must update to Alpha 12 to experience Candledark.)

Stonehearth Alpha 12 Release Notes

Improved Crafting System

We've significantly overhauled the crafting system. Multiple crafters of the same type will now cooperate on a single, shared crafting list. We've also added several specialized workbenches for crafting advanced goods. For example, in addition to the standard workbenches we now have the Weaver Loom and Spinning Wheel, Blacksmith Forge and Anvil, Cook Stone Mill Grinder, Oven, and Cauldron, Carpenter Toolbench, and Mason Pedestal.

Improved World Generation

We've beefed up the world generation algorithm to produce more epic, varied worlds. Huge mountain ranges and large bodies of water are now the norm, and multi-layer detailing can be seen on the side of foothills and mountains. Pine trees have also been added to the world. (And you can replant oak trees.) 

Bug fixes for "Hearthing OCD" AI issues

The bug causing hearthlings to repeatedly pick up and put down items has been fixed. Also, we have made big improvements to the pathfinding algorithms which should significantly improve the idle hearthling problem. Please let us know how it works in your new towns. To help manage performance, we’ve also added a slider to Settings->Gameplay, which allows you to control the maximum number of citizens in a town. If you are experiencing idle hearthling or other performance issues, try lowering this limit.

More New Content

  • The shepherd can now raise multiple types of animals. Well-fed animals also now have babies and poyos will lay eggs that can either hatch into chicks or be used in recipes.
  • Oak tree saplings can now be farmed, harvested, and planted in the world.
  • A number of cook recipes have been added or updated including corn bread, poyo pot pie, roast poyo, fried eggs, and omelettes (yum!).
  • 13 new music tracks have been added!

You’ll find full release notes on our blog at


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    1. Robert Small on

      Froggy we love you!

    2. Missing avatar

      Cody LaFlamme on

      This is an *awesome* amount of progress! The wait for alpha 12 was definitely worth it. You guys are doing amazing work! Thanks.

    3. Slyde on

      keep plugging along guys! cant wait to see some of the bigger, as-yet-unrealized milestones being worked on in this game