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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic battles!
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Stonehearth Alpha 11 Has Arrived! With bonus award news.

Posted by Radiant Entertainment (Creator)

Dear Backers,

The Stonehearth release rhythm continues pounding ahead! This time, we’re turning things all the way up to 11… Alpha 11.

With Alpha 11 out the door, last weekend we headed to Seattle for the gamingpalooza that is PAX Prime. Thanks to all of you who came by and introduced yourself – it was great to meet so many of our Kickstarter backers there. Plus, we walked away with a very cool award for Stonehearth: The Curse Award for Best Strategy Game.

We’ve had a really successful several weeks since our launch on Steam Early Access. Thousands of new Stonehearth players are setting their hearthlings to work – building and playing and battling those nasty goblins. Perhaps not surprisingly, our new influx of players has exposed a slew of new bugs that need fixing.

Fixing those bugs was a big priority for us in Alpha 11, which in turn means we’ve pushed a couple of things to the next release (stairs are coming!).

Even so, we were able to push a lot of new features into Alpha 11. Behold a few of the big upgrades:

New Embark Flow! (Now with portraits)

When starting a new game, you can now see portraits and roll (or re-roll) attributes for your hearthlings. (Mouse over the attributes to see descriptions.) You can also give your hearthlings new names and purchase initial starting equipment.

Crates (You’ve been waiting for this!)

Carpenters can now craft crates to store and organize your items. Crates come in two sizes and function much like mobile stockpiles. This means you can move them to where they are needed. For example, you can load up a crate with wood and then move it near a construction site. Or, put a food crate in your dining hall!

Backpacks for all (For more efficient hauling)

All hearthlings are now equipped with a backpack that can hold up to four items. This makes them much more efficient at restocking items as well as other tasks. You can see the contents of their backpack on the character sheet.

Preview of the Cook (Hearthlings cannot live on turnips alone)

The long-awaited cook profession has been enabled. There are only two recipes at the moment, but we will be adding many more later. Uncooked food now spoils after a few days, so don’t overproduce it! Prepared food lasts longer but will also eventually spoil.

Read all the details of the new release here.

Thanks to everyone who helped test the build and provide bug reports. More news soon – we’re already deep into Alpha 12, which should be emerging in a month or so.

As always, we’re grateful for your support.

-- Tom on behalf of Team Stonehearth

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    1. Jani Jereb on

      As Shigeru Miyamoto once said: "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever."

    2. Tommi Honkala on

      In the kickstarter campaign you said beta will be shipping at the end of 2013. It is now nearing the end of 2015 and you're still in alpha. Am I the only one seeing a serious project management problem here?

    3. SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> on

      Nice seeing you at Pax last week. I have to start playing the game again, so many changes since last time :)

    4. Inquisitioner on

      It is overall, but that's until you encounter some game breaking bug. Though restarting the game solves it half the time. So it's still a gamble, but these new features are fun for sure.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Sanderson on

      To clarify my previous comment: Reviewing the dev blog, the game looks fantastic and as a backer I'm entirely satisfied with the progress. Monthly Kickstarter updates with links to a few of the screenshots and videos would help re-engage backers at the beta level and below. As is, posted updates feel rather sparse compared to other video game Kickstarters, and it gives an undeserved impression of a lack of progress. I know posting updates takes work, but it could just be a few paragraphs and a screenshot scheduled once a month.

      Keep up the good work! Looking forward to beta!

    6. David on

      is it playable yet?

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Malovrh on

      Been too long since I played, another reason to get on this weekend!
      I just hope my people enjoy their cavernous home and stop complaining about not having shelter. :-P

    8. lokiracer on

      Why weren't backers told you would be at PAX? It's almost like you want to avoid your investors.

    9. Balmung on

      From update to update it makes more fun, now I have 40h on my Steam account, over 30h alone in the last 2 months. :)

    10. Slyde on

      +1 to Dan's request.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dan Sanderson on

      Gah, sorry to have missed you at PAX. Were you in the Indie Megabooth? We didn't see you.

      My son and I have been looking forward to Stonehearth since the beginning, but the lack of Kickstarter updates has caused you to fall off our radar. Multiple times, we've forgotten what the game is called. :( Would you be willing to do monthly roll-ups of the dev blog into Kickstarter updates for us beta backers?

    12. Tom Cannon on

      Great work guys. I'm excited to see you implementing more features that improve the game's ease of use. And congrats on winning the Curse Award for Best Strategy Game.

    13. Slyde on

      Thanks Stonehearth for the update!

      Please continue to give us regular updates here on kickstarter as well as on your development blog......