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AS IF: like, a performance duh! is a live and interactive adaption of the film CLUELESS. Highly anticipated, soon to be acclaimed. DUH!

AS IF: Like, a performance, duh! is a play in four acts, taking inspiration from the film Clueless while constructing a new space for it to thrive in. We plan to create an all-encompassing environment that moves the audience not just through the story but through the experience of adolescence: re-living the excitement and fear of walking down the school hallways, going to the parties, figuring out who we were and who we wanted to be, and like, picking out what to wear in the morning!

"At least I wouldn't skin a collie to make my backpack." - Dionne

In 1995, the film Clueless premiered to rave reviews, not just for its stellar cast, monster soundtrack and dope outfits, but also because of its totally classic story. We weren’t just watching a barbie doll dress up, we were watching something we all knew to be universal: the confusion and anxiety of being a teenager. We watched it over, and over, and over; we bought the outfits and the soundtrack; we grew our hair out and made our own fuzzy pens; we quoted it, we lived it.

"I know what you're thinking, is this like a Noxema commercial or WHAT?" - Cher

While staying true to the colorful visual language of the film, AS IF turns up the volume, building a hyper-stylized, neon-fuzzy, MTV-fried, dream-scape for our audience. The performance invites audience members to sing-a-long and quote-a-long, wear themed attire, attend the val-party, take notes with their fuzzy pens and more!

"Looks like we're making a cameo at the val-party!" - Cher

It was shocking to see kids wandering the halls with cell-phones, editing their wardrobe on home computers and owning their own loqued-out Jeep in '95, but today, it's common place. Now we have video-phones, closet blogs and push button cars: interactive media is as pervasive as bottled water. AS IF showcases this early digital age in conjunction with new technologies, creating a hyper-reality out of this influential commentary on the modern teenage experience. Audience members can expect live and playable media that will thrust them into a created memory of past and present.

"Yeah. Hope not sporadically." - Tai

In a generation of such pause-able and download-able entertainment, the anticipation for a live production has never been so palpable. This is an exciting project that serves as the perfect bait to interact on an alternative, visceral level with its audience.

"I'm the captain of the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief!" - Cher

For more information visit our sites:

6 Shows Only! April 8, 9, 10, & 15, 16, 17 Engine Works 190 Capp Street San Francisco, CA

BUDGETARY NEEDS: sets: $700 costumes: through the generous donation of No Shop SF only $600 lights: $300 sound: $200 poster/program: $350 hair/make-up: $250 documentation/media: $500 space/rehearsal rental: $1500 TOTAL BUDGET: $4,400.00

The official San Francisco launch for AS IF! (like, a performance, DUH!): Saturday March 12, 2011 9:00 - 2:00am PROJECT ONE GALLERY 251 Rhode Island San Francisco, CA 94103 USA, duh!

Featuring performances by: Ocean Spray (A Cranberries cover band) IMMABILLU (Beverly Bills, USA) DJ Set by BOYZ IV MEN (For Real) Party w/JOCK JAMS (ft. DJ Neu Jacks & X2Sih)

After party/Raffle/Styling booth/Skate videos/Fuzzy Pens and MORE! $10/includes one raffle ticket 21+

AMAZING video by Eric Slatkin


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