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Shanna's first fully produced music to ever be heard by the public! In the form of a short EP!

**UPDATE**  AHH!!! To everyone who donated, forwarded, and shared my page, thank you SOOO MUCH. Your accounts will be charged Feb 27, and I'll get the funds in the month after that and will be able to send you your prizes! If you haven't heard from me yet, know that your generosity was absolutely noticed and there is not a donation that I've received that didn't make me freak out over the kindness (ahem Mrs Fialkow and Spencer). I'm on thank you note overhaul right now!!

BUT: the fundraising isn't over!! I was conservative with my goal in order to take some of the risk out of receiving funds, but I still need your help! This is what this money will go to:

$3000  -  to the Producer for mixing 5 fully produced songs plus more acoustic tracks that will be available for bonus occasions (and in some of the prizes)

$300   -  to the wonderful musicians that played on the EP

$250   -   for the complete mastering of the EP

$300+   -   for the physical items needed for the making of the EP (CDs, labels, ink, paper inserts, cost of printing for the inserts and the labels, CD sleeves), along with shipping costs 

$300    -   for the cost of a bulk order of custom-printed T-shirts and shipping costs

$50   -  other merchandise prizes and shipping costs

$100  -  to my incredible friend who is designing the coolest images for the T-shirt, CD, and POSTERS that you'll see in the future

MINUS  the fact that KickStarter and Amazon receive 10% of the money I raise

So you didn't miss your chance for these awesome prizes! I still need help!!!! 

I'm on a mission to record and release a fully produced 5-song EP like all the legit artists have as their first steps to SUCCESS!!! The entire project will cost about $5000, so if I've already reached my goal, I can definitely still use your help! I've been working with Charlottesville producer Luke Rabin and some talented musicians he knows to make an upbeat, fun smorgasbord of some fan favorites, and hopefully you guys like what you hear! 

Thank you so so much for everything! A year ago today, I would have never believed that I could actually be pursuing this and it's because of fan support and positive feedback and people COMING TO MY SHOWS (ahhh)- can you believe I even have shows??) that I get to be on my way to living my absolute dream life. If you have any advice or feedback or comments to send my way, please do!!! 

Shoot me an email on the contact page of my website

and 'like' my facebook page!!!


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    HAPPY HELPER: A HUGE THANK YOU! Every dollar helps

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    DIG THE DOWNLOAD: Digital download of EP

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    PACKAGE OF PIZZAZZ: A signed physical copy of EP + personal thank-you note from me + a short personal birthday poem for you on your FB page on your birthday!

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    THE SWAG SPECIAL: All of the above plus an amazingly sexy Shanna Hoar t-shirt + 2 bonus acoustic tracks!

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    BEAUTY BUNDLE: All of the above plus a thank you credit in the leaflet of the EP and 2 tickets to my next show in a town near you- or instead of tickets, a personal manicure from ME, nail painter extraordinaire!

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    SHANNA’S LOVE: Who says you can’t buy love? All of the above plus a one-minute song/rap/poem video dedicated to you that I will post on my website,, and my YouTube channel,

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    MUG SHOT: All of the above plus a hand-painted mug with your choice of any of my song lyrics, hand-painted by me + 2 more bonus acoustic tracks!

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    INSTANT FAME: All of the above plus your name on the COVER of my next album + perform with me at my next concert near you on the song of your choice (original or cover)! If you don’t sing or play an instrument, we’ll think of something creative!

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    SHANNAPALOOZA: All of the above plus a house show for you and all your friends! If it's in the VA, MD, NC, SC, WV area, I'll drive to you! If not, we'll work out the transportation. I'll bring pizza and music. You bring friends! We'll play games, sing songs together, eat, laugh, have pillow-fights and have a night worth remembering!

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    ULTIMATE FAN: All of the above plus a full-length track on my next album on the TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE! Just pass along any lyric or melodic ideas. It can be about anything! Love, war, bacon, rodeo clowns...anything! You pick, I'll write!

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