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Rocko's Modern LIfe/Camp Lazlo Creator Joe Murray is starting a new high edge Cartoon Web Channel. Help fund the first animated Series Frog in s Suit

TV animation is going through a transitional time right now. That said, I feel the cartoon fan and the creators of cartoons need an alternative distribution outlet that takes the next wave of animation directly to the audience, complete with audience interaction with the artists who make the cartoons. So I want to launch A home for quality, cutting edge cartoons and animation on the web, and a "free range" and ethical environment for the artists who make them.

In order to keep KaboingTV and my first series on the channel "Frog in a Suit" as independent as possible, I'm trying produce the first episodes without outside funding that comes with strings attached. Its also my wish to have you the audience, plus fellow animators be my producers rather than funding sources that don't love cartoons as much as you do.

The first series out of the gate is my Rocko'esque insane neurotic animated comedy "Frog in a Suit". I have already completed the first episode with my own money, and am working to finish two more 3 minute episodes. The money raised on this site will go to the completion, mostly putting outside animators to work with the final animation and color styling. I will not be using any of the money for any of my own labor or expenses, which include writing, storyboarding, animatic, voice directing and post production work. If and once funding is complete, it will be a matter of months where I can launch the site and begin to pull enough traffic to bring in advertising and sponsors. As you know, through, if funding is not fulfilled in the allotted time ( in my case 45 days) the project won't get funded. I will take that as a nudge that maybe the time is not right for this.

So look at your pledge also as a vote to have more episodes of Frog in a Suit, and to have a website that you can go to and depend on, to give you hilarious, quality driven, irreverent cartoons.

Please check back here for new storyboards and progress on the episodes, or go to my page on my blog at for the latest updates.

Thank you for all of your support of my work over the years, and thank you for your pledge.


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    Password access to a special page on my website with behind the scenes info, art and video on the making of the Frog in a Suit episodes. And my sincere appreciation.

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    43 backers

    Password access, and a special thank you on my blog as well as your name in the back credits of the episodes. And again my appreciation.

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    All of the previous, plus a special signed limited edition DVD with the 3 Frog in a Suit shorts, plus bonus features. And my sincerest gratitude.

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    All of the previous ( exept the DVD) plus a special limited edition "I helped Launch Frog in Suit" Tee shirt. ( Specify size), and my humble devoted gratitude.

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    All of the previous including the signed DVD and the shirt! Oh,,, and again my appreciation and gratitude.

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    The access to the progress page, your name in the credits of the episodes, PLUS a personalized original drawing from Joe Murray of a character of your choice. And loving gratitude.

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    Original signed page from Frog in a Suit storyboard, The signed DVD, access to Progress Page and "Associate Producer" Credit at the end of the episodes. And extreme unwavering gratitude.

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    "Co- Producer" Credit at the end of the episode, DVD and access page plus your choice of a guaranteed spot in Joe's Online Cartoon Mentor class or lunch with Joe ( Joe pays. Airfare to LA not included.) Oh, and I will chant your name in my morning mediation thanking you for your generosity.

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    All of the previous, plus " Produced by" credit at the START of the episode. Plus so much appreciation and gratitude that angels will fly over your house and drop rose petals daily ( Not really, but metaphorically speaking.)

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