Valiance Online (Canceled)

by SilverHelm Studios

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    1. pbear on

      I'm sorry to see this Kickstarter did not take off. I hope you continue this project to its completion. All the spiritual successor projects are volunteer efforts, so I applaud your dedication. Good luck!

    2. SilverHelm Studios Creator on

      @pbear Thank you! We plan to see this through to... infinity and beyond, shall we say. ;)

    3. Mandrake - NameSake Radio on

      No worries. I will keep donating to this project as much as I can for as long as I can. When the KS comes down, I will just donate that money over to the regular fund. We've gotta keep this project going and we need to get it some serious funding! The work done here is absolutely amazing and the game updates just keep on coming. I'm 100% in the long haul on this one. These people are the real deal.

    4. SilverHelm Studios Creator on

      @Mandrake Thank you so much for your support and your kind words. We're in this for the long haul too!

    5. Living Weapon on

      When the marketing manager stepped down all game development should have been put on hold and the devs should have concentrated solely on marketing the kickstarter because it's success meant more capital for future game development.

      Water under the bridge I know but in the future I certainly hope that you allocate at least a couple of hours a day from all of your devs to follow marketing protocols as laid out by your new marketing director. At this stage generating finances and spreading the word about your game (which will lead to donations) should be as high a priority for everyone on your team as development is, and not just left solely to your marketing exec.