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A new steampunk fantasy adventure graphic novel, where the human and the magic worlds collide!
A new steampunk fantasy adventure graphic novel, where the human and the magic worlds collide!
269 backers pledged $12,193 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kevin Hanna 2-time creator on

      Hi Alina,

      The PDF went out in update 18, 19 and again in 21. Did you not receive those updates?

      Let me know, thanks!

    2. Alina Casales

      Never got an email or message about the PDF I pledged for. What's up guys.

    3. Kevin Hanna 2-time creator on

      Shannon, I'd say pretty good. Please email me your correct address and I will send it your way. Thanks!

    4. Shannon Woods on

      Ignore my last comment - since it was ages ago it's an old address. What's the chance it'll get sent back and if so - can I get it re-sent?

    5. Shannon Woods on

      I ordered a book but never got a survey asking for an address - did I miss something?

    6. Missing avatar

      Hirimno on

      Got mine 2 days ago. it looks fantastic.

    7. Carlos Diaz Correia on

      Got mine yesterday! It's great! Thanks for everything!

    8. Kevin Hanna 2-time creator on

      Christopher, it might be a few more days as domestic shipments went out over media mail, which is a bit slower. Overseas shipments (like Japan) could only go first class which is a bit faster.

    9. Ganji on

      I received mine a few days ago. The book is great. You won't be disappointed. I'm from Japan by the way so you should have gotten yours already.

    10. Christopher Campbell on

      Anybody gotten their copy yet? I have not.

    11. Patrick Finn on

      I've moved since we did the survey's back in May, so I sent you a PM with my new address.

    12. Christopher Campbell on

      Any news on the status?

    13. LateToTheParty7

      Lookin' forward to it.

    14. Kevin Hanna 2-time creator on

      Hey guys, update coming very soon! sit tight! Thanks everyone. -kevin

    15. Missing avatar

      Morgan Mahn on

      Just wondering how things are going, any updates :)?

    16. Missing avatar

      Brooke Southgate on

      Did anyone get the PDF in July/August? Any news? It's been almost a year.

    17. Ganji on

      Since its been a while since the last update I shall have the honor of asking... any update yet?

    18. David Robertson on

      Yes, any new updates?

    19. William Thomas on

      must be time for a new update on this one, don't you think?

    20. Emily Leathers on

      Kevin - How's it going? Any thoughts on when pdfs will be sent out?

    21. Kevin Hanna 2-time creator on

      hey everyone, thanks for your patience, we are busy cranking away and it is coming together really well. I'll have a very real update to everyone before the weekend is up, Stay tuned!

    22. Missing avatar

      Brooke Southgate on

      It doesn't seem like this will meet the estimated December deadline. What's the updated timeframe?

    23. Missing avatar

      Morgan Mahn on

      Any news on the project? How are things going?

    24. David Robertson on

      Any more news? How is everything going?

    25. LateToTheParty7

      How are things going?

    26. Jörn Huxhorn

      Sooooo... any news?

    27. LateToTheParty7

      Pretty excited about this.

    28. Trenton Calabia on

      Grats! Can't wait :)

    29. Monty on

      Congrats... pls keep our emails to advise of future creature academies...

    30. juryman00 on

      Congradulations, cant wait for the book!!!!

    31. juryman00 on

      and the countdown begins

    32. Monty on

      12k... excellent !!!!! looking forward to the comic....

    33. Jörn Huxhorn

      Getting awfully close to $12k...

    34. Trin Miller on

      Green-eyed redhead in a steampunk graphic novel? Sold. Immediately.

    35. LateToTheParty7

      @Huxhorn: The more the merrier. This'll be a fun book!

    36. Jörn Huxhorn

      I'm a bit late to the party but congrats on reaching the goal!

    37. Edmond Aggabao on

      congratz on reaching the goal B)

    38. William Thomas on

      I like the look of this comic, i'm in @$50 want that Slipcase:D.
      It needs a good push now to get it over the goal that is still quite attainable :D

    39. LateToTheParty7

      Looks pretty sweet and has Very generous rewards.

    40. Dheyrdre Machado on

      I just realized, there's one Kid that looks like the little barbarian from Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, Bob and even has a pet that looks an unicorn.
      Cool :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Hirimno on

      As soon as I saw the shadow/ghost creatures I knew that this was something that I wanted to look at and own.

    42. Dheyrdre Machado on

      When I saw Clockwork Girl, I was sold.
      It's beautiful!!!

    43. Dheyrdre Machado on

      Hi, juryman00 :D
      Nice to meet your here!

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