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Adventuring with the gods on your side is a must! Now your prayers have been answered, the Gods are with you in Matters of Faith!
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23rd Feb 2015 - Latest Update!


Hi folks, As a thank you to the backers, we’re turning every reward level into a Matters of Faith Collectors Edition! What does this mean?

First, you don’t need to do anything if you’re an existing backer – you’re automatically upgraded to the new edition at no cost.

Second, your PDF and print editions will include an extra chapter - Armor of the Gods. This chapter details new types of blessed armor. As well as the conventional armor detailed in the Hellfrost Player’s Guide, each cult now offers enhanced armor that grants specific minor benefits, though these special suits come at a higher price.

After the Kickstarter ends, only the standard edition will be available for purchase. The new Armor of the Gods chapter will be available, but only as a separate PDF.

Rob & Wiggy Triple Ace Games


While the denizens of the frozen north are divided by race and culture, the pantheon of 24 major gods is a universal concept. Though forbidden from direct interference in the affairs of mortals, the gods are not removed from the world, making their presence felt through their paladins and priests, divine heralds, and natural events.

Whether they pay lip service to many gods, attend infrequent ceremonies when it suits their needs, have chosen a patron deity, have devoted their life without holy vows, or have taken vows as a member of the clergy, all citizens honor the gods in some way. To deny the gods is to deny reality.

Since the publication of Hellfrost, fans have told us that the detailed pantheon adds a wealth of flavor to the setting, proving useful even when there are no priests or paladins in the party. As with the material in the forthcoming Hellfrost Atlas, additional information on the gods was added to the setting through the popular Region Guides series. Now that material has been consolidated and expanded as Matters of Faith, a book devoted entirely to the religions of Hellfrost.

Originally planned as a 124-page book, we're launching this project as a 144-page volume for, and because we listened to, our amazing fans. We invite you to invest in a book that will deliver more detail than ever before on the gods of the northern lands.

The production of this book is completely in your hands. Previously we have asked for backing to help complete books in a faster timescale. This book will only be commissioned if this Kickstarter is successful.

Hellfrost Matters of Faith is a 144-page softback book with black and white printed interior pages and a color cover. Its format size is 8.5 x 11 inches. Although the book has a suggested RRP of £18 ($27 USD), it will not be available in stores.

Within this book you will find:

  • Expanded information on the clergy of the 24 major cults.
  • Details concerning over 90 major and 70 local festivals, any of which can be used as the backdrop to an adventure or to make the heroes' day more interesting.
  • Full write-ups for 70 minor cults, including character generation guidelines for clergy.
  • Information on 12 major inhuman deities.
  • A tour of Godsheim, the realm of the gods, and the celestial sphere (complete with a map of the constellations).
  • An overview of the Abyss, including the Arcane Background (Demonist) and a sample of notable demon lords.

This book is designed for use in conjunction with the Hellfrost Player’s Guide.

Hellfrost Matters of Faith is a core book in the epic Hellfrost setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG.

To view some sample pages of content from Hellfrost Matters of Faith you can download a preview pdf here!

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Use our pledge calculator!

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We have a number of pledge levels structured to fit most Hellfrost fans pockets!

Here is a breakdown of our recommended pledge levels:

INITIATE: £10 (approx. $16). Reward - PDF of Hellfrost Matters of Faith

DEVOTED: £18 (approx. $28). Reward - Softcover & PDF of Hellfrost Matters of Faith

CLERIC: £28 (approx. $43). Reward - Hardcover & PDF of Hellfrost Matters of Faith. Limited to 30 backers

DISCIPLE: £40 (approx. $61). Reward - Signed & Numbered Hardcover & PDF of Hellfrost Matters of Faith. Limited to 15 backers

Whether you're new to Hellfrost and looking to get started or a long-term fan missing a few supplements, the Add-On bundles represent a huge saving over the regular prices.

To add any or all of these PDFs to your pledge just go to the big green 'Manage My Pledge' at the top right and increase your pledge by the total of the Add-Ons you want. We will confirm what you want in a survey after the Kickstarter ends.

Add-on Details

Hellfrost Core Book PDF Bundle: PDFs of the Hellfrost Player's Guide, Hellfrost Bestiary, & Hellfrost Gazetteer. Everything you need to explore a vast and epic fantasy setting! £20/$30 (RRP £47/$72)

Hellfrost Expansion PDF Bundle: PDFs of the Hellfrost Expansion I, Expansion II, and Encounters books. Two volumes of additional material plus a third book containing 50 detailed encounters that can be inserted into any campaign! £20/$30 (RRP £34/$52)

Hellfrost Adventure Compendium PDF Bundle: PDFs of the five Hellfrost Adventure Compendiums. Over 20 adventures ranging in Rank from Novice to Legendary! £25/$38 (RRP £49/$75)

Hellfrost Atlas PDF: Adds an additional 380 pages of setting material, including detailed area maps of each realm! This Add-On will be sent on completion of the Atlas (scheduled for April 2015). £32/$50 (no discount)

Shipments will be sent from both the US and the UK, thus minimizing any complicated customs or shipping issues. Kickstarter now adds on your shipping automatically based on your pledge level and geographic location when you check out, so you don't need to worry about adding complicated shipping on your pledge.

You'll notice that there are no stretch goals associated with this project, we just want to keep things simple! But also:

  • First, this isn't a brand new setting or a major setting expansion (like Land of Fire) - it's your chance to help fund and own a single supplement for this established line.
  • Second, we've already added 20 pages of brand new material. That's not extra material dependent on reaching a higher funding goal - it's already been added to the manuscript - that's just how we roll!
  • Third, adding stretch goals will delay not only the release of this supplement but will have a knock-on effect for the rest of our 2015 release schedule - we want to press on with new exciting projects!

We won't be rushing out to buy sports cars with any additional sums raised by this project! We'll be plowing any profits into new exciting projects for later in 2015!  The most important thing is with your help we'll make Matters of Faith and get this out to all you Hellfrost fans as soon as possible!

Triple Ace Games began in 2008. The masterminds behind the company, Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams and Robin Elliott, had previously produced The Savage World of Solomon Kane and Slipstream settings, among others, for Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Triple Ace Games has produced many popular settings, including Hellfrost, Daring Tales of Adventure, and All for One. In 2015 we will be releasing Rocket Race a steampunk card game as well as continuing our excellent RPG's! With many years of experience in the games industry, we continue to create fantastic games for everyone.

Risks and challenges

Designing and writing the book has been completed so we know exactly what will be going into the final product. We also have a great deal of experience in the field of games publishing, and we think we can deliver this project without problems.

However, things can go wrong with anything that goes into a manufacturing process. We have identified that delays in artwork delivery and delays in manufacturing could happen. So we have allowed additional time in our schedule, which enables us to navigate any delay issues. If all goes to plan we may even be able to deliver the project a little sooner.

We understand the printing process as we have printed a good number of books previous to this project and we know how to communicate our ideas to the printer. We have discussed proofing requirements, so we know that when the printing press is started our book will match our specification requirements.

With projects like this there is nearly always something that costs more so it is good business sense to have some contingency for this, which we have built in to our costs.

No matter what problems may occur we will always keep our backers and supporters informed of all issues so that you are aware of the situation and how we are dealing with it.

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