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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Recent updates


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New Terrain Screenshots

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

The art team here at Visionary Realms, Inc. has been working hard to create new, better looking environments for Pantheon. Vu's been working on getting some more details into the existing terrain, and developing a new look for the external areas. The result? I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

The first two are some new terrain details for the Wastes zone. Here, you mainly see some mountains and hints of pathways.

Next we see a bit of vegetation and some more lighting added. The time of day has changed a bit too, to highlight the long shadows of the dynamic world.

 And finally we revisit the old favorite, Sunken Sanctum. The below screens are taken from just outside the entrance area.

On the Sunken Sanctum

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)


Constructed millennia ago by an ancient race of war wizards, the Sunken Sanctum is a foreboding monument resting deep within the dreadful marshland of ruins called the Wastes. It is a fortress built to contain the greatest treasures of the ancient Celestial Empire, worshippers turned foes of Nexus that have vanished from existence. Filled with the tombs of eternal guardians and sealed with arcane wards, this dark bunker of corrupted reverence has repelled entry by the greatest champions of Terminus. And to those few that entered the abyss and survived, a cursed life was their fate. Only the foolish or desperate dare to brave the Sunken Sanctum. 

“Imbue this sanctum with the greatest of magic so that it may hold fast its secrets for an eternity.” – Emperor Vitus the Brave of the Celestial Empire 


Within the ruined riddled marshlands called the Wastes rests a large headland named Heroes End, sacred grounds of the defunct Celestial Empire. When the planar collisions erupted, this land was torn asunder by the arrival of the fragments of other worlds. Much was buried or lost, but Heroes End and its ancient sanctum remained intact through the aid of the powerful arcane spells used to create it. Triundan (Human) historians have discovered evidence that this was a vault and sanctum for the Celestials. The halls within hold the tombs of great warriors, placed to guard the temple for eternity. The sanctum has slowly been sinking into the muck and mire of the land, leaving much of it beneath sea level. It is rumored to have hundreds of chambers that reach deep into the ground. What little knowledge has made it out from cursed explorers details an eerie and deadly place. The first levels of the sanctum are the mausoleums of the war wizards, the revenant guardians of the sanctum that still march the halls. Those that survived beyond the tombs find the vaults of treasures with chambers being bound by complex locks and powerful arcane wards. The ultimate discovery is only hinted of and never seen: the Temple of Nexus. The Celestials revered the Lost Goddess, but turned against her after falling prey to the corruption of Myraxys and its Dark Lords. Once twisted by the Dark Lords, the corrupted Celestials sealed the sanctum with a divine ward that would keep Nexus from entering, (or escaping) her temple. If the temple does exist, what secrets and treasures would it reveal about the Lost Goddess? Only the bravest with good fortune are apt to find out. 

“Let her shrine stand so that we may seal her away with all the other relics of the past.” – Primus Otho Dekanos, newly corrupted by Myraxys 

The Architects of the Sanctum: The Celestials 

The Celestials were the original followers of Nexus and natives of Terminus. They were a race of arcane beings whose bodies were partially formed of magic. They became the first and most powerful followers of Nexus. Their war wizards were a supreme martial force and the backbone of the Celestial Crusade. Unfortunately, due to their arcane nature, they were among the first to be corrupted by the dark forces of Myraxys, turning them into twisted overlords. These newly sinister beings aided the Dark Lords in nearly conquering and corrupting the entire universe until Nexus vanquished them in a divine strike that also extinguished all life. Believed to be extinct, some whispers in taverns speak of their return following the new wave of planar collisions. Ethosian mages say that these sinister Celestials currently reside within pocket worlds of the Myraxyan Arcana, a twisted flip side of reality that can open up anywhere. 

“I cannot shield you within the walls of the sanctum. I am powerless beyond its ravenous maw.” – Nexus, the Lost Goddess 

Notable Treasures 

The Militicon (Tome of Myraxys) 

The Militicon is an ancient book of martial spells created by the Dark Lords of Myraxys. The spells contained within are meant to give an advantage through the use of death magic. The creation of undead armies and flesh eating mists are just a couple of examples of the horrors that can be spawned from the Militicon. 

The Helm of Dekanos 

The Helm of Dekanos is the war helm of one of an infamous commander of the corrupted Celestial Army. It has the power to create 10-20 duplicates of the wearer to be used as minions in battle. 

“I shall send my Divine Guard to acquire the tome. They are my most loyal and the best Marata has to offer.” – Oranthel the fallen Maratan God of Warfare

On Death in Pantheon

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

The world of Pantheon is fraught with danger. With perils around every corner the player must be prepared when exploring the world of Terminus. Exploring is very important to us as is respecting your environment. While it is easy for us to make an area dangerous to get through it is hard to place the player in a situation where they truly fear their surroundings if they do not fear the consequences of death.

Being a fallen hero, players are familiar with breaking the bonds of death and being reborn. Of course being reborn means you come into the world with nothing but the skin on your back and some conveniently placed clothing, that is if you choose to embrace death and release. If not, you can sit above a corpse like a ghostly watcher, for a period of time, while you wait for someone to offer you a resurrection.

Regardless of the route you choose, your corpse is an important thing because not only does it hold all of your gear but a portion of your experience. Experience is a measure of how powerful you have become but, like most things, what has been gained can also be lost. This means that losing too much XP can reduce your level making that corpse even more important.

But death is not the end. If you choose to leave your corpse you will appear at your last bind point with a single burning desire… TO FIND AND RETRIEVE YOUR CORPSE! Now you consider your options carefully when at this point because you want to get as much of your experience back as is allowed. So what are your options? Well, players can resurrect you which, depending on the level, will give you back a portion of your experience, teleport you to your corpse, and give you resurrection effects. This is the most optimal option but it is only available for a certain period of time since corpses have a resurrection timer on them. Can’t find a player who can cast resurrection? You may have to find a a way back to your corpse or ask someone to drag it to you.

So what if you can’t find your corpse? Don’t worry because some players may be able to locate your corpse through the use of mystical abilities. So now that you have found your corpse, what happens if you loot it? If you loot all the items on your corpse you will recover a little bit of the experience on it and of course you will be able to get all of your gear.

So what happens if you can’t find anyone to help you and getting back to your corpse is not an option? You can always ask your god but be warned this comes at a heavy cost. The gods are not ones to interfere for free and rarely do they perform a task in the manner you desire. In order to get help from your god you must first find a prayer altar. Then, the gods ask that you give them some of your experience before they will summon your belongings. When this is done they will return your items to you and destroy your corpse and all experience on it.

This is the early design of Death in Pantheon, while we try to make death something to be feared, but not something that will cause unreasonable amounts of grief. The system will be tested during our alpha and beta phases and is subject to modification.

More on Twitch, More AMA

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

In case you missed the show Tuesday night, Salim, Vu and Ben were back on the Rob and Dan show for another Pantheon Developer Series as Vu continued his work on Sunken Sanctum and a dragon.

The next show will be airing Monday, February 17th at 4pm PST, 7pm EST on the Rob and Dan Show (http://www.twitch.tv/therobanddanshow). Be sure to swing on by to chat with the devs and watch Vu's creations take on more shape.

The Return of Brad's AMA

As mentioned early last week, Brad will be doing another AMA this week. The time is set of tonight (Thursday February 13) at 6pm PST, 9pm EST. The link will be posted on Twitter and in the comments section of the Kickstarter once it starts up. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@PantheonRotF) and head on over to Reddit to ask Brad... well, Anything! This AMA will be posting on the Gaming subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming).

See y'all tonight!

The T'Jinn (The Bound)

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Living Arcana
Origin World: Terminus
Current Homeland: None
Pantheon: Nexus
Language: Arcana
Classes: TBD

The Bound: that is the existence of the magical entities called the T’Jinn. These beings are magic given sentience. Their bodies are composed of arcane particles with an incorporeal humanoid form. They often don complex arcane armor to help contain the magical forces imbued within them, forces that can sometimes create adverse effects to those around them. By the same powers that destroyed and rebuilt the universe, the T’Jinn were given life. At the core of Terminus, arcane forces coalesced with the spirits of the defunct race that once ruled the surface world. What evolved over eons were the seeds of the T’jinn, crystals called Sparks. Within each of these gems was a T’jinn waiting to be released. It would be mages of the Gnomes and the Ethosians who unlocked the T’jinn. Finding the arcane race to possess arcane powers and properties unlike any other race, the mages bound the T’jinn into service. They remained rare servants, genies some call them, to the great mages until recent years gave them freedom. The goddess Nexus, sensing the remnants of her defunct followers, the Celestials, broke the spells of binding and liberated all T’jinn. The magic race is few in numbers, but they have begun a crusade to locate other Sparks with dormant kin and eventually together they may forge the foundation of a T’jinn society.