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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 22 2014 7:40 PM UTC +00:00

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Post-Kickstarter Site Launch

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

With a little over four hours to go on the Kickstarter, we wanted to let you all know of our new website, which is now available for pledging to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. After the Kickstarter we'd like to invite you over to where you'll be able to pledge directly to the game. Should the Kickstarter not fund, no pledges from it will be charged, so the reward tiers have been copied over from those on Kickstarter, and there are a few new options as well.

Additionally the new site offers a deep social experience. You can create guilds, groups, join your friends, share photos and videos, and much more in preparation of Pantheon. You can even pledge a monthly amount to become an apprentice developer, where you'll get interaction with the developers during roundtable sessions to make your voice heard! (The Apprentice Developer perks are also available in certain reward tiers).

The benefit of a live pledging system such as the one on the site is that the funds received can immediately go into development, with no delay. Your pledges or subscriptions will be directly responsible for the progress on the game!

We wanted to take another moment to thank all of you for your support of the game thus far. Through your feedback during the Kickstarter we've been able to gain a lot of valuable information in moving forward. We're very grateful, and look forward to seeing you all again really soon! The Kickstarter may be coming to a close, but the game is just getting started.

Approaching the Final Kickstarter Hours

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

As we approach the last 24 hours of the Kickstarter, we wanted to give a shout out to all of our backers and community who have proved over the last 40 days that there is a market for a return to classic-style MMO gaming. Your support and actions have been inspiring for the past 39 days and we're all very much looking forward to hearing more from you over the next years to come as Pantheon heads into full development mode.

Over 3,000 of you heard the call and wanted to get on board and have already pledged over $400,000 to see this game made - no small feat and it speaks volumes about community for this game. We've already seen the interest, and now's the time to reach even further. We're going to continue to reach out not only within the next 24 hours, but beyond, to make sure that everyone hears about this game. We already know the interest is there - now it's a matter of what we can do to make the product appealing enough to continue pledging towards.

We still have a little over $375k that we can reach for within this last day on the Kickstarter, so let's all give it that extra push. Spreading the word through social networks, word of mouth and screaming from the rooftops will continue to get this project closer to completion. We've seen the passion in the community and if anyone can do it, we can.

For the final day we're also removing the caps off of the tiers - so if there's a tier you or your friends have been waiting for, now's the time! Also remember we have a whole load of addons to flesh out your Pantheon pledge.

As a little extra incentive, if we can reach the $800,000 goal before the Kickstarter closes, we'll offer ALL Kickstarter pledgers unlimited access to the post-Kickstarter development site for three months as an extra thank you. There you'll be able to interact directly with the team and become a part of the development of the game.

Thank you all again from the Visionary Realms team, and can't wait to see how the next 24 hours unfold! We're very proud of this community and are looking forward to many more good times ahead.

The Planes of Arcana

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

The fundamental elements that hold the fabric of existence together within the Pantheon universe are known as the Planes of Arcana. These intangible and abstract planes of magic were formed from the resonating forces that destroyed all life prior to the Planar Collisions. Each one of these planes is comprised of a specific arcane force that serves an important function in the universe. Unseen and infinite, these are not realms that can be visited, but their powers can be channeled through an array of complex and dangerous magical disciplines. Once tapped, they can be used like an artist’s palette to create masterful spells or imbue magical abilities.

The Known Planes of Arcana

Terminus Arcana
This magical plane touches every particle in the universe. It provides the seeds for teleportation as well as being the most destructive form of magic. Its origins are believed to rest with Nexus, the Lost Goddess.

Myraxys Arcana
Little is known about this forbidden magic, but some say it is the remnants of a dark universe that existed before time. This dark magic corrupts anything it touches and twists it into a force of malevolence.

Astral Arcana
All those that have perished within the universe have a spiritual echo that lurks within this necromantic plane. In some circles this is also called the Spiritual Arcana.

Vitalus Arcana
This rejuvenating life force is an aura that bathes every living thing in the universe. It is often the root of all healing spells and protections wards.

Psionic Arcana
The minds of every sentient being are part of this vast cerebral network. Enchanters are masters of this plane that they use to manipulate mental faculties.

Primal Arcana
Within every natural element of the universe can be found a spark of the primal arcana. These are the elemental forces both summoned and harnessed by mages.

Chaos Magic

Discovered by inquisitive and tenacious sorcerers, Chaos Magic is an unstable arcane force that crosses from plane to plane in a violent and erratic dance. By latching onto these radical arcane particles, mages have been able to tap into every known arcane plane. Although they allow greater access and manipulation of the Planes of Arcana, they are dangerous if not deadly to the minds and bodies of those who dare to harness them.

The Summoner

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Role: Utility/DPS

Style: Manipulator of the elements. Master of conjuring. The Summoner is a diverse support class and capable of high damage through use of nukes, dots and a strong focus on pets.


  • Primal Mage: Specialist in elemental Damage over Time spells. Capable of creating a wide library of crafted elemental versions of enemy creatures.
  • Elementalist: Direct damage is their focus. As they grow in power so does their companion: a sentient core of magic that can be shaped into a customizable juggernaut.

Summoners are masters of reaching through the dimensional rifts to pull items from other worlds into existence or create a portal allow you to travel long distances in a flash. Able to summon many things ranging from provisions to weapons, Summoners can be mobile resource centers. But they can do more than that. Summoners are manipulators of the elements giving them the ability to create elemental copies of creatures in the world or shape the body of a sentient magical core. A summoner and his or her pets are powerful foes whose versatility ensure they are always ready to go.

Primal Mage: The Primal Mage uses an assortment of elemental combinations to deliver a steady flow of damage over time to their enemies. A collector of sorts, the Primal Mage uses elemental prisms to absorb the elemental energy of their foes. With this they are capable of creating elemental doppelgangers that will become more valuable the more the summoner uses them. It is even said that these magical beings can evolve when they become powerful enough. Only so many of these doppelgangers can be carried around with the Primal Mage so it is important that they pick the right doppelgangers for whatever adventure they are going on at that time. Controlling these creatures takes practice but the most powerful Primal Mages have been seen with up to three creatures by their side at a time. Collecting essences is only a part of what the Primal Mage does. Through their study of the alchemical arts the Primal Mage has learned how to fuse magics allowing them to mix their doppelgangers together to produce more powerful versions.

Elementalist: The Elementalist can harness and focus the powers of the elements to deliver critical strikes of damage. Their attunement with the elements has given them the ability to find concentrations of elemental power that has gained sentience. This core bonds with the Elementalist and it is through this bond that they gain the ability to manipulate objects, giving them a body. This body can be molded and shaped by the Elementalist as their bond grows stronger, allowing them to help the core grow from a whirling tornado of items to a juggernaut-like creature whose arms, legs and head can be modified, changing the powers they can use. Building and attaching various body parts allow the Elementalist to customize their companion. In combat this powerful construct wreaks havoc on the Elementalist’s enemies and when things get rough they can link with each other, allowing them to cast spells in tandem, duplicating the power of the Elementalist.

New Screenshots and Vu, Salim, Tony and Ben from Last Night's R&D Show

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Vu's been making leaps and bounds with the environments in The Wastes this week.

Earlier we showed some screens of the new terrain details and some early work on shaders and lighting. Last night Vu continued the polish on the area in The Wastes, added in even more detail, some fog, more lighting and texture tweaks, and the result? See for yourself!

Also last night, Salim, Tony, Vu and Ben made another appearance on the Rob and Dan Show, streaming work from Vu's desktop directly to the audience. Meanwhile, the team answered questions from the Twitch channel about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. You can see the archive of the show below.