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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 22 2014 7:40 PM UTC +00:00

Recent updates


New October video is UP!

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Please check it out at:

Make sure you set youtube to 1080p.  Check out the forward progress by comparing to last month's video -- we are in full production mode!  More videos to come this month as well.  Let us know what you think!  Please continue to support us if possible:

Also, look at the gameplay going on in the chat window -- combat is there, spells, buffs, cool downs, auto-attack, etc.  The gameplay depicted in the chat window will always be ahead of the graphics and UI depicting that gameplay (by design).

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen 

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a High Fantasy themed Massively Multiplayer Role Playing game (MMORPG) with a heavy focus on character development, an immersive world, and player interdependence (grouping). It is being developed by Visionary Realms, Inc., a lean and mean volunteer team. We are targeting a ‘niche’ audience who wants more of a challenge, with a mixture of classic MMO mechanics and modern ideas. 

By keeping costs down and by using previous MMO development experience, we don’t believe we need 10s or 100s of millions of dollars to complete this game. We have relied completely on crowdfunding since the game’s inception, but our hope is to raise money from accredited investors soon. If you can help us in crowdfunding, please go to to view the different pledge tiers. You can also send us money directly via paypal: 

Crowdfunding income is used to purchase and maintain software (such as Unity) as well as to help out the volunteers we have, primarily those who don’t have a day job and work 8-12 hours on this project every day of the week. We hope by releasing these videos of our progress every 1-2 months we can reassure the community that Pantheon is indeed a serious MMO in development and making clear and measurable forward progress. To that end, we certainly appreciate any donations or pledges you can make. That said, if times are tough, at least join the community and learn about the game – we think you’ll like what you see. 

If you are an accredited investor or know of one who might be interested in helping fund this project, please email Brad McQuaid at . We have a complete Business Plan put together and can make it available to interested parties.


-Brad McQuaid

New Pantheon Screenshots!

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

9/11: New screenshots on our FB page:

and if you missed the last update, we put a new video on youtube:

Video showing latest development progress, including database-driven NPC population, polished zones, and original music. 

Make sure you set it to 1080p!

Pantheon Update 6/3/14

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Please read the following and help us out with donations and pledges on -- thank you!

Pantheon Update! 

Building up the team continues to be a very successful endeavor. We have more talented people willing to help out and dedicate themselves to the project than I would have ever imagined. We continue to be a bit overwhelmed, but this is a good problem to have. As you can see from the team roster (below), critical positions are being filled. 

We are back in full development mode. The programmers have assimilated the project and are both cleaning things up and beginning work on the client/server network code. Laurene & I are getting daily (and even more frequently) builds. The Lore team is meeting tomorrow to work on the initial continent and to begin laying out where the various zones, outdoors, cities, and dungeons are going to be. The big challenge right now is ‘how big should a zone be?’ Unity is allowing us to create absolutely huge zones right now, but we need to scale that back a little bit. We need to make sure the servers can handle all of the mobs in a zone as well as a bunch of players who decide to meet in one area. 

The Programmer’s efforts with the new network code are essential. Within 1-2 weeks we will be able to (internally) create accounts, create characters, and then log into one of the game’s zones. This requires the client to be able to connect to the servers, and the server code to be able to talk to the database. The good news is that we had some of this working before, so we can reference that. 

We also want to make a commitment to all of you in the Pantheon community. We will be doing weekly updates to and Pantheon’s Facebook page. It will likely be mostly small updates, but we feel we owe it to you all to keep you up to date and able to watch our progress. One week it may just be a few new screenshots, where other weeks we may be able to share something more significant. The important thing, I think, is consistently updating you so you can see measurable forward progress, even if the update isn’t a huge deal each and every time. 

Ok, here comes the plug: crowd-funding has predictably died down since a few weeks after we launched This was expected, but we still do need your help, especially with full development underway again. With the weekly updates so you can monitor our progress, our hope is that some of you will be able to send some more money our way. In addition to paying the volunteer team as much as possible, we are at a point now where we need to buy hardware & software. One of our team members has fiber to their house, so we won’t need to rent out server racks for quite a while during pre-alpha. But that does mean we need to purchase a couple of computer servers. We also have licensing costs, like Unity. We are also interviewing character artists, and once they are brought on board they will need licenses to Photoshop, Maya, and other art programs, as well as drawing tablets (likely Wacom Cintiqs or similar). The programmers also have some software they need (thank you BizSpark!), and we continue to download assets and packages from the Unity store to save us time and make sure nobody on the team is gated. 

Regardless of whether you can help out financially, we deeply appreciate your interest in Pantheon and your desire to be part of our growing community. You can help the project grow by sharing the screenshots we post and talking about our progress to your friends and posting about Pantheon in social media. We are also making some changes to the website and opening up at least one forum that will be accessible to all, not just subscribers. Becoming an Apprentice Developer still has a monthly fee associated with it, but we’re going to try out an open forum and see how that goes. 

If you can help out, please head to and make a donation or add to an existing donation. Doing so will help us get this project to the next stage we are calling pre-alpha. The idea behind pre-alpha is to be able to show the community and potential investors the progress we’ve made with this new team. It’s important to everyone that there is measurable forward progress and that the team is working hard and producing some exciting results. Once we can internally create accounts and log into a server that is always up, we can then also return to combat and start refining and tuning it. Then comes inventory, grouping, etc. 

Also, if you somehow missed it, we posted a metric ton of screenshots and a quickie movie a few weeks back at . This was long over due and is meant to show all of you the progress we made since October or so of last year. We’re still working on 1-2 more movies (these ones a little more professional) that we’ll post soon. The great news is that now, going forward, we have a foundation the developers can build upon, and we have more people involved in the project. This should mean some exciting progress depicted in our weekly updates! 

Ultimately, the most important thing from a community standpoint is that we consistently reveal this weekly progress and give you all increased confidence that Pantheon is alive and well and moving forward! 


-Brad “Aradune” McQuaid 


p.s. We are looking for several positions that will be revealed soon. One of those positions is a CEO. I want to focus on being Chief Creative Officer, involved with design and the overall Vision of the game. I don’t want to run the company day by day if at all possible, bogged down by the business side of things. We have sent out a few emails to people we are interested in recruiting for this role, but are also interested in opening the door to other applicants until the right person for this very sensitive and important role is found. If you have anybody you know who might be both qualified and interested, please email me at 



The (rapidly growing) Pantheon Team

Brad McQuaid (Aradune) - Chairman and Chief Creative Officer 

Tom Sampson (Wryshu) - COO & CIO 

Laurene Wells (Sparkling) – Producer & Lore Master 

Ron Wells (Tandarin) – Operations & IT Manager 

Branden Snowberger (Radash) – Lead Programmer 

Corey Fleming (KoRMaK) – Programmer 

John Diasparra (Montreseur) – Associate Artist, World Builder, Composer 

Rivan Wells (Liaku) – Associate Artist & World Builder 

Mark Hamilton (Burdock) – Associate Designer, Lore Team 

Toni Wright (Istariel) -- Associate Designer, Lore Team 

Josh Endries (FzZzT) – Web Server Administrator 

Dave Weinburg (Multisync) – Lead Moderator, Associate Designer, Lore 

Matt Davis (Kyndread) – Lead Moderator, Web Server Administrator 

Gerrie Bligh-Shuck (Canadina) – Marketing/PR Assistant 

Other Web Site Moderators: Max63, BlueEyedGator, & Nirrtix. 

J.P. Targete – Contract Artist 

Big Pantheon Update on Official Site

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Big Pantheon Update on the Official site, but re-posting it here as well:

Hi all,

We have some work to do to get the community active again, to continue work on the game itself, albeit at a slower pace at first, and to continue to simply get the word out there about the game. Here's some of what we're working on:

1. I've been posting a lot in the Apprentice Developer forums because I'm starting to re-build the Pantheon Team. But I need to also start posting on the other forums that many more people have access to. I'm going to do that as are some of the moderators and others who I've begun a project relationship with.

2. I'm going to be doing blogs, at least once a week, about all sorts of things. Posting the high level design of the Climate system, for example, was received very positively. So you'll see more of that. Also, I get a lot of questions about how does one build an MMO, or even a computer game in general. So some of my blogs will be about that. In general you're going to get a lot more information from me about MMOs in general and, of course, Pantheon specifically. I've also made the decision that some of the more unique ideas behind the game that we were holding back (the sekret sauce) just doesn't make sense in a crowdfunded start-up endeavor like what VR is doing. So I'll be posting and talking about some of those ideas as well (tease/example: different types of mana, colored differently).

3. Lore! We're putting together a new lore team (more on this later in this update). We will be building on what is there, making some changes, etc. The high level vision of the story and lore behind Pantheon was put together collaboratively, while a lot of the details put together by team members and volunteers. Building on what’s there we will do so with respect and appreciation to those who came before us. But there will be a few tweaks here and there -- I can say right now that the Dark Knight class will be re-named (unless Jim Lee calls me up and wants a DC universe shard to collide with Terminus -- then we can talk Dark Knights :) The first bit of lore we are going to focus on is the WarWizard... they've been mentioned briefly, but their role in the history of the world will be fleshed out and we will have brand new art from JP Targete depicting a WarWizard that will accompany the details behind these guys. JP is simply a concept art genius and did quite a bit of the concept art we've already posted and used, like the city of ships, the city with the arch and waterfall, etc. We look forward to working with him in the future as well.

And then here's the big announcement:

4. WE’RE BUILDING A NEW DEVELOPMENT TEAM. The game is entering a new phase right now. We need to put even more together about the game for the community and for, in the near future, potential investors. As mentioned earlier, development of the game continues, albeit right now at a slower pace. We are looking for volunteers who can help us during this phase and, if everything works out as planned, we hope that some of the volunteers will be part of this new team going forward. So development continues, that development will be shown to the community, and one of our goals (along with continuing to make the game of course) is more to show potential investors in the next 1-2 months.

This new dev team and how we're approaching it is different... certainly different for an MMO I think. I've learned a lot about remote development in the last 6+ months. It still doesn't beat an office, and having an office with actual employees is still a very real goal once we bring in funding. But it's also not what it used to be either... it really is a way that people can come together from all over the world and work on and build a game. Traditionally game development positions are as follows: management, programmers, designers, and artists. The new Pantheon Development team, however, because of it's nature (remote development and because of the crowdfunding component) is going to be broader than that.

First, team members will begin as volunteers. This is because 1. we don't have the funding right now to pay, 2. we're a little weary and concerned about setting a bunch of people up as remote, paid contractors like we did when this project started, and 3. because since these people are not necessary local to VRI’s home base in San Diego, we need to take the time to get to know each of these volunteers, spending time with them on teamspeak or skype, having them deliver some assets for evaluation, etc. 

  When we do bring in funding and restart that campaign to reach out to Angel Investors, Publishers, and the like, and when we can have an office and paid employees, we will then look at the volunteer force and, on a case by case basis, determine if that person wants to and should become a contractor or, if they can re-locate, possibly a full employee. But, in the meantime, I think this is a very exciting start. So many people have contacted me wanting to help with this project, and I remain very humbled by it. And some of those people have the talent we are looking for as we re-build the development team.

The second thing, because of the remote nature, the community involvement, how this site is structured, etc., is that there will be more official positions/jobs than the typical manager, programmer, designer, and artist set-up. We are adding moderators and lore writers to that list, and possibly more positions TBD. The Moderators position is the first part of the team I am focusing on. We need to do a lot better with this site and building community. There are quite a few of you who are part of this site and community, but we don't hear from you often. This is understandable, as posts by me and other people involved have been insufficient and simply not as exciting and fresh as they need to be. As mentioned earlier in this announcement, that is going to change. More posting and more blogging is coming. The Moderators group is going to be a huge part of this -- not only are they going to moderate, but they are also going to be posting about various game-related topics as well, and making the general forums an active and interesting place to browse and lurk and hopefully a bunch of you will start posting again as well. Lastly, they will also be reaching out, outside of this site, answering questions on other boards, and trying to drive traffic here, so we can grow this community, again not just larger, but healthier and more informative and open as well.

If you are someone you know might be interested in being part of this new volunteer force and team, please email me directly at and let me know. We need people familiar with Unity, both from a programming and art standpoint. We need designers. And we also need more moderators and now lore people as well.

Anyway, there will be more details forthcoming, but this is a good start. Pantheon lives and we will not only make it through this period, but we'll come out of it stronger, with more people involved, with the community better taken care of and informed, and with demonstrable progress, both for the community to check out as well as potential investors. I am so blown away and humbled by all of the people who have been reaching out to me and volunteering their time, advice, etc. I had no intention of giving up on this project before all of that. Now I am even more strengthened and encouraged than before. Building this new dev team is going to be fun and interesting, and I think in many ways someone unique as well.

In closing, the first change you are going to see is that members of the official Moderators Team are going from purple to green to identify them as part of this new dev team. Programmers, Artists, Designers, Unity experts, and Lore Writers will follow.

I think 'rising from the ashes' is going to be challenging, yes, but also a great deal of fun. I certainly look forward to being more involved, especially with the community, and especially talking about features, new ideas and game mechanics, what’s involved in making MMOs, etc. 

-Brad "Aradune Mithara" McQuaid

CEO, Visionary Realms, Inc.

A ton of screenshots & a rough movie posted to our Facebook Page!!!!

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Hi all,

I just finished posting hundreds of screenshots from different builds of the game over the last 4+ months, and also made a quick & dirty FRAPs video (I want to do a more polished one soon-ish).

So if you have been wondering about Pantheon and where it's at development wise, please check it out:

You may have also heard some of the bittersweet news.  While we have demos, builds, business plans and term sheets to show investors, we haven't received any funding outside of crowdfunding on, and this money almost entirely run out.

At first, we told people to only continue to donate to keep the web site up and such, but we are now planning on the following and therefore would welcome additional crowdfunding in support of development and completing our dream:  Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

1. Some of the team is returning, albeit it part time, giving what time they can

2. We have some new funding leads

3. People are getting excited about what I posted on FB (should have done so weeks ago -- my mistake)

4. I'm committed to this project and finding funding.

5. We are looking for new team members to add to the group -- people who can work part time right now without a huge income.

Anyway, to keep the board up and to help out those who need some extra $$ to pay the bills, if you are able, please donate at  If you can't, we understand -- please continue to spread the word about the game -- this is super important.

Lastly, if you know of someone who is an accredited investor (angel investor, etc.) who might get excited about Pantheon, please let them know and me know.  You can reach me at

thanks much!

-Brad "Aradune Mithara" McQuaid