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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 22 2014 7:40 PM UTC +00:00

Introducing... The Dark Knight

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

The Dark Knight Lore

Touched by the darkness that once consumed the universe, the Dark Knight is a formidable champion of evil whose battle prowess and unholy might instills fear within the bravest of warriors. Having trained in the dark arts recorded within the forbidden martial Tome of Myraxys, these knights have exchanged their souls for the powers of the void to be used in their evil endeavors within the world of Terminus. 

What is a Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight is a leader highly skilled in combat who takes charge on the front line. They’re seen wearing dark plate armor and thrive in the use of two-handed great swords, long swords, shields, and axes. Though there have been cases where they have used other types of weaponry such as maces, spears or lances. The Dark Knights have the ability to blend in the shadows, manipulate them to attack their foes or even summon sentries of shadow to protect and fight for them.

Dark Knights have also been known to practice in the arts of necromancy. They use these dark magics to instill fear, inflict pain and raise the dead to serve them. They are notorious for siphoning energies and life forces from their enemies causing great weaknesses while strengthening themselves, though there have been cases where they apply disease to their victims.

Dark Knights adhere to the law of their dark gods. They are not chaotic but keep discord in check. Though the Dark Knight code stays in line with delivering unholy judgment regardless of the hero essence they are bound with. It is wise to avoid the touch of the Dark Knights hand as it may lead to a hateful curse, agonizing pain or death. Dark Knights are formidable as they continue to expand fear and darkness across Terminus in the name of their lords.

Meet Nexus, the Lost Goddess of Terminus

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)
Nexus, the Lost Goddess of Terminus
Nexus, the Lost Goddess of Terminus

Nexus is the divine figure whose existence predates every pantheon on Terminus. Her mysterious visitations to gods and mortals began in the wake of the first planar collisions, saving their souls from the void and offering them refuge upon her once lifeless world.

Not much is known of the lost goddess, Nexus. Her name was first recorded within the Astral Tome, a magical and intelligent manuscript that has existed since the dawn of time. It speaks of a time before the world of worlds came to be and where Nexus ruled over the entire universe. In that era all other deities bowed before her benevolence, each offering her a portion of their might. The entity that was Nexus became the central power of the universe, supreme and omnipotent. So she reigned, unchallenged for eons until the rise of an evil league of dark lords from the void of Myraxys. What followed was the sundering of the War Before Ages. In an effort to preserve all life from the corruption of the dark lords, she unleashed the power of the Terminus Arcana, magic so powerful only she could wield it. Then all went dark.

In the darkness, Nexus was reborn. A spark of her essence ignited and soon reached out across the veils of reality, now shattered by the power of the Terminus Arcana. Finding new worlds and civilizations, Nexus plucked life from other worlds so that Terminus could be reborn. Since then, she has made herself known as goddess, as warlord, as beast. Her visitations and visages can be many. Nexus is the lost goddess returned and Terminus is her ward.

Nexus Reaches Out

Prior to the launch of the Kickstarter site, resourceful fans were able to locate her on Twitter (@PantheonRotF). Here are the words she spoke, and a description of them.

January 9 - "Through shattered veils I reach out."
Nexus reaches out into the void to find heroes--you, the player.

January 10 - "In seas of lost legends I seek the ones."
She searches through many lost souls to find the heroes.

January 11 - "Slumbering within the void are the champions of lore."
Nexus finds the souls of the hero players.

January 12 - "Follow me to discover places long lost and gods once forgotten."
She gently pulls you from the void...

January 13 - "Rise! A world of worlds called Terminus awaits."
...and places you on Terminus.

Kickstarter Redesign, Q&A vid #3, and Upcoming Lore

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Good Monday all,

We're just a couple hours from week one of Pantheon finishing up and we're looking very much forward to week two. Your support throughout the first week has been tremendous in keeping this project on the right track. Your pledges, suggestions, and astounding dedication in helping get the word out has driven the entire team at Visionary Realms to put in even more effort in making this project a success.

Last night was the first major overhaul we've done on the site, and that was the result of your feedback. So let's take a look at some of the stuff that was redesigned.

Structural Redesign

We've moved some sections around a bit to make it easier to find what you're looking for. All of the new information and stuff just worth checking out is now at the top of the page.

Q&A Vid #3

The third of our videos where Brad answers questions directly from the community has been posted. These questions were taken prior to the Kickstarter having had launched, so please feel free to continue to send in your questions, post them, or contact one of the many awesome networks that are taking community questions for interviews that are happening with the team starting this week.

We will continue to work on ways to provide you with easy ways to get your questions answered throughout the campaign. This week we will be looking into setting up a reddit Ask-Me-Anything where Brad and the team will be available to answer you directly. Stay tuned for more information on when this is going down.

We've also gone through the entire Kickstarter page to make our points more concise and detailed.

Tier Rewards

Now easier-to-understand with our new chart and detailed explanations, the tiers have been tweaked to answer your questions. We've also added in a few new ones over the course of last week. Today is our first introduction of the Aesthetician pledge reward, which gets you almost all of the perks plus a signed, numbered, framed print of Nexus and Oranthel. These prints will be extremely limited and a great collector's item.

Revisited Stretch Goals

We've revamped our stretch goals in response to community demand. As mentioned last week, when we look at the stretch goals we want to make sure that they are realistic at their price points and placed appropriately within the priority list. We have received more feedback after this revisit, so we will continue to look at these goals throughout the campaign and continue to tweak them when it makes sense to do so.

Coming Up...

A bit later today you'll get to hear about Nexus. We're very excited to share this as she has a huge role in what's going on on Terminus. You'll find out more details on who she is and what it is she is doing. For those of you who were following our Twitter feed (@PantheonRotF) prior to the Kickstarter launch, you'll learn what she was going on about leading up to Monday's events.

And later this week we'll introduce you to two more classes, your role in Terminus, and a timeline of events that has led up to this point in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

This is gonna rock.

Benjamin de la Durantaye
PR Manager
Visionary Realms, Inc.

A Little Something for Sunday

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Vu's been working steadily on dungeon design this week. He's made some great progress, and I, for one, got all giggly when he sent this over. Anyone else feel like jumping right in there for some dungeon crawling?

Early work on Vu Nguyen's newest dungeon for Pantheon
Early work on Vu Nguyen's newest dungeon for Pantheon

More Tiers, Next Week's Calendar, and Post-Kickstarter Funding

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

New Tiers

You guys are quick! We've added more tiers, and you were all over them. We have seen your concerns and suggestions about the new tiers and are looking at ways we can get that fixed up for you. Once again, we appreciate that kind of feedback as it is priority #1 to make sure you're getting what you want. We're also looking at ways to make all those tiers more understandable. Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!

Ben de la Durantaye, PR Manager

A Note on Post Kickstarter Funding

This has come up in a few places so we want to make sure we address this. Our project starts with Kickstarter but that is not the end of it. If we get funded the campaign will continue on our website while we continue game development. When we sat down to look at what we wanted in the game we first had to consider our resources and what we would do with the money you all donate. What we came up with is a list of features that we feel are required to produce the core experience while allowing you to continue to back us like so many other projects have.

We believe that there is room for this type of game in the industry and, while we would all love to get everything at the minimum fund price, we know it will take more to include all of them. So please do not fret over those stretch goals because the opportunity to get them is not going away and neither is our need for your support. So lets consider this a call to arms we need everyone, who is willing, to rise up and get the word out on every social front you can. Lets ring the bells and bang the drums, separate we are but a lowly design team and some backers, together we are the heroes of Pantheon and the time has come for us to rise and make Terminus real.

Salim Grant, Director of Development

Coming Next Week

We've got oodles more coming up. We're talking to media right now and a lot of them have some exciting ideas for articles, interviews and videos. Can't wait to share them, so expect to start seeing more about Pantheon around the Internet very soon.

Next Week is Lore Week! Starting Monday you'll be learning more about the story of Terminus and its inhabitants, so you're not going to want to miss it. Additionally we'll be revealing two new classes. Any guesses as to what they'll be? Be sure to come back to find out.

Ben de la Durantaye, PR Manager