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$460,657 pledged of $800,000 goal
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$460,657 pledged of $800,000 goal

A ton of screenshots & a rough movie posted to our Facebook Page!!!!


Hi all,

I just finished posting hundreds of screenshots from different builds of the game over the last 4+ months, and also made a quick & dirty FRAPs video (I want to do a more polished one soon-ish).

So if you have been wondering about Pantheon and where it's at development wise, please check it out:

You may have also heard some of the bittersweet news.  While we have demos, builds, business plans and term sheets to show investors, we haven't received any funding outside of crowdfunding on, and this money almost entirely run out.

At first, we told people to only continue to donate to keep the web site up and such, but we are now planning on the following and therefore would welcome additional crowdfunding in support of development and completing our dream:  Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

1. Some of the team is returning, albeit it part time, giving what time they can

2. We have some new funding leads

3. People are getting excited about what I posted on FB (should have done so weeks ago -- my mistake)

4. I'm committed to this project and finding funding.

5. We are looking for new team members to add to the group -- people who can work part time right now without a huge income.

Anyway, to keep the board up and to help out those who need some extra $$ to pay the bills, if you are able, please donate at  If you can't, we understand -- please continue to spread the word about the game -- this is super important.

Lastly, if you know of someone who is an accredited investor (angel investor, etc.) who might get excited about Pantheon, please let them know and me know.  You can reach me at

thanks much!

-Brad "Aradune Mithara" McQuaid


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    1. Marcus Landgraf on April 30, 2014

      How much money of the 140k you raised went into your pocket as "Backpay", Brad McQuaid?