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The Planes of Arcana


The fundamental elements that hold the fabric of existence together within the Pantheon universe are known as the Planes of Arcana. These intangible and abstract planes of magic were formed from the resonating forces that destroyed all life prior to the Planar Collisions. Each one of these planes is comprised of a specific arcane force that serves an important function in the universe. Unseen and infinite, these are not realms that can be visited, but their powers can be channeled through an array of complex and dangerous magical disciplines. Once tapped, they can be used like an artist’s palette to create masterful spells or imbue magical abilities.

The Known Planes of Arcana

Terminus Arcana
This magical plane touches every particle in the universe. It provides the seeds for teleportation as well as being the most destructive form of magic. Its origins are believed to rest with Nexus, the Lost Goddess.

Myraxys Arcana
Little is known about this forbidden magic, but some say it is the remnants of a dark universe that existed before time. This dark magic corrupts anything it touches and twists it into a force of malevolence.

Astral Arcana
All those that have perished within the universe have a spiritual echo that lurks within this necromantic plane. In some circles this is also called the Spiritual Arcana.

Vitalus Arcana
This rejuvenating life force is an aura that bathes every living thing in the universe. It is often the root of all healing spells and protections wards.

Psionic Arcana
The minds of every sentient being are part of this vast cerebral network. Enchanters are masters of this plane that they use to manipulate mental faculties.

Primal Arcana
Within every natural element of the universe can be found a spark of the primal arcana. These are the elemental forces both summoned and harnessed by mages.

Chaos Magic

Discovered by inquisitive and tenacious sorcerers, Chaos Magic is an unstable arcane force that crosses from plane to plane in a violent and erratic dance. By latching onto these radical arcane particles, mages have been able to tap into every known arcane plane. Although they allow greater access and manipulation of the Planes of Arcana, they are dangerous if not deadly to the minds and bodies of those who dare to harness them.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nost on

      Love the lore up dates, makes it a much richer world

    2. Corpselocker on

      Didn't Superman already defeat Myraxys by making him say, "syx ar ym"?

    3. Druthlen on

      Psionic plane is really cool. Thanks for the update. Please give us an update on whether we will get forum access based on pledge tier or if we have to pay 5$/month to get forum access.

    4. jason bolton on

      popsicledeath, Are you talking about kill stealing? Personally it doesn't worry me in the least. There was KS'ing in EQ1 and it was internally policed by monks and rangers :) Even with a KS mechanism in place in EQ it had a community 100 times better than WoW which has a mob tagging system. Give me a strong, self policed community over an anonymous, solo player tard fest any day of the week.

    5. eolith on

      I've been wondering about the system of planes, thanks!

    6. popsicledeath on

      Please address the many concerns regarding the state of the KS! Putting out token updates that will just be copy/pasted to the private forum taking direct donations in place of the KS isn't making anyone comfortable backing the KS or continuing to follow Pantheon as a whole.

    7. Aetiyen on

      Awwww yeah - psionic plane here I come