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$460,657 pledged of $800,000 goal
By Visionary Realms, Inc.
$460,657 pledged of $800,000 goal

Looking Ahead to Week 4


It's hard to believe that only three weeks ago the Kickstarter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen introduced itself to the world. Over those three weeks we've seen a ton of excitement and so much support from the community for the project. People have been emailing, commenting and posting offering ways to help, and suggestions on how we can improve. For that, Visionary Realms would like to take a moment to thank you all for your support.


During our interview with the Project 1999 team we broke 300k Saturday night. This milestone was a big one, and we were quite happy to see that number. To further the good news Saturday night, P99 informed us, and their players of their plan to support the project through a pledge drive. We were both humbled and highly appreciative of the support by the team and the players. A big thank you to you all!

If you missed the interview, you can catch it on YouTube .

Portalarium Offers Help

P99 hasn't been the only group to offer their assistance in raising funds for Pantheon. Friday we told you that Portalarium, Richard Garriott's team behind Shroud of the Avatar, offered their help via a cross-funding initiative, offering backers of both games special in-game rewards. We are continuing discussions with Portalarium to figure out cool ways to thank backers, and wanted to give a quick shout of thanks to the team over there.

Didn't catch the news? Brad did a series of interviews on the initiative and you can catch those interviews at Massively, Curse, Ten Ton Hammer, and

Vu Returns to the Rob and Dan Show

After his first taste of show business, Vu is hungry for more. Tonight he'll be making his second appearance on the Rob and Dan show to show more of his work on Pantheon. With him will be more members of the Visionary Realms team to give more details about the game and answer your questions. Be sure to tune in to the Rob & Dan show today at 4pm PST / 7pm EST to check it out.

Check Out our Add-ons

Last week we also introduced our pledge add-ons. These add-ons offer some things not available in current tiers, and some bits from existing tiers. So, if you have pledged at a certain tier but wish you had something extra, like a second alpha or beta key for instance, head on over to our add-ons page to find out how add-ons work and how you can claim even more goodies.

Back to AMA

After the last AMA, Brad wanted to do another one. And I'm guessing some of you would like another chance to ask your questions directly of Brad. Well, that opportunity is coming up! But we're going to do things a little differently this time. Instead of pre-selecting a time on our own, Brad has agreed to let you pick for him. So, simply post in the comments section of this thread the day of the week and time you'd like Brad to appear on AMA, and we'll get it scheduled. 

Three Weeks Left and Need Your Help

We're past the half-way mark now in our Kickstarter campaign time. And while we're thrilled to have broken 300k, we still need more help. So, this week we reach out to you once more to help spread the word. You all have been great in getting the word around, but this week we're going to ask for something a bit more personal. If everyone talked to one person each week and convinced that one person to pledge, we'd be on track to not only break the 800k but we could even begin to reach some stretch goals before the campaign is over. I think we can do it. We certainly have a passionate enough community that believes in this project. Together we can make it happen.

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    1. Fizen on February 4, 2014

      Vu Returns to the Rob and Dan Show

      After his first taste of show business, Vu is hungry for more. Tonight he'll be making his second appearance on the Rob and Dan show to show more of his work on Pantheon. With him will be more members of the Visionary Realms team to give more details about the game and answer your questions. Be sure to tune in to the Rob & Dan show today at 4pm PST / 7pm EST to check it out.

      man i hope you will put that on here, being in Australia I think I'll be at work and miss it.

    2. Draven on February 4, 2014

      Good luck team...I hope you smash your goals. We need to show the world that this style of game is not only relevant, but successful!

    3. Azraell on February 3, 2014

      Nice thanks for keeping us updated. Now show me the concept arts!!!!

    4. Trathos on February 3, 2014

      Hey Ben, are you guys still looking for more ideas for pledge tiers/addons? I sent you guys a list through the "contact me." Its also posted on the addon page. Not saying my ideas or good, just wondering if your happy with what you currently have?

      I think adding any addons that would allow further customization of a players character in game would be huge.

      I saw on some kickstarters they had specific: dances, hair styles, emotes, etc. These were only available to the people who pledged during the kickstarter. That might be extra work, but it could help bring in some extra bucks. Just a thought.

    5. Brollyzeven on February 3, 2014

      Have you guys considered reaching out to The Syndicate at ? I was in their guild on Tarew Marr. They may be interested in Pantheon and pledging

    6. Missing avatar

      P99TechnyzeBLUE on February 3, 2014

      Good stuff! Keep up the good work! I am promoting Pantheon as much as I can on my stream over @ ! All while streaming my very first experience with EQ1 on P99! I really wanna see this game happen!

    7. Visionary Realms, Inc. Creator on February 3, 2014

      @Roenick - funny you mention that. We've been starting to think of ways to do just that. Still need to flesh out these ideas so feel free to toss some suggestions into the hat for discussion.

      @Avvy - still trying to figure out what we can do here. Brad's working on some ideas with the team. Hopefully we can get one out soon.

      @Ryan that tier was an early-bird special. Looking at other ways for earlier entry.


    8. Missing avatar

      Raphael diSanto on February 3, 2014

      I also agree that another tier at or around the 50 dollar mark would help.

    9. Pharone The Gnome on February 3, 2014

      6pm PST (8 central, 9 eastern)

      Agree that another set of alpha access at $50 would help to raise money.

    10. Xandarra on February 3, 2014

      It might be an idea to schedule two, one in a timeframe to catch most of the US market and one to catch EU. 4pm PST is midnight in the UK which is fine for me as I am retired but not good for working people or those in other parts of Europe.

    11. Trathos on February 3, 2014

      Good stuff, really looking forward to seeing Vu work his magic again tonight!

    12. Jooma on February 3, 2014

      My vote for AMA = Any week day at 4pm EST or later.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ryan McCarrick on February 3, 2014

      Why did you limit the $45 tier to 1000?
      Seems like that will really kill your total since a lot of people don't have 100's of dollars to put into a game that wont be out until at least 2017.

      if you made a $50 tier (or just another $45 one) with unlimited or 5K spots, with the same 'rewards' as the 45$ tier, I am sure you would gain a bunch more pledges.

    14. Missing avatar

      Avvy on February 3, 2014

      You need an epic new video now. You should ask the guy who made the Vanguard video (one of the community) to do it, he did an amazing job.

    15. Roenick on February 3, 2014

      Have you guys considered some sort of kickstarter bonus for referring a friend to Kickstarter? Like if someone after this day leaves a "name here brought me to this kickstarter" and their friend pledges they receive some sort of bonus? Just a thought.

    16. T.W. Anderson on February 3, 2014

      Awesome! Will be tuning in tonight for sure....and spreading the word! I've already gotten a few of my old guild mates to back, and today/tomorrow I'm delving into the guild forums from 8-10 years ago that I can find and see how many of those contact points are still valid :)

    17. Visionary Realms, Inc. Creator on February 3, 2014

      Fixed - thanks Enitzu.


    18. Missing avatar

      P99-Enitzu-Blue on February 3, 2014

      "Check Out or Add-ons" - think that should be our Ben :)

      Personally for an AMA I would like to see 6pm pst / 9pm est. It's pretty hard to watch/read things during working hours.