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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 22 2014 7:40 PM UTC +00:00

The Elf

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Woodland Wardens
Origin World: Mythantya
Current Homeland: The Falmyrys
Pantheon: Ryn’Etryas (The Eternal Rings)
Language: Etryan
Classes: TBA

The Elves, or Etryan as they call themselves, are a deeply ritualistic and spiritual woodland folk. Quite possibly the oldest living race in this universe and beyond, the Elves have undergone eons of evolution to become the nature bound and simplistic race that it currently is. In their current age, the Elves are divided into two nations: the Do’Etryan (Dark Elves) and the Fal’Etryan (Wood Elves). With lithe and graceful bodies, the Elves are extremely agile, something that aids in their navigation and preservation of the forest realms. Their humble existence and symbiotic relationship with the wilderness is an extension of their devout faith to the spirits of nature who they call the Ryn’Etryas, the Eternal Rings. They often place the flora and fauna of their realms before themselves. They craft arcane-engineered dwellings and defenses that do little to no disruption of the natural environment. As scouts and rangers, they are superior survivalists. As tradesmen they are peerless woodworkers with their finest products employing rare materials imbued with forest mana. Most Elves prefer the company of each other within their isolated societies, but on Terminus, a great many of Elves have risen to adventure and explore the many wonders of the world of worlds.

Originating on the world of Mythantya, the Etryan race was long divided in two. One race thrived within forest kingdoms while a newer breed flourished within the subterranean “root realms.” With both depending on many of the same sources of life, war arose between the sibling races. This war was carried over to Terminus. Named for the one great tree that spawned the entire forest, above and below, the majestic Falmyrys was transported to Terminus bringing with it the Etryan race. The sibling races of the Do’Etryan and the Fal’Etryan fought for control of the land. Their conflict carried on and saw both armies scattered. Eyeing an opportunity, dragon forces from an infernal realm to the south began their invasion. Led by their scaled deity, Kaul’Odun, the dragonkin army began a destructive march into the heart of the forest, razing the woodlands around them. The Etryan were outmatched and divided. Defeat was imminent. In this, their darkest of hours, their gods finally appeared. Taking the form of the circle of nature each commanded the spirit deities came to the defense of the Falmyrys. Doing battle with the dragon god, the Ryn’Etryas repelled the invaders, forcing the invaders to flee, many leaping to their deaths off the endless cliffs that led to their fiery realm. With salvation delivered, the warring Etryan came to a truce and made a pact to defend the Falmyrys as one and share in its bounty. Coming together as wardens of the woodlands, the Etryan sequestered the Falmyrys, isolating their society from the rest of Terminus. Only after many ages did the Etryan finally form foreign alliances through need and shared trials. Recently they have come to open their doors to outsiders. Yet still, they control the flow in and out of their realm and watch from the trees and shadows of the Falmyrys.

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    1. Swordsaint on

      Please make the taller elves and not the shorter ones. Or at least make the ranges so they can be short AND tall

    2. Missing avatar

      Philisha on

      @Jonathan please do a search for Tolkein names and review the names there, elves are derived from Old Norse mythology and dark elves are called Svartálfar for example. I'd MUCH rather have the names mentioned above than Old Norse names. Yggdrasil is similar to the tree above, but I like this oak better. The ying yang is a bit too real world for me, I get the symbolism, I appreciate the art very much.

    3. Chris on

      The symbol is a yin and yang, representing in this case I imagine the dark and light elves, opposites but bound together by the world tree. The moon and the sun symbols also represent the dark and light nature of each. Very nicely done. I hope the dark elves have darker tendencies, dark magics and so on.

    4. Tony "Vhalen" Garcia on

      This is another great symbol from Daniel "Mac" MacGibbon. He has an EQ past and loves reading the feedback on his art. I could definitely see this one on a shirt, tattoo or even a stick to place proudly on your Hybrid vehicle. For me, I need a Dwarf symbol for my Canyonero.

    5. Solaris on

      Gotta say, I LOVE that art. I'd buy a nice T-shirt with that graphic in a heartbeat

    6. Chad Niemi on

      So glad I can have my Darkie again, let's hope they can be clerics!

    7. Eldaran_SoL on

      I really need to know the race/ class combos of this game. I need an Elf cleric no matter which side i end up on.

    8. Pilgrimzero on

      Root Elves from the Root Realms hanging out with the Wood Elves.

    9. Arallu on

      Wow that symbol is tatoo worthy! =P

    10. Missing avatar

      Greg Ponkow on

      <3 my Elves!

      @Pharone, I welcome your axe and stout slow speed against my speedy elven arrows, welcome to the jungle my friend, tread carefully =)

    11. p99GraxisBlue on

      High Elves!?! Guess I'll have to embrace the dark side...

    12. Nelson Nunez Jr on

      Made up and generic?
      I really don't understand how you can equate the two.

    13. Pharone The Gnome on

      Pointy eared folk are annoying but their gold spends all the same. As an industrious dwarf I intend to separate as many of them from their gold as possible mahahaha...

    14. Azraell on

      No High Elves awww im a sad panda...

    15. Ian Cannon on

      Also amazing work on the symbol, very well imagined.

    16. Ian Cannon on

      Possibly my favourite elf lore to date (not just MMO elves, all), and that's just two paragraphs.

      One request; no blusher for male elves, EQ2 was painful every time I seen my character's face.

    17. J on


    18. Missing avatar

      Avvy on

      There is my race chosen finally :) Love the lore in this game. The Falmyrys, those Y's remind me of Faydwer :) And Etryan reminds me of Eritrea. :) Keep up the good work.

    19. Bryan Bessette on

      Good! My ogre needs a forest to chop down! Target acquired! =D

    20. Swordsaint on

      Love the fact that there are no High Elves. Wood Elves always get overshadowed by them. When I think of an Elf I think of Wood Elves not High Elves.

      Go go forest ninjas!

    21. Grim Mind on

      Awesome job with the icon for the lore.

    22. Nydosa on

      Definitely different, but isn't that the point? It adds to the feeling of different worlds. The only one I'm still digesting is 'Falmyrys' with the double 'y'. 'Falmyris' is how I'm pronouncing it.

    23. William Brett Morgan on

      I like it. Well thought out

    24. Swordsaint on

      The game is a throwback, I expect throwback names

    25. CanadinaXegony on

      Fantasy names will become more "real" once you attach the lore regarding the names to the names themselves, such as Teir'dal etc in EQ1. I love fantasy names, and I give props to the authors of such names, it adds so much more than, woodelf, high elf, dark elf and so on. But then again I guess we could always go with generic names like George, John, or Beetleguese :P ( I ..kidding :D)

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael G on

      Heh, clever emblem. Ying/Yang representing the light (wood) and dark elves. Nicely thought out lore and emblem.

      And before anyone says it, OMG there are no high elves! Wood elves don't have to be small, neither do Dark elves. Think of the LOTR universe.

    27. Jester Deren on

      I like the fact your lore is really coming through with these updates. It makes me all warm inside that the work is really about bringing detail back to generic worlds of elves, orcs, and *shudder* pandas.

    28. Aetiyen on

      Kind of like Teir'dal did in EQ? I don't have a problem with the names. It is supposed to be fantasy - all fantasy names are kind of generic to the genre - such is its nature

    29. Jonathan Downer on

      Guys, I'm in love with the game concept and the lore seems solid, but the names...something has to be done about these names. "Falmyrys"? "Ryn’Etryas"? These are terribly generic made-up fantasy words that really just read like gibberish.