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$460,657 pledged of $800,000 goal
By Visionary Realms, Inc.
$460,657 pledged of $800,000 goal

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Shroud of the Avatar Collaborate for Crowdfunding


Good morning, Pantheon fans! We have some great news to share today.

Brad has been talking with Richard 'Lord British' Garriott this week of Shroud of the Avatar and the two of them have been brainstorming ways to support both games. The result? Backers of both games can now claim a cross-game cloak in both Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Shroud of the Avatar. To qualify for the special Pantheon/SotA cross-game cloak you must be a Pantheon backer at the Fallen's Special tier or higher and the SotA First Responder (Kickstarter) or Adventurer (post-Kickstarter) pledge tier or higher. You'll then be able to wear the cloaks in both games.

Need a sneak peek? Of course! Pantheon's cloak will tout the SotA crest, and Shroud of the Avatar will be etched with Pantheon's crest.

If you haven't checked it out yet, we strongly urge you to check out SotA's website. Portalarium, like Visionary Realms, are returning to the roots of what made early games so popular to begin with.

“The opportunity to work with Portalarium is extremely exciting, not just in terms of what we can do together with our games, but also on a very personal level,” said Brad. “Lord British has been a hero of mine since I was a teen, and ultimately was responsible for inspiring me into the video game industry. Ultima II was the first time I realized what a virtual world was and could be. When I experienced that, my life was forever changed. It became a passion, and eventually a career. Lord British and Portalarium continue to be an inspiration with Shroud of the Avatar. It’s a perfect example of how the core elements of games from years past can continue to influence and innovate in today’s industry.”

Lord British had something similar to say.

“There is no doubt that Brad McQuaid led EverQuest to become the standard bearer against which all other MMOs would be compared, and most have been patterned. Just as I hope fans are excited about the return of the King of Britannia in Shroud of the Avatar, I have no doubt that Brad McQuaid will lead Pantheon to fulfill and expand the vision he began in the earliest days of the MMO era, and grow it into the future. I for one, look forward to what I will again learn from his leadership in gaming.”

Starr Long, Executive Producer of SotA and the original Producer of Ultima Online added: “While Ultima Online is credited with getting the MMO genre started it was really EverQuest, coming shortly after, that ended up defining the genre, even to this day. Brad and his merry band created a game heavily focused on adventuring and complex group play that every successful MMO since has emulated. Visionary Realms and Portalarium are both on a journey to bring fans another set of immersive worlds so it is exciting to be helping each other in our endeavors.”

Keeping the community involved is paramount to both teams, throughout funding and through development. That community is reaching further. It's not just the gamers that are part of the community, but the developers as well. Exciting times ahead for everyone!

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    1. PhoneticHalo on February 1, 2014

      when can we get the Geeky Sprinkles cross promotion cloak?

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on February 1, 2014

      This is a fantastic idea, hopefully it helps bring more people in. I have to say though im not really a fan of the Pantheon crest. It lacks any strong theme or central idea. I guess that's a crescent moon in the middle... but most of the entire crest is just flourishes. Hopefully someone reworks it.

    3. Solaris on January 31, 2014

      As a SotA Knights Pledger, this collaboration makes me a happy man.

    4. Xandarra on January 31, 2014

      Shrewd idea, I like it.

    5. Hugo Vogels on January 31, 2014

      You just made me buy Shroud of the Avatar $65, nice one :)

    6. Hawkmoon on January 31, 2014

      Hehe yeah. Cross support with Star Citizen please, 'av a word with Chris Roberts. Chris is also a gaming pioneer is he not? :)

    7. eolith on January 31, 2014

      great news! Nice to see this kind of cross support between Shroud & Pantheon, Shroud and Star Citizen.

      Hrm... how about Pantheon and Star Citizen? O:)

    8. Rukn on January 31, 2014

      Well done VR and Portalarium!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Goemoe on January 31, 2014

      Very very very cool move of you both. I am happy to be a backer here and I am sorry, but after some real fun in Ultima III, IV and V I never got interested again. But this is some real great day for the history of MMO gaming and it is something very special for the older ones like me, who played on computers and things called 'computer' since the very beginning.

      Well done!

    10. Visionary Realms, Inc. Creator on January 31, 2014

      @Anthony that's the plan!


    11. Anthony Dixon on January 31, 2014

      Ddo SotA kickstarter backers get the same treatment? I backed the game at Immortal Adventurer (1 tier above Adventurer) way back during the initial kickstarter, hope I get the cloak too.

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick McDermott on January 31, 2014

      now to do a triple-cross pledge with Jacobs and you'd have the holy trinity

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg Ponkow on January 31, 2014

      Yeah agreed, this is amazing news! Love that they are working together and not against each other. These two games will help the genre to be the adventure's dreamland that it once was. Congrats to both parties for working together on the same goal!

    14. Pharone The Gnome on January 31, 2014

      This could very well be the greatest day in MMORPG history. Two of the great pioneers that defined the industry so many years ago have come together to bring the industry back to what it was supposed to be instead of what the billionaire publishers have shoved down our throats the last decade.

      All hail the return of the pioneers!