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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
First created
pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 22 2014 7:40 PM UTC +00:00

Addons Now Available

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

In response to popular demand, we've now included add-on rewards for pledgers.

What is an add-on?

An add-on is an optional item that can be added by increasing your pledge amount. These items are exclusive to Kickstarter backers and range from cool in-game items to physical collectors versions of the game.

How do I get my hands on these add-on(s)?

So you want to grab an add-on. Let’s explain how they work. Pledge for the $25 tier or higher, then look at our collection of available add-ons below. Decide which one you like, then increase your pledge amount by the value specified next to the add-on(s). When the project is funded you will then be able to choose the add-on(s) that caught your eye and voila! they will be added to your account when the game launches.

Follow these steps to adjust your pledge tier and collect the add-on(s)

Click ‘Manage Your Pledge’ on the Pantheon Kickstarter page. Modify the pledge amount you have chosen but do not change the selected reward. Click the ‘Continue to Next Step’ button and follow the steps to complete your pledge adjustment.

Here is an example:

Jason has pledged $25 dollars but he really wants to take advantage of the headstart ($5) and custom title ($10) options. So he decides to modify his pledge, adding $15 for a total amount of $40. Shortly after the Kickstarter has ended, Jason will receive an email informing him that he is eligible for $15 in add-ons. He selects the headstart and custom title, and collects his rewards when they are available.

List of Add-Ons

$5 - Headstart - Get early access to the game days before it launches.
$7 - Backer Icon - Let everyone know you backed Pantheon with this unique in-game nameplate icon.
$10 - Custom Title - Want to be a known as a ‘Sir’ or ‘Master of all Things Pantheon’? Why not do it with a stylish custom title? (subject to dev approval)
$10 - Wand of Random Illusions - Be the life of the party by changing your form with this special wand.
$15 - Exclusive Mount - Choose one of our special Kickstarter-only mounts.
$15 - Beta Key - Use it on your own account, or give it to a friend.
$15 - Autographed Poster* - Limited edition poster signed by the entire dev team.
$20 - Extra Bank Vault - Additional space to store all those extra goodies you obtained during your adventures.
$20 - Sound Track CD*
$20 - Digital Lore and Art Book
$20 - Starter Pack - Start with some currency and a few items.
$25 - Hero Essence Grab Bag - Open this mystery bag to win a random hero essence template.
$30 - Backpack Expander - Adds slots to your bags!
$30 - Pair of Sprinter’s Boots - Put a pep in your step as you travel the dangerous lands of Pantheon.
$35 - Bag-o-Swag* - get an “I am one of the Fallen” Mouse Pad, T-Shirt, and bumper sticker inside a Pantheon emblazoned bag to let all the cool kids know who is cooler.
$40 - Alpha Key - Use it on your own account, or give it to a friend.
$40 - 6 Months of Pre-Paid Game Time - Plenty of time to make your mark on Terminus. (limited to 1 per account)
$250 - Oranthel’s Strong Box of Power* - Backer Icon, Custom Title, Wand of Random Illusions, Exclusive Kickstarter Mount, Autographed Poster, Extra Bank Vault, Game Soundtrack, Digital Art Book, Starter Pack, Hero Essence Grab Bag, Backpack Expander, Pair of Sprinter's Boots, Mouse Pad, T-Shirt, Bumper Sticker, Cloth Map, and a physical copy the game inside a specially made container.

* Additional charges apply for shipping physical rewards outside of the continental US.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rance Justice on

      I am very pleased to see that some items available on varying pledge tiers are also available as add-ons. I do like the idea that those who can't afford a higher tier pledge but want a particular item from one of them could purchase that particular item in addition. Will this by chance be expanded, to say..allow the purchase of a Ring of the Fallen? Conversely, I'd also be happy if some items like the bank expander, backpack expander, and Sprinter's Boots (I won't have to kill a cyclops to get them will I?) were also added to existing pledge tiers. I'd also like more information about the Exclusive Mount add-on - is this for the Taurokian Warhorse, or will there be additional mounts that are not part of pledge packages?

      The only thing I'm feeling a little awkward regarding is selling the Headstart and Backer's Icon - it would seem to me that these should be included in most pledges; at least those that have a copy of the game?

      Finally, I'd like to request 2 additions, if possible. The first being Paragon status and the second being a stand alone "1 year subscription + $1 following years" item. It would be nice if those who want those features could purchase them at a discount, atop whatever pledge they already have.

      Ultimately, I hope that even after Kickstarter, if funded, we will be able to upgrade our pledges and purchase add-ons for all those who backed during this first crowdfunding session! Thank you!

    2. Trathos on

      Also, If you go with a weight system, perhaps an addon that would slightly increase the weight you could carry (if you didn't want to just work that into the backpack expander).

      Also, I know your obviously trying to stay away from physical goods because of the expenses, but I figured I'd list some you could consider.

      Maybe some dwarven themed mugs/shot glasses with the class icon on them, or mugs that had the pantheon logo and your characters name on them. (Hell, I'd buy em).

      Also, maybe you could do a model of Nexus and Oranthel and sell it (would probably be expensive, so not counting on that one).

      Maybe also add in custom class t-shirts/hats.

      Anyways, that's enough for now...I'll try to think of some more tomorrow.

    3. Trathos on

      Just thinking of more things you could add (I'll add more as I think of/find ideas from other kickstarters etc)

      Perhaps a kicking snake pet?

      Perhaps an item that you could use once a day/week etc. to manipulate the weather around you temporarily to something that would favor your setup, etc?

      Depending on how you guys decide to go with the way you want your bazaar/ah to go, perhaps maybe allow someone to buy an addon that adds some "flair" to the players text so that their wares stand out?

      On that note, if you do go with an ah, perhaps an addon to increase the amount of items you can list at any given time over say someone without the addon.

      Not sure how you plan to do your player customization options after the initial creation (like if there will be a barbershop to change your look), if that's not in the game and it's a paid service, perhaps do an addon that allows a person to buy a lifetime free customization's option to any character on that particular account?

      Perhaps an addon that could reduce your characters repair costs on a particular account for the lifetime of the game. (Wouldn't want them eliminated entirely, as we still want to fear death).

      Perhaps an addon that could *slightly* increase your chances at rare gear items off mobs (obviously not too much...we still want to have to work for gear, but I know many people would pay to even get a small increase for something like this more than likely, which only helps the kickstarter).

      I realize some of these may be awful ideas lol. Just trying to come up with anything you guys think you might could use that you don't already have.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I noticed that these items are "exclusive to Kickstarter backers", but will backers be able to purchase add-ons even after the Kickstarter campaign has ended?

    5. ThreeBeastSmile on

      Another q' just came to mind. If I were to do so, could I opt for more than one of the special mounts if I pony'd (heh) up for it? That would mean knowing how many there are but still, thought I'd ask that anyway.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mavric on

      Maybe I am missing the "managing project" in order to buy the subscription option. (I also might change the level of pledge, if able) because this game will touch back to when gaming was gaming. How, or where in the options do will I be able to choose what I am looking for?

    7. Anthony Pellicane on

      @Trathos - From what people have gathered, the Strong Box of Power does NOT contain the "headstart" perk. You will need to throw in an extra $5 to get it.

    8. Trathos on

      Question for ya: I'm buying the Oranthel's Strong Box of Power addon, but my question is, does this also include the *Headstart* early game access? I would assume it does, but after reading over the details, since it isn't exactly mentioned, just wanted to make sure.Thanks guys for the great stuff...(my wallet says hi).

    9. Missing avatar

      Preston on

      I would also go for a cloth map stand alone. Cloth, not paper =)
      I'm already going to nab that signed poster. I'm a sucker for things I can hang in my man cave.

    10. ThreeBeastSmile on

      I'm back, with another question (sorry!): are the custom titles prefixes or suffixes or can they be both?

    11. eolith on

      oh, and +1 to request for Guild stuff! Especially as I'll be the founder.

    12. MurZerker on

      So, how many added bag slots, and how much added vault space? Is the bag slot increase just a big bag, or does it add space to any bags I get in game from day one on? Are they account wide, or will they be limited to the character that activates them?

      Are these KS backer exclusive, or will anyone be able to earn these bonuses later in game? Kinda suck if I spent $50.00 on stuff I could just get in game later.

    13. MadwitTY on

      Edit: Ack! 23 days! Even worse.

    14. MadwitTY on

      @Tanya I was thinking the same thing. Only 26 days left and ~$500,000 to go? Makes me nervous. I am spreading the word with a bull horn.

    15. p99GraxisBlue on

      @MadwitTY that sounds right. They'll see you backed higher than your tier and whats left over is for addons. It gets sorted out later.

    16. Tanya Stinson on

      These are great incentives to get early backers to increase their pledge! But my fellow backers, we need to get MORE initial backers. They still have a long way to go to raise that 800K. So get out there and beat the proverbial bushes!

    17. MadwitTY on

      Can't seem to access the add-ons :/ I click update pledge then add the $15 for the add-on, but it just takes me to the confirmation and then, once confirmed, the main page. Am I missing something here

    18. Rukn on

      What is a "random hero essence template."?

    19. Khayos on

      Scratch that my tier has a cloth map included didnt see that *derp*

    20. Khayos on

      I would like to request a Cloth Map Stand Alone. Since 250 is kind of much when All I really want from it is the cloth map.

    21. eolith on

      I picked up that last Journeyman's Pledge, so I'm trying to make sure I don't repeat my rewards:

      Clarification questionss:
      -I just want to confirm, the kickstarter mounts do not include the taurokian mount? or doooo they? *dramatic chord* (sorry)
      - Do the mounts all have the same stats?
      - The Alpha key is not the same as the $375 (Journeyman) tier's test access, correct?
      - The Bag in Bag-o-Swag is that one of those pull-string square-bags that everyone gives out? or is it going to be something more substantial?

      For those that think they know the answer, don't worry about answering, I'd like to hear the answer from Pantheon, please.

    22. Kuldiin on

      Once a day recall home item. Or that too powerful?

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael G on

      Too bad the Lore and Art book isn't physical...

    24. p99GraxisBlue on

      Add a reasonably priced CE (possibly some concept art of what it might look like?) and I'd up my pledge for it.

    25. Visionary Realms, Inc. Creator on

      Thanks for the suggestions all. We'll continue to gather suggestions and post periodic updates to the addons list and reward tiers. Also taking new ideas for cool things you'd like to have!


    26. Matt

      Anyone with a 500 pledge and above should get these included.

      Still would like to see a IT addon for Advisor.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael G on

      Are ingame items per character or for all characters on the account?

    28. ThreeBeastSmile on

      I have a question about the mount add-on. Will these mounts scale in accordance to level? Or will it be like Rift where you acquire a mount of a certain speed and the special mount will share that speed tier? I'd hate my swanky looking steed to be rendered obsolete by the time I reach a high level; but I also do not want to be blazing around low end lands with an overclocked mount.

    29. Aela on

      There are clearly some confusions on how add ons work in kickstarter. The items listed as add-ons are above and beyond the actual bid.

      @Avvy, if you bid $25 then set it to 275 you will get what is listed in the $25 bid, plus the items listed in the $250 add-on, NOT the $250 bid+$250 add-on!!

    30. Narben4 on

      @Arctic - thanks. not sure i can push that far :( will have to review what i really much as the physical box would be good not sure i can get that - some of the KS specific items look good :)

    31. Arctic_Slicer on

      Headstart is only a $5 add-on so I'm fine with it not being included in the upper tiers; those that want it can add $5; I did.

    32. Arctic_Slicer on

      Narben, if you have Pathfinder's Pledge; the alpha invite and the 6 months subscription become irrelevant for you. The $250 add-on has everything in the package but the headstart, the alpha invite and the 6 month subscription so if you have pathfinder and want the whole package you'll want to change your pledge to $505.

    33. Narben4 on

      oops posted too soon - headstart should be included in every pledge $250 and above imo

    34. Narben4 on

      @Travis Campbell - i too feel that the $250 + pledge level should capture some of these (i note it does with alpha and subscription etc....)

    35. Narben4 on

      Bit confused as to how this relates to my Pathfinder's pledge of $250. I will have to review what i don't get in that pledge against this list and see what appeals?

    36. Arallu on

      You set your $ amount in the Manage my Pledge to Tier$ + Add-on$ and select whatever tier you want ($25 or above to be eligible for add-ons). When the KS is over, they'll send out a survey or some such, that you can specify what add-on you wanted to apply the $ above the amount for the Tier you pledged.

    37. Missing avatar

      Avvy on

      Ah so if I go to $25 and then wait a while, then set it to $275, I'll get addon(s)?

    38. Arallu on

      @Avvy, you need to have at least a $25 tier selected: "Pledge for the $25 tier or higher, then look at our collection of available add-ons below."

    39. Steve on

      @ Ben Thanks for the reply! Sorry I missed the shirt on those levels. I cannot give such a high amount, but will stand by with much hope that shirts are available as a stand alone addon. I think you guys would profit heavily! That said, any answer about the horse part of my question? Thanks again! and great job!

    40. Arallu on

      Is the emblazoned bag in the Bag-o-Swag add-on in the Oranthel’s Strong Box package?

    41. Missing avatar

      Avvy on

      Dudes, if I reduce my Pledge to $1 and then change it to $251, can I get the Oranthel’s Strong Box of Power? :)

    42. Visionary Realms, Inc. Creator on

      @Preston None of these items can be sold out. Most are virtual and the physical items can be adjusted to any number when we go to manufacture them.

      The custom title is per account. So you can only have one title, but you can apply it to any or all characters on the account.

      @Mizpah guild-friendly addons are a great idea. Will put stuff like this on the list to add for the next update.

      @Steve - shirts are being done for both the Bag-o-Swag and Box of Power. May do a stand-alone shirt addon with a future update.


    43. Steve on

      Great updates! you all continue to get better and better! Please consider doing shirts. Saw a mock up on rerolled using the Dark Knights icon and it looked amazing. I would love to buy one!

      Also...if I pledge $100 and then pledge $15 for a mount. Can I keep my current KS mount (for the 100 level) and give the $15 addon to the second free account provided by this tier?

    44. Mizpah on

      A request for one more add-on:

      Any chance of seeing a guild name reservation? As a GM I would love to add that to my personal pledge, without having to look at taking out a $750 or $1500 tier (in addition to my current pledge).

    45. Missing avatar

      Preston on

      Is Custom Title for (1) character or for all created on account?

    46. Aetiyen on

      Preston - I'm quite certain they will print to the chosen demand. If 832 people have prepaid and pick the poster - they will print and sign 832 posters...

    47. Brollyzeven on

      How about an add-on like the Veteran AA system in EQ?

      Once every 7 days you get a special 100% resurrect ability and you pop back where you died :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Preston on

      I would like to add on the poster but how do I ensure its availability if I can not select it until after the kickstarter ends? It could be sold out and I do not get the add on I wanted.

    49. Missing avatar

      Aeiouy on

      How about a no
      Death penalty add on (just to make some people's heads spin)

    50. Arctic_Slicer on

      looks like the $250 add-on adds everything but the headstart, the Alpha key and the 6 months game time. If you are at the $250+ pledge tier the alpha key and 6 months game time are pretty much irrelevant to you anyway so if you want everything all you need is an additional $255 to get the headstart and Oranthel's Strong Box of Power.