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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
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The Human

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Resourceful Explorers
Origin World
: Daera
Current Homeland: Kingsreach, Plains of Triundia, Desert of A’Moka
Pantheon: Trinariad
Language: Triundan
Classes: TBA

Resourceful, tenacious and inquisitive, Humans have overcome many obstacles to become one of the more populous races on Terminus. No less than four tribes of Humans found themselves upon the continent of Celestius, each within their own realm and divided by many leagues. Unlike other races, Humans quickly adapted to their displaced environment as well as those of others. Driven by their curiosity they began to disperse beyond the fragments that ferried them. Once beyond their borders, their wide array of ideologies allowed for tolerance or alliances with most of the other races. Although their physicality claims no trait as supreme among the many races, they are masters of survival whose ability to acclimate to new environments has allowed them to settle many of the diverse regions of Terminus.

Humans originated on the diverse world of Daera. Four fragments of their world were transported to Terminus, bringing with them four empires. Resting in the west was the feudal kingdom of the Briggaens. Adjacent to them appeared their rival empire, the militant Maratans. Far from these two warring tribes sat the desert empire of the mystical Ethosians. The final tribe was the erudite Platocians, whose entire realm was swallowed up by the watery abyss with the survivors finding refuge among the Briggaens. The Human tribes quickly established the foundations for their survival with the aid of their deities. Not one, but four Human pantheons arrived, two of which had long been at war. The Maratan Briggaen War that started on Daera was continued on Terminus. Supported now by the divine might of their gods, the bloody campaign took many casualties. Through council with the surviving Platocian god, Ulenicus, the warring tribes made a pact to cease the conflicts and unite as the Kingdom of Triundia. Overseeing them would be a united pantheon to be called the Trinariad. Opposing this union was the Maratan god of warfare, Oranthel, who continued his destruction of Briggaen temples. This led to his exile and descension into mortality as a god-king. But the new tyrant god-king continued to rebel and after failing to form an alliance with the Ethosians, instead formed a dangerous alliance with the dragon god, Kaul’Odun. With an army of Maratan soldiers, Revenant warlords and war drakes, he began a massive campaign to destroy the Triundan capitol that ended in failure. With their great threat removed, the Human Kingdom of Triundia flourished and expanded its borders. The mysterious Ethosians kept to their desert empire, preferring isolation to other tribes and races. Several smaller groups of Humans set off in search of freedom, riches and exploration. With this, the Human population swelled to become one of the more common species of the world of Terminus.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ajay on

      It looks like 2 Human Deities with 4 visually different human races.

    2. Arctic_Slicer on

      Yay! Humans! Multiple Tribes! Yay!

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher McGinnis on

      Humans should have some type of special abilities (+1 to ability A), because this is not their home world

    4. Jason Watts on

      Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed that, keep up the good lore. :)

    5. Jason Watts on

      Have the 3 "races" now become 1? Based on this we have either 2 or 4 human races in the game, I'm not sure which one.

    6. Missing avatar

      Goemoe on

      It is always a good sign, when developers are able to make humans sound interesting. Good update. :)

    7. Tony "Vhalen" Garcia on

      Thanks for all the support! If you look to and search for Forums, you will find a link to some War Letters that detail a tiny bit more of the Maratans and Oranthel. We were really pushing for diversity in the Human species. The Ethosians are the only holdout to the Triundan unification. However, although currently, three Human tribes fall under the Triundan banner, they still retain their own themes and regions. Who knows how long that unification will last? I hear there are rumblings already.

    8. Swordsaint on

      @VRI thank you for making the humans diverse like other Brad mmorpgs. Now I'm looking forward to seeing which one is more Erudite/Mordebi like if you get what I mean. Not sure if its the Elocians or the Platocians.

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Ponkow on

      So technically there are 6 races out now if i'm reading this correctly! The 4 human races the Ogres and the Revenants I doubt that Martan humans, Erudite humans, Ethosian humans and the Briggaen humans will all have the exactly same stats, look and feel to them. Very interesting, can't wait to try them all so far!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Joel Jones on

      This lore is amazing so far!

    11. PhoneticHalo on

      Is the picture of the guy with the sword Human if so you should add it to this page.

    12. Ulfbaen Frostwold on

      @MadwitTY, it sounds like they will be able to adapt to all of the environmental hazards faster than any race, which could be a good thing. So far I am impressed with all of the races and I cannot wait to here more.....although I would love some concept art.

    13. Bryan Bessette on

      Love the lore! Still rolling Ogre. =D

    14. MadwitTY on

      I'm curious as to how the racial stats for humans will play out when selecting a class. I remember from EQ that humans were a Jack of all trades and master of none. This ended up making other races better picks for a class e.g. Erudites for Int caster, Ogre for tank, Wood Elf for Wis caster etc. Hopefully that will not happen in Pantheon as I enjoy the idea of playing a human.

    15. Missing avatar

      Geoff on

      I like how interesting the typically bland Human is in this game.. very cool

    16. Matthew Baldwin on

      I love the lore so far for three races revealed. Makes it hard to choose a starting race

    17. Matthew Baldwin on

      I see they are saving the best race for last or second to last - The Dwarves

    18. Troy_Costisick on

      This is good to read about the humans. I like that they have more than one homeland.

    19. Eldaran_SoL on

      It sounds like the Humans will have very diverse factions and that is awesome.