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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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Visionary Realms, Inc.By Visionary Realms, Inc.
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pledged of $800,000pledged of $800,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, February 22 2014 7:40 PM UTC +00:00

The Revenant

Posted by Visionary Realms, Inc. (Creator)

Undead Warlords
Origin World
: Terminus
Current Homeland: The Dead Ridges
Pantheon: Myraxian
Language: Chatter
Classes: TBA

Faithless in life and bound by ancient rites, Revenants have been doomed to walk the lands of Terminus as the undead. Once nothing more than powerful spirits of atheistic warriors, the revenants are now powerful corpses bound to service through the use of Myraxian death magic. Due to their minds and bodies being dependent upon dark magic to sustain their forms, Revenants are most often malicious and psychotic, welcome traits for their original service as soldiers in Oranthel’s army of the damned. Now unchained from that service they are free to roam the world, but finding no refuge within mortal society, many have retained their sinister ways and continue to terrorize the living. Yet, there are those Revenant’s of strong will that have overcome their maddening desires to reap the living. These few have overcome great hardships to form a new life in undeath.

When the planar collisions brought the alien races onto Terminus, there were some who turned their backs on the belief of deities, preferring to live atheistic lives in a world filled with fragments of many pantheons. The unfortunate souls soon found that their lack of faith offered them no afterlife. Their souls came to drift in the winds of Terminus. It was not until the Maratan god of warfare, Oranthel, used an ancient Myraxian death ritual to raise an army of the undead that these homeless spirits found their new undead lives. Called Revenants, these new abominations were the backbone of the armies of Oranthel. After the defeat and exile of Oranthel following the Dragon March campaign, the Revenants became free of their arcane shackles, no longer forced into service. Unfortunately, with their brains rattled, rotting stench and decayed visage, they continued to be viewed as monsters to be feared and hunted. This led most of these undead to retain their malicious activities within the dungeons and dens of Terminus. However, a community of near civilized Revenants has risen in the far eastern caldera of the Dead Ridges. It is here in the ruins of another civilization that some Revenants hope to forge an undead society.

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    1. Acidon on

      I'm broken with poor social skills.. This race is right up my alley. \o/

    2. Missing avatar

      Reece Hardy on

      Sounds good as long as Vis don't get a fundy developer, or else these guys will become the red headed stepchildren of the game.

    3. Cory C on

      This seems like my kind of race.

    4. Mathew Chilton on

      hmmm...if I can be an undead with undead (a revenant dark knight) that may tide me over till reptilian comes out.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ajay on

      They're releasing races with broken societies and poor social skills, lol.

    6. Bryan Bessette on

      I'm still going Ogre, but Revenants are cool!

    7. Missing avatar

      Aeiouy on

      I am pretty sure everyone who has pledged is a revenant in real life.

    8. Corpselocker on

      All aboard my undead guild :)

    9. Endo_Roboto on

      I hate necros, but i love the write up you did for Revenants. Dead ridge revenants sounds especially cool!

    10. SoverMest on

      Please make these guys apply to undead spells and mechanics. for example if there is an item that has a chance of fearing undead it should also apply to the Revenant. Would be a nice change to most modern mmorpgs where the undead races are just reskined humans.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin N. Weinhold on

      A lot of people like zombies. Who cares about WoW? Blizzard didn't do that great of a job at it, so let Pantheon have a chance to do it right.

    12. StrawGrasper on

      Disappointing. While I do not doubt people will play this race, I cringe my upper lip to know it's even an option. I'll trust still what you envision Brad, albeit, definitely not a huge fan of this move, at least not before the core races (and yes, that would include the Halfling -- who else will the medium and large races have to step on).

    13. Nelson Nunez Jr on

      Please verify what kind of undead we are talking about...just human zombies?? Please don't.
      I'd rather play as a vampire than a common human zombie...but if you guys made all the races undead, I'd be more interested...
      The backstory sounds very similar to WoW. I'd take a Warlords Battlecry approach and just make them completely evil.

      My two cents.

    14. Missing avatar

      Drew Hallenbeck on

      Love it! For all the complainers. I suspect the more standard races are 'assumed' so they show off the races that may not be as auto include.

    15. Missing avatar

      miguel canto corral on

      I am stunned started to copy and paste from wow =(

    16. Gazz on

      Undead may not have skin any more.

    17. ThreeBeastSmile on

      Undead races are not my thing; well, more specifically zombies. This will appeal to a great many other people it's just not for me. Kitsu race please? ;) (I know I'm just getting under everyone's skin now.)

    18. Tom Klingeman on

      Daddy like, something different for a mcquaid game

    19. Flex on

      @Buns 9 minutes ago
      "I think Halflings should be included in the game before Undead.. no one cares about Undead and everyone cares about Halflings tbh! Make Undead a stretch goal instead."

      Hell yeah. I agree 100%.

    20. Flex on

      Wow an Undead race. Gettit? WoW? Anyway...

    21. Missing avatar

      Allaert (Irithim) on

      Would love this as playable race!

    22. Missing avatar

      Goemoe on

      Weird... a race for me is something, that can reproduce, but anyway, can you show us some concept art? Will I have to lockup my daughter before logging in? *g*

      After Ogre now an undead. Feels like some freakshow currently.

    23. Gazz on

      Hmm, yah. Undead halflings would be a nice change.

    24. Troy_Costisick on

      Cool! I will probably try this race first :)

    25. Matthew Baldwin on

      this race sounds awesome... but I'm more of a Dwarf or Halfling kinda guy or Gnomes

    26. Missing avatar

      Hanthos on

      While an interesting addition, I think Undead may be more of a niche than Dwarves, Halflings, Elves, etc. And yes, that's just my opinion, which I do believe is what the comments section is for.

    27. Missing avatar

      Greg Ponkow on

      Love the race! Keep up the good work =)

    28. J on

      I know I was joking. I'm one of like six people who enjoys playing Halflings :P

    29. Missing avatar

      Aventis on

      Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

    30. J on

      I think Halflings should be included in the game before Undead.. no one cares about Undead and everyone cares about Halflings tbh! Make Undead a stretch goal instead.