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The Dark Knight (Updated)


Role: Tank

Style: Strong on the front lines, wielder of most weapon types though most proficient in two-handed swords. Able to use the shadows and the dead to their advantage.


  • Void Master: Taking control of the shadows, molding them to do their bidding. Summon shadow sentinels and engulf enemies in darkness.
  • Dread Lord: Instill fear and agony through use of necromancy. Take command of the dead, syphon life and poison their enemies.

The Dark Knight Lore

Touched by the darkness that once consumed the universe, the Dark Knight is a formidable champion of evil whose battle prowess and unholy might instills fear within the bravest of warriors. Having trained in the dark arts recorded within the forbidden martial Tome of Myraxys, these knights have exchanged their souls for the powers of the void to be used in their evil endeavors within the world of Terminus.

What is a Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight is a leader highly skilled in combat who takes charge on the front line. They’re seen wearing dark plate armor and thrive in the use of two-handed great swords, long swords, shields, and axes. Though there have been cases where they have used other types of weaponry such as maces, spears or lances. The Dark Knights have the ability to blend in the shadows, manipulate them to attack their foes or even summon sentries of shadow to protect and fight for them.

Dark Knights have also been known to practice in the arts of necromancy. They use these dark magics to instill fear, inflict pain and raise the dead to serve them. They are notorious for siphoning energies and life forces from their enemies causing great weaknesses while strengthening themselves, though there have been cases where they apply disease to their victims.

Dark Knights adhere to the law of their dark gods. They are not chaotic but keep discord in check. Though the Dark Knight code stays in line with delivering unholy judgment regardless of the hero essence they are bound with. It is wise to avoid the touch of the Dark Knights hand as it may lead to a hateful curse, agonizing pain or death. Dark Knights are formidable as they continue to expand fear and darkness across Terminus in the name of their lords.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joey on January 25, 2014

      Void master sounds awesome!

    2. Gazz on January 25, 2014

      The Void Master sounds more like an armed illusionist / enchanter type
      while the Dread Lord is easy to reconise as necro-flavoured.

    3. Mathew Chilton on January 25, 2014

      if I can tank and use necromancy and an undead pet with a 2h? I will be most pleased! I always played my Shadowknight, Death Knight, fighter/wiz/ek/pm, Elder Scrolls chars, etc as 2h murder machines with undead minions at my beck and call.

      However, that all started in EQ when I played my SK, and no one ran damage meters, or gave a damn about anything but winning the fight. So I tanked with a 2h on my SK there, and not a frick was given. Till much later, then I lost interest and made a beastlord. I'm a pet junky, undead are my fav, TESO will never make it to my top 5 list simply because of no necromancy XD

    4. Liam Hall on January 24, 2014

      That Void Master specialization sounds really interesting.