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The Cleric (Updated)


Role: Healer

Style: Focused on healing and dealing damage to their enemies through melee combat and faith magic. Manifests astral Paladin sentries to fight for/with them.


  • Battle Cleric: A melee healer that wears full plate armor and can wield a variety of blunt weapons and shields.
  • Curate: Wearing robes, they channel their faith energy from the pantheons they serve to keep their comrades alive and destroy their enemies.

The Cleric Lore

The Cleric is battle-ready priest devoted to spreading the influence of his or her pantheon while adventuring within the wilds of Terminus. Armed with weapons and abilities of divine might, the cleric performs benevolent deeds upon those in need and keeps his allies from the clutches of death. In Terminus, where the reach of a pantheon has been met, the cleric goes forth to act as a harbinger of faith.

What is a Cleric?

The Cleric is a healer. The battle Cleric stands toe-to-toe against their enemy without fear capable of decent armed combat and spell casting granted through divine favor. They don full heavy plate armor, a shield in offhand and typically flourish in the use of maces, scepters, warhammers, flails and even two-handed hammers capable of delivering heavy damage. There have been cases where the Cleric would focus their efforts more on their spiritual and divine blessings, thus taking on a magical offense and defense. In these cases they’ve been seen wearing bright, radiant robes and are known to wield two-handed staves or scepters with a tome in offhand. The lack of heavy armor makes them more susceptible to melee and artillery damage but they are more agile to dodge and channel their divine energies. In rare occasions, Clerics have been capable of opening the window to their faith, allowing them to manifest astral Paladins from faith energy. The power of these sentries is derived from the strength of their belief making a seasoned cleric a force to be reckoned with.

Their prayer books are normally scribed with the writings of many ancient rites, marks and blessings. They can deal with many harsh situations from smiting their foes, healing or reviving fallen brethren, to cleansing the undead. In Terminus, there are many lawful deities from the various planes but their faith typically lies with the heroes belief from the spirit they are bound. Though the deities are different they have a common goal to ensure law and order. Because of the different deities, the Cleric may possess various abilities and blessings that will enhance their effectiveness on and off the battlefield.

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    1. Jaryd Fontana on February 11, 2014

      After seeing this class I just had to back the game, always loved plate wearing mace welding healers. Very excited.

    2. Matthew Baldwin on January 26, 2014

      I love battle clerics

    3. Swish on January 25, 2014

      Always loved healing as a cleric, reads well!

    4. Troy_Costisick on January 24, 2014

      Much better, thank you! :)