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An epic planar high fantasy MMO from renowned EverQuest creator Brad McQuaid.

An epic planar high fantasy MMO from renowned EverQuest creator Brad McQuaid. Read more
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Gameplay Twitch Stream #2 is up!

Halnir Caves
Halnir Caves

It's heeeere! 

After much glee and celebration of our first stream in March, Visionary Realms is ready to show off all new game content for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. On Thursday, June 23rd, Brad McQuaid, Chris Perkins and John Diasparra took three guests from the Who's Gaming Now network through two hours of gameplay through Black Dagger Keep and into a surprise dungeon. Viewers get a first on-screen glimpse of the perception system some of you may remember from GDC earlier this year. Find out for yourself why MMO gamers are salivating at the promise of a new MMO that remembers the tenets of community, reputation, and cooperation.

Make sure you set the resolution to 1080p! Click on the following link to watch the full video!

(note: the focus has been on gameplay and environments -- the character models and animations are still placeholder -- this is pre-alpha footage.  That said, if you compare to the last twitch stream video, you can see the progress we have made.)

Contents/Highlights (in case you don't have time to view the entire video)

4:55 - Introductions 7:30 - BUFF UP!  

8:31 - Heading out into the wild  

9:42 - Don't jump, Monty! 

11:20 - Passing through the Pass Authority without authorization  

14:04 - Let the battle begin!  

15:03 - Crowd control explained  

18:26 - A bit of the story of the Black Daggers  

22:30 - Welcome to Black Dagger Keep 

25:39 - Brad's sword gets nerfed  

28:19 - More on the Black Daggers  

29:20 - A hint at the perception system  

38:16 - Smart health and mana bars explained  

41:40 - That view tho  

45:00 - Entering the leader's keep  

47:33 - Maps in Pantheon  

56:46 - On bosses and nameds  

58:54 - This is going to escalate quickly  

1:03:01 - How do we aggro all of those? Just like that!  

1:06:04 - Zoning into Halnir Cave  

1:08:50 - These are open world dungeons. This isn't an instance. 

1:10:51 - On death  

1:12:06 - Dynamic torch lights  

1:13:20 - This pillar looks ancient... a perception system hint.  

1:16:55 - On harvesting from the environment and atmospheric systems  

1:18:19 - On NPC dispositions  

1:22:52 - Open world implications - Can you overcome the odds with numbers?

1:24:23 - More on the Perception System: A locked door. How to get in?  

1:30:02 - Someone aggroed the named  

1:34:10 - On weapon and body types  

1:40:45 - On multi-level dungeons and zones  

1:43:10 - Maybe we can kill THIS named  

1:46:27 - On loot design and long-term planning  

1:52:20 - Are we getting trained? I think we're getting trained.  

1:54:31 - Let's take them! Can we? Probably not.

More dungeon crawling!
More dungeon crawling!


Introducing Pantheon's Rogue and More!

It Came from the Shadows...  

Greetings Pantheon fans! In last month's newsletter we teased you a little with a closeup of the rogue you see above. This month we go in for a closer look. Traditional rogue fans will not be disappointed and, as one would expect from a rogue, she may have some tricks up her sleeve. Find out more about the Pantheon Rogue on the game site.

Did you see the Twitch Stream of live gameplay last month? If not, click the link to check it out -- you don't want to miss it. During the stream we received some requests to get a closer look at the areas we were showing. In response to that we're pleased to let you know we have posted several brand new screenshots available in 4k resolution: You'll see the orc camps in vivid detail. Get a closeup of a Chamber of Souls. You may even find a rare spawn from the Union of Shadows somewhere within...

This month we also wanted to find another way to show you our gratitude. Since we first announced Pantheon there has been a tremendous amount of support for the project. So many of you reached out offering your help, whether it be through a skillset, leads, word of mouth, pledges, or a myriad of other ways. We have been truly humbled by your backing and enthusiasm and we will always be grateful. As a very small token of our appreciation we will be announcing a contest later this week where we'll be giving away some Pantheon packages, including some Alpha keys when they become available. Even if you've already pledged you still have a chance to get some swag. Keep an eye out on our website, Facebook:, and Twitter: later this week to learn how to win.

New Screenshots!
New Screenshots!

In case you missed our live twitch Pantheon reveal...


Pantheon November 2015 Newsletter and State of the Game!


Welcome to Pantheon Newsletter #1 and the November 2015 State of the Game!

Hello all, for those of you who haven't followed Pantheon in a while, please take a moment to read this update and, most important, click on the links, read up about the state of the game, and check out our new, totally revamped website -- I think if you take a few minutes and check out what we've been up to, you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

Pantheon in-game Screenshots!
Pantheon in-game Screenshots!

Wow! So much has happened over the past couple of months--where do we start? First, a hearty thank you from all of us at Visionary Realms for being a part of these exciting times with us. Without you we would still be in Brad's garage, talking about things that could be instead of things that are now a reality. We've come so far and have no plans of slowing down now. So, diving right in, this month we're digging in deep with our first feature detail: the Living Codex. This game feature puts a twist on some of the flavor of your spells and abilities. Also, Brad has a special letter for our fans this month, letting us know what's been going on and what to expect going forward, so read on!

State of the Game, November 2015: Into the Danger Room!

The Living Codex

Main link to the new, totally revamped Pantheon website:

The Pantheon Difference

The Pantheon FAQ

Our Corporate Site

In-Game User Interface & Gameplay
In-Game User Interface & Gameplay

We want to hear from you!  Please reach out to us, spread the word about Pantheon, become part of the community, use our forums or others, and discuss the game!

Combat in the depths of Halnir Caves!
Combat in the depths of Halnir Caves!

-Brad McQuaid  

Producer & Gameplay Programmer, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen  

Chief Creative Officer, Visionary Realms, Inc.

ps. follow us on Facebook and Twitter too!

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen new race reveal: Introducing the Dark Myr of Syronai's Rest!


The game continues to move forward at an excellent pace.  Recently we brought JP Targete on board as our Art Director.  

Check out the new Playable Race Reveal:

-Brad McQuaid

CCO, Visionary Realms, Inc.