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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.

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Unboxing Video

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Just a short note today. What’s a new games product without an Unboxing video? As promised we have posted a video of us opening the very first production sample to leave the factory. Enjoy!

It won’t be long now until you are unboxing your own copy.

More information to follow.

Important: Update Your Address Now!

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We have good news to share, but you must read the new paragraph carefully. Printing, packaging, shipping, etc, is on track, with printing being complete. We have a true production sample. So now is the time we need your correct address.

We have good news to share, but you must read the new paragraph carefully. Printing, packaging, shipping, etc, is on track, with printing being complete. We have a true production sample. So now is the time we need your correct address.

This is the important part: We must have your correct address before Sunday May 3rd (Hong Kong time). You have been able to change your addresses in the pledge manager for some time now and we hope most (all!!!) of you have given us a correct address. But we know this project has taken a long time and you may have moved and forgotten, etc, so this is your last change reminder. Send an e-mail to the address below with the subject set to “Shipping Address”. Include your name, Kickstarter username, the full address you want us to ship the core game to and a daytime contact phone number.

If you are moving or on vacation at the estimated delivery time, we suggest you use a friend’s or relative’s fixed address.

This is the fun part: We finally have a production copy of Journey in the office!!! You cannot imagine how nervous we were to open the box. If we saw a problem, it would have been too late to fix. But it was beautiful, much better than we expected.

We have seen many samples, but this box had two important differences from anything we saw before. First, this is the first time we have seen many of the finished items. For example the cards: we saw samples printed with the correct ink and we saw white cards embossed and coated. This was the first time we have seen our finished cards. Second and more importantly, this is the first time we have received all the items together, packaged correctly. In the past, we were shipped an empty box or a manual in an envelope, or bags of minis, etc. To unpack the box and see all the parts in their glory was eye opening. Here are some details and photos.

We have to start with some minis, even though you’ve seen them before. These come protected in a molded plastic tray, housed inside a Kraft paper box. They are extremely well protected. With luck, we expect to have the minimum amount of shipping damage.

We were really pleased with the printed material. As we told you before, we were at the last hurdle with our first printing company and the arrangement fell through over some final issues. We are sorry for the delay, but those last two problems were a stroke of luck: switching companies was the best thing we could have done. The new printed material is much brighter and more vibrant and the details are much sharper, especially in the manual. It’s like switching from DVDs to Blu-Rays; we were perfectly happy with DVDs and did not know things could be better.

 The texture and finish on the cards is perfect.

The heavy card stock is impressive. The compression step at the end takes the thick cardstock and makes it thinner and harder, but just as heavy, of course. It is really solid. When you get your box, we want you to hold up a map tile and tap it with your knuckle. It makes a great ringing noise and feels really hard. We have never handled card like this before. And the rule book was compressed too, it feels slimmer and the fold is well creased.

The tokens got the same treatment, so they are hard, vibrant and have a linen texture embossed on them. But the thing that impresses us the most is how they press out of the sheet. They are firmly in place and won’t slip during shipping, but pop out cleanly, with no damage.

We were up late making the obligatory “Unboxing Video” and we’ll edit and post it as soon as we can. It shows a few more details.

Hey! Do we have your correct shipping address? If not, stop looking at the eye candy and send us an e-mail or message in Kickstarter.

More info to follow.

Production Update

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We normally wait until we complete milestones, as it feels like we have really accomplished something. Since the last update, we have been working hard but we are currently in the middle of many tasks, so we are just keeping you in the loop. Hopefully there are no surprises here, as we think things are moving along well. 

As previously stated, the printing presses are rolling. The final components need to be printed, dried, coated, compressed and collated. We have already given the factory the minis and interior packing, so everything is on site for them to pack the boxes. We will visit the factory in the last week of April to check on the process and we’ll take some pictures. We really want to see that they are packing the boxes correctly.

We have been looking at shipping options. We have not signed a deal yet as we are trying to find the best service at the best price. Compared to the other material being shipped out of China, our shipment is small and can easily be used to fill some empty space in a container, so we are hoping to get a good rate in the end. Also we are getting quotes for the rest of the shipping, once the packages leave the docks at their destination. We are beginning to create procedures for the distributors, as they will need to address packages and do some minor repacking.

Wave 1 will not be just the core game. All the resin minis that we have in our hands will be shipped with wave 1. We are still casting new items, so this list might change, but here is the list of miniatures that are ready today:

  • All the resin scenery
  • All four pilgrims
  • Berrok Bull Warriors
  • Bullserkers

We expect more to be ready before we do the final packing, but no promises – it’s pretty hectic here.

We understand you want to know when this will arrive, so let us share a rough estimate. The printers say this will all be finished on April 30th and we can use this as the start of our estimate. Think of these dates as the earliest possible dates that things will occur, not the actual delivery date.

US and Canada

Here are the remaining steps with estimated durations. Given the uncertainties, we are making our estimates in weeks, not days:

  •  Transport the pallets to the dock in China – 1 week.
  •  Ship to the US – 3 weeks.
  •  Unload and clear customs in the US – 2 weeks.
  •  Load onto a truck, transport to the US distributor – 1 week.
  •  Repack and pass on to the local delivery service – 3 weeks over all, but some go out almost immediately.
  • Start to arrive with our backers – 1 week after they leave the distributor.

If this starts on April 30th, then the packages should arrive between June 26th and July 16th. Here is how it looks graphically:


Shipping to the EU follows the same steps, but the transport ship takes much longer to get to Europe, 5 weeks instead of 3 weeks. This shifts everything else, so we are talking early July to the start of August. Take this with a pinch of salt – shipping times to Europe have much more variation that to the US, as some ships stop at many ports along the way.

Asia regions 

These will be sent out using the Shen Fung Express service. These backers will be among the first to get J:WoD!


We will ship the remaining packages using the Hong Kong post service. These backers might get their packages early too!  

There might be some last minute adjustments to Asian and ROW shipments, depending on deals we can make. 


Remember, these are estimates and many of the tasks are not being done by us, so we are relying on what we are being told. Problems will occur, even though we will be monitoring each step carefully. If you start treating these as hard dates, you will jinx it and cause a delay. If you book vacation from work to stay home and play, you will cause the transport ship to sink!

We know this looks like an impossibly long time for the last few steps but we have seen Kickstarter projects that we have backed have problems at this stage (no space on the transport ship, strikes at customs, no domestic trucks available, very slow repacking by distributors, etc). We will stay on top of this and keep you up to date.

More information to come!

Quick Update

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers! 

We have some solid information from the factory – production will be finished on May 9th. Now we have this date, we can book a slot on a transport ship. Once that is done, we’ll post the delivery schedule. 

Also deltagamegirl22 at Beasts Of War gave us a great write up. She loved the demo game walkthrough; if you have not seen it yet, it might be time to take a look.

More info soon!

Fantastic Plastic

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers! 

Time for something completely different, while we wait for the production schedule to be confirmed.

Many board games are being supplied with high quality components now and when we started work on Journey, we set the bar high and intended to create the very best game we could.

Important components in a miniatures board game are clearly the miniatures. We wanted Journey: Wrath of Demons to straddle the boundary of board games and miniatures games by creating mass produced plastic minis that miniatures gamers would be proud to own and paint.

You’ve seen many pictures of the unpainted miniatures. Here is one of the plastic core game miniatures that I have painted. There are so many miniatures in the box, I understand that most of you will not be spending 40 hours turning each one into a competition piece, so I tried to do a quicker paint job. At the same time, I wanted to do a little shading to show the quality of the mini. Here’s the result, with a little information about the process.

Here’s a reminder of Monkey out of the box. 

The miniatures come assembled and ready for play, but if you are going to paint the miniature, a good place to start is trimming any mold lines with a sharp craft knife, filling the gaps with green stuff and washing gently in warm soapy water to remove any mold release and other oils. I skipped this step entirely and you can see some mold lines in the finished mini; I was trying to show what you could get as a quick result.

There are many ways to shade a miniature, but a quick technique is “zenith priming”. Instead of priming with a flat coat of white, grey, or black (your preference), you prime first with a solid coat of black and then with a light coat of white, but only from the direction of the light source. This is normally straight down from the top, hence the name. This very quickly defines the shadows – if your paint is thinned, some of this shading will show through or you can use it as a very clear guide as you paint over it.

I sprayed two shades of red to get a head start on the painting. You can see I have not been too careful, so if you were brushing on a couple of thin coats it would not have taken you much longer. Using thin coats (sprayed or brushed) allows some of that black and white shading to show through

Sorry, but the tutorial stops here! I got so caught up painting the rest quickly that I forgot to take more work in progress pictures and we are jumping to the final result. I painted the rest of the mini with multiple coats of thinned paint, so that the detail was not obscured by thick gobs of paint. The colors are shaded and highlighted but not blended so smoothly as the work I did on the resin Monkey King. I did the blending by a combination of layering and wet blending but use techniques that work for you. The goal was to create a mini that was the focus of my table top game play, and I think this Monkey is ready to lead the band!

Overall, this took me about 8-10 hours, split into a few separate sessions. I know this is a bit longer that your average “quick paint job”, but remember there are only 4 Pilgrims in the box and these are always in play, so you can devote a little more time to the Pilgrims and spend a less time on Demon Minions. And Monkey is my favorite, so he got a little more love!

This plastic mini took the paint well and I hope you’ll agree that these minis are worthy of being painted by some of you gamers out there. These minis have plenty of detail which makes them a little easier to paint. You can see what each part of the sculpt is meant to be and there is no need to use tricky freehand techniques to paint in details that are missing. Also these minis are a little larger than many other gaming miniatures, again making things easier. Hopefully, this will encourage you to try painting them.

If you are interested in my painting style, I can create full tutorials later, when I have some more free time.

More to come!