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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping Continues

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Shipping continues. The AUS/NZ container ship, the last big shipment, has left China. We are making daily journeys to the local Post Office with carfuls of backer shipments for the ROW. Resin will start to go out once we finish ROW shipments.

All regions have offered to mail us a list of tracking numbers, once the boxes are entered into their systems. Here is the bad news: we have to mail you the tracking number manually. We understand that for some of you a tracking number is important, that you need to be at home when the package arrives. If you need a tracking number we will send it to you. But every minute we spend working on sending individual tracking numbers is a minute that we are not working on production for the next wave. Please help us to use our time productively and do not request a tracking number if you do not really need it.

To get a tracking number, mail us at this address and set the subject to “Tracking Number”. In the e- mail, repeat your own e-mail address, name and shipping address (we are not sure how the shipping companies will organize the list of tracking numbers):


Subject: Tracking Number 

Mail that is formatted in this way will be processed first. 

Other news: The popular war games website Beasts of War have posted the first part in a review of Journey: Wrath of Demons. You can read it here:

Beasts of War have been following Journey for some time now. You can catch up on all the related posts here:

Our forum has 38 members now and the rules posts have nearly 400 views.

More info to come. The next post will be something different to break up the shipping routine!

Support and Forum

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Shipping continues. The container ship has set sail for the EU and today we will complete deliveries to Hong Kong Backers.

With the arrival of Journey: Wrath of Demons on your doorsteps, we must shift gears and enter support mode.

Packaging or Component Issues: As much as we checked and double checked our procedures, there will be human errors. Components may be missing from the box, components may be damaged in transit, etc. Please e-mail all issues concerning replacement parts to:

Please give a clear description of the problem, including photos if you think that will add clarity. We will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

Rules Questions: We have created a forum where you can ask rules- and quest-related questions. As well as providing answers as quickly as possible, we will use this interaction to generate Errata and FAQ documents. The forum is open now, and you will see changes as it grows. You will need to join the forum to post questions, but not to read it. You can find the forum here:

Or register here:

Please look around. There’s not much happening yet, but once you join and post, it will be very different. Perhaps your first post will be to say hello to everyone:

The advantage of posting your questions here is that the exchange is public. With luck, your question may have been posted and answered already, so you might not have to wait for the answer!

Website: Our website, including an e-store and download section will be available soon. Since this is focused more on attracting new customers, this will not be a priority until backers have all received their core games. However, we are looking forward to announcing that it is open and having you all over for a visit.

As you know, we are a small company and we are working on several tasks at the same time: the tail end of delivery, the major and minor expansions and now support. Please read these support instructions carefully. If you can follow these suggestions, communication will be easier for us and we can solve your problems faster. Of course, we will still be reviewing all our communication options, including KS PM and KS comments, but we will check the official channels first.

Now some bad news. Despite careful review, there will be errors in the rule book and, indeed, the first problem has been reported. We have already posted the response here in our forum:

If you take a moment to check the Errata now, you will be able to play without a hitch.

More info to follow!


Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Great news, we have our first comments from a backer who has received Journey: Wrath of Demons. This is an important milestone, but not as important as the last backer getting their copy and we can see the light at the end of that tunnel! We have now organized all the shipping:

  • The transport ship for the US distributor is well into its journey and should arrive mid-July.
  • Shipments to the EU will leave on 28-June and arrive at the docks on 22-July.
  • Shipping to Aus/NZ will leave on 7-July and arrive at the docks on 21-July.
  • Direct mail to other locations has started and we will continue carrying boxes to the post office until mid-July. These boxes arrive very quickly; it was one of these that arrived already.

Don’t forget it will take some time to clear customs, transport to the distributor and then pass through the local mail system.

There has been a slight change in shipping resins. They have all been packed and addressed but would not fit in the packing boxes with the core game. We will work on shipping these packages immediately after the direct mail shipments. So there will be a short delay shipping them to you.

We are still working on tracking info but have nothing new to pass on. However, we have good news for Canadian backers: we are using USPS as the final shipper, which will minimize your brokerage fees.

We want to talk briefly about support. With people getting their copies, we want to be there to help you through the first moments. To be honest, we are not completely prepared but we have backup plans.

Your first look: Kickstarter games go pretty much directly from the factory and ship to the backer. The boxes are well wrapped and there is no time for humidity levels to equilibrate. Compare this to your FLGS, where the box is only wrapped in thin plastic with breathing holes and might be on the shelf for months.

Why do we mention this? Game boards can warp when subjected to fast humidity changes. It’s the change that’s important. If you are either drier or damper than the factory, you could get some warping. There is good news here. The coating and compression of the cardboard makes Journey much less likely to warp that some other games. Also you can manage the problem yourself by unboxing slowly. First open the box and let the air exchange. Close your box. Repeat a couple of times. Then lay the boards out and watch them. If they warp a little, flip them, they will warp back. Keep flipping and you will notice they warp less and less. We have seen this recommended for other KS games and tried it ourselves.

How bad is it? Here is a quick snap from a partner in a very humid part of Canada. These boards have been left out overnight. Looking at the reflections, they seem pretty flat. Our partner only did the flipping trick two or three times, 20 minutes between flips.

 Your First Game: The first two Quests are designed to help ease you into the rules, but you will need to read the rulebook first. Don’t forget we have a walkthrough that you can use as a learning aid too. You can still download it from our dropbox:

This is not a complete substitute for reading the rules, but you could start here and play immediately. We hope you have fun!

Your First Question: All complex board games need support. Much as we hope the rules are clear, there will be questions. At the moment we will look for questions on BGG and collect answers into a draft FAQ. You will be able to see existing Q & As before you post your questions. At regular intervals, the draft FAQ will be converted to official FAQ, complete with graphics, etc.

Make sure you post your rules questions in the “Rules” section:

The Future: We are reviewing our website. In the future, we will do more of the support (downloads, FAQ, etc) from this site. We are hoping to get this up soon.

Shipping and New Sculpts

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

We have some shipping news:

  • The transport ship for the US distributor is well into its journey and should arrive at the mid of July.
  • Shipping to EU is still on hold, due to paperwork issues.
  • Shipping to Aus/NZ is still on hold, due to paperwork issues.
  • Direct mail to other locations will start on Monday, June 22nd.

So the direct mail packages will probably be the first to arrive! We really hope these lucky backers enjoy their first game! The two shipments on hold should go soon. Everything is ready on our end: they are packed on pallets, address lists are ready, etc, etc. We are waiting for paperwork from the destination and then they can go. We are in constant contact with the parties doing the paperwork and we are trying to hurry this along as much as possible.

We are looking at how tracking numbers will be sent out and will update you when we have more info. We expect every package to be tracked, but the specifics will vary by region.

Now that Wave 1 is taking less of our time, we can share some information about what’s to come. We still need to finish Wave 1, so we’d like to start with something simple: here are pictures of the completed Yau Demon master sculpts.

I really like Ray’s work on this mini. It has great presence and power, and with all the detail, it should be fun to paint. It is a little different from the concept art, but I think all the changes are improvements.

The Jing Yau is great too. Perhaps he’s a little smaller, but he’s just as fierce. Look! Twins!

 As always, more information to come.

Shipping Update

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!  

Completing complex customs paperwork for each location has caused a significant delay. The core game is completely packaged but cannot leave China before this paperwork is complete. Trust us, we are just as frustrated as you.

We have worked hard on this and it is almost resolved. We are just waiting for final confirmations. Here is the current situation:

USA & Canada Hub: The container vessel leaves China on June 12 and arrive in the U.S around July 13.

EU Hub: We are awaiting final details and we will update the confirmed ship date soon.

Australia and New Zealand Hub: We are close to complete, but we do not have specifics yet. Once we have more solid information we will update you.

Rest of the world: Shipping will begin next week.

More info to follow – we still need to focus on the last part of this problem. We will post another shipping update with new estimates for delivery.

Thank you so much for all your patient and support with us!