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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
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Jiangshi Sightings

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Here is a short update to show our status. The Jiangshi rules have been formatted for printing. We need a few review steps, but we are almost ready for production. Here are some sample images:



 Here’s some brief information about the Jiangshi game play. The AI rules for Jiangshi are slightly different: these are the first enemies that do not focus on Tripitaka. Instead, their top priority draws them to Pilgrims that are currently holding Sutras. As well as giving you new Quests dedicated to the Jiangshi, the rules explain how to add them to existing, or your own, Quests.

Our resin caster has been slowly getting back to work. We now have enough new resin figures to begin shipments in January. All the characters and scenery from the core game have now been cast. We know some of you have moved; if so please send your current address to us at If we have your current address, please do not e-mail it again.

Ray is working on the White Bones Expansion. We hope to show his results in the next update.  

More info to follow!

Wave 2 Progress

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers! We have made some small steps forwards and we want to share some information about our status.

We are suffering from some tragic circumstances. We have the good fortune to work with a great resin caster but we are very sad to say his wife has passed away after a lengthy illness. We support him during his grief, and accept that this has a severe impact on our schedule. Further, Ray’s wife has spent a great deal of time in hospital. She is home now but not fully recovered. Ray has been able to do a little sculpting during this period. We do have some contingency plans to improve the situation, and we will share these once firm decisions have been made.

Manufacturing has started on the Jiangshi minis and boxes.The rules and quests are complete but are still being formatted in our normal graphical style. We will post another update once it is finished.

 The Bridge Set is also with the manufacturers. The molds and box art have been approved and we are making them now.

We already showed the sculpt for the Zing Yau Demon, and the mold for creating the plastic version is complete. We will move on the Jing Yau mold next and will start production when we have both of them

Ray has completed the Dragon Princess sculpt and she has been sent to our resin caster.  Once we receive the sculpt and the cast back and we will be able to take some photos for them. 

More info to follow!

Wave 2

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!  

We are beginning to plan for Wave 2 production. Plans change and we are talking about quite a long time frame, so at this stage, these are projections and estimates. But this lets you know where we are heading.

Wave 2 will include some small packs and one full expansion:

• Jiangshi Boxed Set
• Plastic Bridges Boxed Set

• Bone Demon Expansion

There is a small chance that the Yau Demons might make it into Wave 2, but it is not on the list at the moment. We do not want to miss more deadlines, so we are not giving you a date, but to set expectations, you will not receive Wave 2 before Q4 2016.

We will keep you updated on progress, starting with the Jiangshi. All sculpts are done and the molds have been tooled. Here’s how they look like: 

Both the rules and 3 Quests have been written. We are giving the Quests one last play test and then we start the layout for the rules sheets that are included.

Next is the bridges production samples: 

We have also shipped out more resin packages this week, for those of you who are still waiting for resin packages, it should be on it's way to you.

We’ll talk about the Jiangshi rules next and the other parts of Wave 2 once we have more solid information. We’ll also have some good news about shipping costs. More info to follow!

The Art of Journey

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)

Hello Backers!

“The Art and Making of the Monkey King” was included in many of the reward levels. We have started work on it, so this a great time to pass on some details.

There is some great news! Roman and Raffa from Massive Voodoo are doing most of the hard work. They are award winning miniature artists, well known in the industry, so it’s great to have such talented people contributing to our project. And it means we are not distracted by this task. Win, win. If you don’t know these guys, check out their blog.

The art book will be an A5 softcover booklet, roughly 50 pages long. It will be stuffed with pictures of painted Marrow miniatures, but the main focus will be painting tutorials. There will be two main sections, basic techniques and then tutorials for specific miniatures.

The techniques will cover layering, dry-brushing, stippling, washes, and glazes, etc. There will also be a section on basing. If you haven’t seen the basing tutorials on Massive Voodoo, it’s really worth checking out. They turn great miniatures into art.

Once you are up to speed on the core techniques, the art book will show you how to use them in step by step tutorials for four of the Journey miniatures: Monkey King, Cho Hakkai, a Berrok Warrior and a Borrack Bull General. You can follow along or take your own route, using whatever information you find valuable. You can see the kind of tutorial we mean here in the forum:

We’ll keep you up to date on all progress, but we are expecting some of this material to be published on the Massive Voodoo blog, so you should be able to see some of it before the art book arrives. We’ll make certain you are kept in the loop.

More info to follow!

Game Play Update: The Yao Demons

Posted by Marrow Production (Creator)
Hello Backers! 

Let’s take a break from tracking shipments and talk about new game play. We have completed the core rules, scenarios and play testing for the Yau Demons. A picture paints a thousand words and we just love the look of these minis, so let’s start with a refresher on what these guys look like.

You can see these and more images back in Update 126:

If you don’t want us to spoil the surprise, stop reading now! We are going to talk about new game play. The Yau are the first Demons we will show you that play quite differently from the Bull Demons. If you start by thinking of them as evil spirits that haunt a location, you will begin to understand their operation.

Yau Demons do not Spawn at Gates by drawing Demon Spawn Cards (most of the time). Instead each Yau is placed at a specific location marked with a token and will come back to haunt that location even if it is Killed or Cleansed. When the Pilgrims defeat the Yau, they are only dismissed for a certain period of time.

They do have prioritized AI plans, but the plans are slightly different from the Bull Demons. Since Tripitaka cannot permanently banish them, they regard Tripitaka as a normal Target. Generally the plans make them attack the most targets they can and defend their Haunting Token.

Yau Demons do not chase the Pilgrims too far. They will not move off the Map Tile containing their Haunting Token.

There are many ways the Yau can be incorporated into your games. We have created 3 new Quests based solely on the Yau Demons. As another difference, we have designed these Quests to be played campaign style, so the Pilgrims make no changes between Quests. You keep the same Health, Skills, etc, so you need to be more careful. Making heroic but risky moves to end the early Quests can be disastrous!

You can add the Yau to any existing Quest, by adding Haunting Tokens anywhere on the Map. If you replace some existing starting Demons with Yau, the difficulty will be about the same and simply adding extra Yau will ramp things up.

Finally you can use the Yau as Mercenary Demons, recruited to the Bull Demon Horde. When spawn cards generate Demons, the Bull Demon King always pushes his Mercenary Demons through the gates first. So spawning 2 Berrok Warriors will actually spawn 2 Jing Yau, if there are any in reserve.

We hope this is enough to whet your appetite. We’ll be back with more info in roughly 2 weeks.