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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Rasmus Strand

      Please reconsider making this into an add-on. I would love to pay for this, but I have no great interest in the remaining resin pieces (and therefore no interesting in the Deluxe Journey). I am on Premium with a TON of addons, well over $500 in total, and disqualifying me from this seems harsh, especially when I am willing to pay for it.

    2. Alderman Jack on

      Will there be an update on the scenarios/quests? Quite eager to find out what drives the pilgrims.

    3. TAMN on

      Fabulous to see the sculpt of Kei Lun. He truly is a Heavenly Creature - I can't wait to see how he looks completed and cast for the game.

    4. Teng Sean How on

      There are far more than 60 backers at $320. There are many on Single Journey who have add-ons and shipping cost that total beyond $320.


      Yep just keep gifting the 60 or so backers at 320 + and forget about the other 1000+ of us

    6. Teng Sean How on

      Plastic is going to lose fine detail. Chunking up and exaggerating details isn't adding details, it is compensating for the loss of details. You WILL lose details and potentially even certain poses when you convert to plastic. It has nothing to do with traditional metal mold construction, or using digital enhancing. If you understand the process, you simply know that a silicone impression of the master copy, poured in high-grade resin is as good as it gets.

      I am not making a speculation here. I get things milled from digital scans in VERY expensive machines, and they do not compare to objects I pour from impressions I take.

    7. John H. on

      @David - no worries, I didn't think you were being critical. I completely agree that J:WoD and KD:M appear comparable in detail (and scale!). I think it's fantastic that Journey is getting a good KS launch, and hope to see a lot more over time. The whole resin vs plastic thing is fascinating to me.

    8. David Weiss on

      sorry John I wasn't meaning to sound critical, I am really looking forward to my KDM delivery and the plastic looks great. It's just that different materials have different properties and I used KDM because detail wise this seems to be on a similar level.

    9. John H. on

      @Pete - some of the KD:M monsters are going to be *HUGE* - Sunstalker & Spidicules, for example. I think both KD:M and J:WoD are going to be awesome.

    10. John H. on

      @David - I'm backing KD:M, and looking forward to it!

      I still say it'll depend on the skill of their digital sculptor during cleanup, and how they choose to adjust for plastic vs resin. It's hard to say that there will be any loss of detail in plastic. On the computer, some fine detail can potentially be even better. I'm very eager to see what Marrow comes up with.

    11. Pete on

      Were the Kingdom Death monsters and characters as big as the Journey ones? I mean, these guys are almost life size! How much detail could possibly be lost? I'm sure it will be a bit, but they will still be incredible!

    12. David Weiss on

      @ John H that's what i mean by "chunking up" the details are usually made heavier to compensate for the loss when it's done in plastic, the differences in the resin and plastic here for instance the resin details are much finer and Adam has gone to a lot of effort to get the best plastic solution he can find.

    13. Augustine Von Freiburg

      Simply awesome!

      And now I'm even more glad that I bumped up to $400 earlier. :-D

    14. John

      Here there be dragons, and my oh my is this one heavenly or what...?

    15. Steven Ford on

      @Pete: Also a good idea with the strong good karma!

    16. Pete on

      Just seeing a full karma Trip standing at the foot of this guy as he lays waste to hoards of demons is badass!

    17. Pete on

      It would be cool if having a boat load of good karma made you invisible to Kei Lun...until you attack him of course!

      That sculpture is amazing, I know everyone is focused on the dragon, but even the pile of temple debris at his feet is beautiful!

    18. Philip L on

      That is sublime :-)

    19. Steven Ford on

      @Justin: glad to see we had the same idea re: karma :P

    20. Steven Ford on

      I like the sound of how Kei Lun plays. I think killing him should really give the pilgrims a big hit of negative karma though, as he seems to be, by nature, a noble creature.

    21. Marrow Production Creator on

      @Justin, Kei Lun can kill demons and there will be no bad karma. For the Bone Beast, it is $320 or more. Thanks!

    22. John H. on

      @David - plastic depends entirely on whether Marrow does digital cleanup before cutting the molds. If the mini is converted to plastic properly, the details can actually be sharper and crisper than the original.

    23. John H. on

      Oh, that looks beautiful. So glad to see this!

    24. Missing avatar

      Justin Wrenn on

      Two questions:
      1) Will demons killed by Kei Lun add bad karma?
      2) For the Bone Beast do we need to pledge over $320 or is it $320 or more?

    25. Missing avatar


      Ahh, thanks David

    26. David Weiss on

      @esswhy this will be the original sculpt. Resin makes an almost perfect copy. In plastic some of the details will be softer or else chunked up to preserve them.

    27. Missing avatar


      I'm not a miniatures expert. Is the fact that these are resin the reason that they look so nice and detailed?

    28. AGN1964 on

      It's great to get a good look at this fella. To get a mini this large as part of a $100 game is amazing. Can't wait to see game details for Qinglong ... $7000 to go.

    29. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      really hope the plastic mold holds all those details

    30. Pilgrim_uk on

      Ok John ..breath into the bag slowly.

    31. John D on

      Also, thanks for the Yagara Bone Beast, just what I wanted!

    32. AGN1964 on

      Just for you John ;-)

    33. John D on

      Kei Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn!