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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Koen Dijns on

      @Marrow Production, I'm a little confused. Will people that get the mini as a free gift get a choice if they want to receive her in either plastic or resin or will it depend on the the pledge level?

    2. John H. on


      Plastic for current Single Journey backers!

    3. Missing avatar

      Koen Dijns on

      @Danielle Siler
      Its not really a stretchgoal is it? It clearly says free gift.
      If the project hits 300K its also a stretchgoal.

      I think its a nice touch, same with the halloween hopping zombies!

    4. Pilgrim_uk on

      Its a loyalty program. To get people who may be on the sidelines about pledging. Those who put the trust in the project earlier get benefited from it. Which sounds a good idea when some folk wait till the last 24 hours before pledging.

    5. Danielle Siler on

      Why only give stretch goals to people who pledge by a certain time? The stretch goals are part of the reason why i've supported many projects that I may not have backed otherwise.

    6. Nick Knight on

      For the cards, can you do like the 5th pilgrim and add the 1$ option. Awesome work Marrow!

    7. Dagda

      Wow, fantastic. Maybe she is the one to make me go Premium. :)
      But I have to agree, please let her have her own cards.

    8. Nadim Alam on

      Awesome! Could have been sexier though but still very good!

      Forget about the nun lovers they dont know what they are talking about! Lets see more of these type of minis please, the game will be better and we will also race past the 500k mark in no time!

      Keep up the awesome work!

    9. Jason


    10. John H. on

      "if the pledge total reaches $300K, we will be able to produce this alternate sculpt in plastic. Any backers that met the pledge deadline above and are receiving Boxed Game Upgrade rewards at the end of the campaign will then receive a free plastic alternate Tripitaka."

      1. you pledge by the cutoff on Monday,
      2. you're getting Single Journey, and
      3. total is over $300k
      YES, you get "free" female Trip!

    11. woodhouse

      May backers who back single journey will get a free female tripitaka if the total pledge reach 300K?

    12. John H. on

      The female body with the male head would be even more interesting. ;)

      BTW, with $6,700+ pledged today, if this keeps up, $300k is a lock even without any bump.

    13. Andrew Duncan-Coulter on

      Just curious- would people who aren't crazy about this model be willing to do a head swap with the male Tripitaka? The male body with the female head should look pretty interesting and suitably virtuous.

    14. John H. on

      BTW, you can get Qipao in any Chinatown, they're not expensive, but it's a sheath dress, so you'll need to have it fitted.

    15. Edward Chiang on

      Nice solution! Can't wait to get them.

    16. Kosongz on

      I love the looks of the female Trip, but isn't it a bit sexy for someone trying to fetch sutras to cleanse the world? It's Qipao alright, and the split is right, but warrior monks do wear trousers. But I think I would be using this more than male Trip.

    17. SerenityNow98 on

      Wow, I had to look up Qipao but I'd agree with it

    18. John H. on

      And that dress could very well be silk.

      Would translucent silk have been better than opaque black?

    19. John H. on

      @Micah - that's not a Japanese Geisha dress, sorry. It's more like a Chinese Qipao.

    20. Matthew Blecke on

      @Steven Ford - huh? Yesterday your $180 pledge got you x figures. Today that $180 gets you x+1. So you get one more figure, but don't pay a cent more. How is that not free?

    21. SerenityNow98 on

      @Steven - No, what I'm saying is 100% accurate. It's not costing you a dime more than you were paying to get the Tripitaka figure nor is it hurting the game if you don't like it. Your benefit from the game either stayed the same (ie you don't like this fig) or it went up (you like this fig and got it free OR you hate this fig but you'll eBay it and you didn't have to pay any extra for it)

      Of all the models to complain about, one that makes zero game play changes and does not cost any extra at all seems a bit odd. I understand the complaints about Garvok WAY more than this.

    22. John

      Fantastic! The design looks great and kudos to the Marrow team for another excellent goal. Hope we hit the $300k stretch so we can unlock the plastic version. Cheers!

    23. Weisern Loh on

      Love the FANTASY artwork style character design. She looks great!

    24. Micah Rose on

      Why not a classy silk dress? Agree with Ashley on the comment thing. Sex sells and this will sell, but I don't have to like it. There are enough boobs in this game now--Hello, cleanser! I like boobs and legs, don't get me wrong, but I think this is a piss poor thematic fit for a character that is supposed to be a holy reincarnation of a disciple of Buddha. The folks at Marrow seemed to indicate that they loved the story of Journey to the West, why dress the androgynous monk like a geisha?

    25. Steven Ford on

      @Ashley: be as glib as you like, something you have to pay for isn't 'free'. It may be a bargain, for sure, but it cannot, by any honest definition, be called free. So saying you have to pay $180 to be able to get something 'for free' is at best disingenuous. Not knocking Marrow at all. I think this is a great idea, I love the artwork, they're selling their game and I have a lot of respect for them. But don't take that patronizing tone with people when what you are saying (repeatedly) is totally inaccurate.

    26. John H. on

      @Ashley - very well put, thank you.

      KickTraq shows over +$5k pledged today, vs under $4k pledged any of the past 5 days. Coincidence with the reveal of a new female models? Perhaps.

      Or perhaps just end of campaign people finally deciding to back. I don't know. Either way, the campaign is getting more backers and I'm happy about that.

    27. SerenityNow98 on

      I wish people would refrain from using phrases like "Like most people here" as though they had conducted a scientific poll to further their point. "Like most people here" simply means "This is my idea and I'm, like, super important and stuff"

      There are nearly 1500 backers and the only thing "most people" here do is not comment. Well over 750 people don't comment on a regular basis so we have no idea what they want.

      I, personally, love the art for this character. I think it's perfect considering that the show was on decades ago and the world has changed. I also think it's perfect because I believe that it will attract more backers than it will repel (though I have no scientific data to back that up, nor does anyone have data to the contrary).

      It's free, it's not integral to the game, and it's free, and you don't have to use it and it's free. Oh, and it's free.

      And on the plus side, it's free so you don't have to use it if you don't like it. And it's free...

    28. John H. on

      @Amanda - If one is doing a fantasy 2" tall model of a female, the model should be obviously female from across the tabletop.

      Copying the 1970s costume would be like putting here in a burlap sack. It's basically shapeless blob, so one might as well not even bother.

      Like it or not, fantasy females sculpts end up being very feminine, simply so that one can tell the model apart and make out some female details.

      But this is not an oversexualized model wearing nothing but a chainmail bikini. I wish people would at least make that distinction, and not consider bare arms & neck to be scandalous.

    29. Missing avatar

      wh on

      I don't mind the way she looks. But please give us matching cards for her :)

      I might want to play with an extra tripitaka on the board. And add more/better monsters to make it harder.

    30. Gavin Ng on

      Love the artwork as it is!

    31. Amanda Osborne on

      Like most people here, I would have REALLY preferred a chaste nun. Surely a sculpt that more accurately portrays Natsume Masako's wonderful portrayal of Tripitaka would have been a more fitting tribute? Why do women have to be sexualised to be powerful? Masako's Tripitaka certainly didn't need to bare flesh to leave an impression. I will not be purchasing this item, but if an ALTERNATE alternate sculpt were to be made available I'd grab it in a heartbeat!

    32. John H. on

      I think it's fine - please don't put her in a burqa.

    33. Joseph Le May

      What Micah said. +1 vote for a chaste monk.

    34. Micah Rose on

      I'm not saying she can't be hot. Natsume Masako was definitely hot. Right now, though, she looks like a prostitute, as does every other female art-piece we've seen. A virtuous Buddhist monk shouldn't be that sexualized. We've got hot in the dragon princess, the cleanser, and even the upcoming spider demon. Let's have the monk put some damn clothes on.

    35. Daniel Cassidy

      i just watched an episode of monkey from the 70s as i wanted to relivive my childhood (Brilliant - it was so bad it was good, even great) however i do feel this female art is very sexualised and if i was to back it i would prefer her to be more monk like.

    36. Sleeperwaking on

      I really don't like this sculpt, so I won't be adding it. She doesn't even appear to be wearing shoes, which really is an oversight when you're undertaking an epic journey to the West, nevermind the trouble she'll run into in the first patch of thistles (that's even before we touch on her being modelled on Tripitaka, a virtuous Buddhist monk, whilst being posed and dressed like she is). There's only so much suspension my disbelief can take.

    37. John H. on

      Very nice, thank you!

      Also, duly noted that she isn't sculpted as a traditional shaved-head Buddhist nun. But then, this is a fantasy game, so why not have a little fun with it. Besides, those who don't like skin can always paint on tights of some sort.

    38. donnbobhardy

      I am a little confused. They announced the plastic of her at $300k. Why can't they make a similar announcement for plastic Gavrok?

    39. Nick Knight on

      I love it! Just add the art to the card! I'll pay the extra!

    40. Missing avatar

      Matthew Williams on

      Are you guys serious? They didn't have to make an alt sculpt, they didn't have to include it for free, and you don't have to friggin' use it!

      I think the sculpt is awesome, I can't wait to paint and use it, and I'd be ticked if you made a sculpt like those Buddhist nuns in the picture. This is a FANTASY game. There's a monkey king and we're worried about a hot monk? Sheesh!

      I will say, however, that I agree with the idea that it'd be nice to have a card that matched her artwork for continuity because I doubt at this point that the real Tripitaka will ever get used in my games.

    41. Paint'Riot Studio

      Great,one more female character !need also all cleanser unlocked.
      It will have 3 female characters,it's a good beginning!
      Need more if it's possible :)

    42. Missing avatar

      IN5AN3 on

      The artwork for this game is awesome! One of the best looking and sculpted games I've seen.

    43. euansmith

      Doh! Here we go again. Not quite as egregious as the Cleaner, but certainly not androgynous or even very "monk" like. Here's some Buddhist Nuns:

    44. Micah Rose on

      I might be the only one to think this, but isn't this 'androgynous' figure pretty darn feminine, and crazy sexy for a monk. I'd actually like less sexy, especially if I want girls to play as a female lead.

    45. Eli Butcher on

      I just plan on playing as the Monkey King myself, but the addition of the Dragon Princess and this new alt are great! It's nice to see some female representation in the group. Nice job guys!!!

    46. Pilgrim_uk on

      You were not kidding about surprises. Outstanding and a nice tribute to Masako Natsume.

    47. Ziv Kitaro on

      What a grand idea! Obviously this is going to be the main choice when playing the game.

    48. David Powell on

      @Marrow - first off, awesome idea, awesome art, amazing update. But it'd nice to have a pilgrim profile sheet that matches the art/figure. I know it's not necessary so we can get by without it. It's just something to think about.

    49. SacredRoach

      Gah! More auctions going up later tonight...