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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Koen Dijns on

      I like the pose! None of the other pilgrims have a super powerful action stance so why should this one? I think its a great taunting pose! And its free... you can choose not to play it if you don't like it...

    2. Mike Malley on

      I just saw your reply now, Eric. Well played, sir.

    3. Ariel Thomas

      I really like her overall design design, but the boob and butt pose leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully the model itself doesn't feel as constrained by the one dimensional art style and chooses something more anatomically functional.

    4. Christophe JAMANN on

      yeah the fifth pilgrim is avaible ... cool but the four pilgrim have a extra skills cards for go the number to eleven with the upgrade .... the dragon princess have just ten of this ?? maybe a repack ??

    5. Eric Appleguy on

      Arthur: One can only hope she doesn't try to eat him too like she did the horse.

    6. Arthur K on

      So she literally is being mounted by a monk every single day?

    7. Jose Negron on

      If I pledged at $100 level before the limited time over existed and then switched to an EB when a a lot opened up, do I still get this free gift?

    8. Eric Appleguy on

      With her feminine wiles, Mike. With her feminine wiles.

    9. Missing avatar

      Damien & Jacqui Bosman on

      Great idea to change the 5th pilgrim into a female! Although, I agree with calls to change her pose. It's a bit too male-gazey.

    10. Mike Malley on

      Has Marrow said how she'll attack?

    11. Rorkror on

      I like a lot the pose, don't knwo what you don't like :(

    12. Kosongz on

      Never mind. Saw it in the browser. For some reason, the bigger pic didn't display in the app.

    13. Kosongz on

      Can we get an avatar for her? I think I'm sick of trip carrying me on his arms. Wanna cuddle up to horsie... :)

    14. Cameron Morgan on

      @MP +1 for changing her pose
      @Eric - hahaha :)

    15. Eric Appleguy on

      Pigsy's gonna have a hard time keeping to his monastic vows now! Hahaha

      Monkey: "No, not the horse! You PIG!"

      You guys should really add the Spider Spirit as an enemy too, then we'll be able to stage a full blown bitch fight!

    16. Weisern Loh on

      Yay, our prayers answered! I like the pose, its fine :D

    17. John

      Nicely done Marrow - this is exactly what we needed. Finally smashed the $201k barrier :D

      +1 for changing the pose to something more dynamic for the production version. Cheers!

    18. Emily Presley on

      I was pretty excited to hear that you added a female character. However, like Mike and Joseph, I am not thrilled with the pose. Please consider giving her a more realistic and powerful stance!

    19. Arthur K on

      It is only fair when the real strongest female character in the book Avalokitasvara 觀音is in fact a dude!

    20. Nadim Alam on

      Wow just awesome!

      Another free resin mini for my tier! Thank you so much! On top of that she looks awesome aswell.

      Great work guys on making this ks worth every penny!

    21. Rando Commando on

      NOW THAT'S WHAT WE NEED!!!!!!!! W00T!!

    22. TAMN on

      That's a good question @Donn - it's not officially a 5 person game.............

    23. Missing avatar

      Mario on

      I really like the concept and would like to get the model in resin. However, I am not really interested in the game, is there a way to get this miniature?

    24. donnbobhardy

      @Marrow - Will there be a 5th initiative token for her?

    25. Marrow Production Creator on

      @ray, yes, at Premium Journey you will receive both plastic and resin. Wings also.

    26. ray bans

      Not to look a Gift Horse in the mouth, but you have said the is a Boxed Game Upgrade and a Collectors Upgrade.
      Does that mean that the Premium Journey gets her as plastic, and then resin as well (one to play on the table, and one to paint and display? so we can have all 5 pilgrims as display items, and their plastic counterparts for game play,
      If that is the case, will the wings be available in both plastic, and resin?

      (sorry for the pun, I know it was bad)

    27. a.redman on

      There are a few Chinese dragons with wings. The most notable is Yinglong.

      But most, 99%, dont have any wings.

    28. John Meeks on

      Damn I wanted a horse. Just kidding love the gift, thank you. I hope we see some more females as demons too.

    29. Nakano

      @AGN1964 He fixed a typo (in -> I'm) of his previous post and it looked like that.

    30. AGN1964 on

      @Rider, sorry man, when you said "I'm not in", I thought you were leaving. Glad you are still on this journey.

    31. John H. on

      @Artem - Chinese dragons are wingless, magical fliers, so the wings aren't really necessary. Winged dragons are more of a Western concept.

    32. Mike Malley on

      For once I hope that the sculpt doesn't exactly match the art, because that pose isn't nearly as realistic as the others.

    33. Augustine Von Freiburg

      Yet another way you guys at Marrow have validated our choice to back this project. Marrow could have very easily (and legitimately) used this figure to leech more money out of us but they didnt and I applaud them for this.

      Thank you Marrow. You guys are amazing. <3

    34. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Thank you very much for this awesome update.
      There's nothing I like more on a KS project than getting free stuff and when the free stuff is a superb miniature, I'm very happy.
      However I would put some notice that you are about to spoil some information from the book. Thanks to you, I decided to read the book and I'm waiting for it to arrive. :P

    35. Paint'Riot Studio

      I really like this new pilgrim!I hope we can see the sculpture before the end of kickstarer campaign!

    36. Artem Filatov

      Many thanks for this amazing gift!
      Beautiful miniature!
      However, looking on consept-art, I ask myself a question, where her wings grow from? Should they grow from shoulders?)

    37. John H. on

      Nice! I was wondering how white horse would be incorporated!

      Hopefully, we'll see expansion sets for Dragon King.

    38. AGN1964 on

      I was young enough that the campy style was still fun. I loved that show, but I don't remember individual episodes.

    39. RIDERpestilence on

      @AGN1964, you misunderstand my post. I was thinking about leaving, this update make me decide to stay. I'm not going anywhere!

    40. Joseph Le May

      I mean. On the one hand it's awesome to have a female player character! On the other...

      Her stance is extremely passive. If the sculpt is exactly like this, she looks weak, not like a hero. Why is her ass pointed to the camera where she is looking? That's not a thing people do.

      Just something to think about.

    41. euansmith

      I don't know if anyone else here is old enough to remember the old TV show; shown in the UK in the 1980s with some hilarious dubbing. In the show, Tripitaka was played by a female actor in a bad bald head wig. In one episode the young monk is gender swapped to a girl; same actress, no wig :D

    42. TAMN on

      @Denis, @Neil - so sorry. I was getting hopelessly mixed up with a different conversation on a different thread and making typos with names all over. What I meant to say is that it says that the official rule would be to just pick any 4 (so you could play with the Princess in that 4 if you want) or you can unofficially add her as a fifth Pilgrim - it's up to you. And that she comes with a profile sheet and the skill cards necessary to play her. I would imagine that if you wanted to stay true to the story you would keep Tripitaka in the set of 4 even if you substituted the Princess since he is the monk that was given the original quest in the story

    43. Levi on…

      At 34:36, you can see how White Dragon Horse showed itself to the female Dragon Princess Sword Dancer (She later assasinate the Demon but failed). Thats the 1986 Chinese TV Drama of Journey.

    44. David Powell on

      So you can play with any four pilgrims... but I wonder if Tripitaka will be mandatory. From the story standpoint it seems like you'd have to have him and then pick three of the remaining four. Or all them if you have five players.

    45. Missing avatar


      @Levi: Thanks for clarifying that! I'm afraid I've yet to find the time to actually read Journey to the West, and I was under the assumption that Marrow had been forced to come up with this simply due to the tale being written back when female characters rarely showed up except as damsels in distress. I'm glad to hear otherwise.

    46. Levi on

      @Sleet @TAMN - I have to say the dragon princess is not a transformation from male to female but she actually is in the origional story. I have read the book over 20 years since my childhood. It is clearly that the sex of Dragon white horse is changable due the feature of dragon race. And evidentally, in chapter about Yellow Wind Demon appears, Dragon White Horse do appeared as a famale when every other 4 pilgrims were caught/defeated by the Demon (that time Tripitaka was cursed to a tiger, Monkey King was away, Pigsy want to leave, so the Dragon White Horse shows itself as a female sword dancer to assasin the Demon but failed, then during the night she pushed Pigsy to go and call Monkey King back) Sorry I am not good at telling story, but here I just want to confirm Marrow's female Dragon Princess is not a fabricated character but rooted from the classic novel indeed.

    47. Jorge Barreiros on

      Thanks. looks great and i'm sure it's bound to raise interest in the project.
      May I suggest you to *confirm* EU shipping, as soon as possible, before the end of the campaign? This would surely bring in a lot more backers.

    48. Neil Gorst on

      @TAMN where does it say she'll play the same as Tripitaka? I don't see it in the update above, and it seems like a wasted opportunity for some extra variation if that is the case - plus I can't imagine a dragon being a weak fighter like Trip!