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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
1,858 backers pledged $425,553 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Mike Strathearn on

      Chinese vampires are awesome.

      I love watching Encounters of the Spooky Kind with Sammo Hung. Channel 4 in the UK ran a series of movies based on chinese ghost stories back in the early 90's and the hopping, OCD vampires were such a change from the british Hammer fair.

      I think a little set of these dudes will und up in my pledge.

    2. JC on

      I also have a EB single journey and I think that this campaign is been fair and consistent. I love the way Marrow is working this KS and like Lawrence says the more you spen the more you get thats the reason why im going to spend a lot of money in the last few days of the campaing because im not going to give away my EB lol

    3. John Meeks on

      I know the scale is larger, but I will defenitly be adding a bunch of these guys to my vampire counts zombie horde.

    4. Alice Peng on

      Hopping Vampire!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to see things from you guys for Chinese Mythology that are rarely represented (in games)!

    5. Bib' (Lawrence) on

      @Silver Bowen: the more you spend, the more you get. This is fair, isn't it? Single journey is the entry level - if you want it all, just spend more. If you can't do it, well accept that other that do the step get a reward. I dropped an EB single journey for a "normal" premium journey, my fault for not having trust Marrow from the very beginning. And I cope with this ^_^

    6. Silver Bowen on

      This looks really cool. Unfortunately, I dislike when campaigns include gameplay affecting items for an additional fee. Between this and the resin unlocks that may or may not make it to plastic, my single journey level feels incomplete unless I spend more money.

    7. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      @ AGN1964, I just realized that's the company logo...
      Probably this will give me bad karma with them. 8-)

    8. TAMN on

      You know - I think a pack or two of these would be perfect replacements for the little tiny Confucian scholars I have sitting under my Bonsai trees :-)

    9. Hans von Z on

      4 models and a scenery item for $15 ? there;s a word for that ... SWEET !

    10. TAMN on

      @marc - I believe you would get one resin Jiangshi included for free. If you wanted another 8 plastic and 2 coffins, you'd need to add $30 :-)

    11. Rando Commando on

      At least they didn't call it "Herald of Death + $20"... o.O

    12. marc tarrington on

      or do I just get 1 zombie

    13. marc tarrington on

      Im a little confused at the 600$ lvl what has to bought that isn't include , if I want 8 zombies do I have to add 30$

    14. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      Interesting....a Ching Dynasty zombie in Tong Dynasty which is over hundred years before Ching Dynasty....LOL


      @ kat ... um did you read the whole update? they answered that quandary

    16. AGN1964 on

      Salvador, do you mean the Marrow logo? It's a watermark to stop people stealing the image.

    17. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      Every time I come in here, something screams that I should pledge on a collector level.
      The miniatures are worth it and the game seems to be on a par with them.
      I just know I probably won't paint them ever, since I have hundreds more miniatures still waiting to be painted.
      But if you keep throwing more resin miniatures I think I will pledge a collector level anyway...

      The cemetery tile is as awesome as the ones we have already seen.
      However what's that kind of mist on the left lower half?
      It looks very strange to me. Seems like a 3-in-a-row kind of game...
      Happy Halloween. Although maybe you don't such a holiday on your country...

    18. kat on

      I certainly will not have the money to increase to $320, but I should be able to just buy this guy without upping my pledge but a few dollars?

    19. Jeremey on

      Very cool, looks like the pledge is going up...

    20. Marrow Production Creator on

      @JC, there is no time limit for Jiangshi.

    21. TAMN on

      They look great, it even looks like the 4 of them are hopping! Thanks for the Halloween special, @Marrow - that's even better than candy for breakfast!!
      @JC, this isn't time limited. Nice.

    22. TAMN on

      @Amaranthus, if you go to the journey front page and scroll down, there's all of the stretch goals listed by type (Box upgrade, collectors upgrade and addons). There's also a nice all in one what you get graphic. And marrow said they'll post a list near the end too. And, BTW, all of the monster/character addons come with cards and add to game play, tho all are optional addons. The core game is complete :-)

    23. JC on

      There is any time limit to get this add-on or is going to be available until the end?

    24. Arthur K on

      AWESOME! Gotto get 4 of these! Will probably have to use it as proxy for other games though since the custom are clearly from the Qing Dynasty and the story set in Tong Dynasty.

    25. Amaranthus on

      Could you please keep a simple, updated list of things that can be added to the game before the Kickstarter ends? Without pictures and explanatory texts and all. I'm lost in the details. The list should include the following: Price of plastic (if any), price for resin (if any) and whether or not the item adds to gameplay. Basically, I intend to add all gameplay items, but I have so far procrastinated with actually upping my pledge since I get so put off by too much information.

    26. Steven Ford on

      I'm totally convinced... A resin to paint and a bunch to play with for an additional $15 (I'll be at Deuxe come the end anyway), plus the coffins. You guys really have a knack for setting things up in a way I'll go for :P

    27. vautravers on

      Ok, you got me increasing my pledge with this add-on :D

    28. Lugus on

      That is a thing I really need... well...want at least.
      It can even be a nice touch to add to the Ghost Stories boardgame (where you can find some hopping vampires too).
      Pledge increased to add the plastic ones, thanks :)

    29. Nocturne on

      I was just thinking this morning that there needs to be more classic Asian monsters on the miniatures market, hopping ghost was one of those at the top of the list Thanks for the mind reading!!

    30. Kosongz on

      I asking because Zombicide allows EB backers to add-on extra copies for early-bird price.

    31. Ziv Kitaro on

      You guys rock.
      Added the $15 pack so I'll keep the resin and play with the plastic ones.
      Brilliant Halloween gift. Thank you.

    32. Kosongz on

      @Marrow If I got an EB premium, can I add $120 for a single journey? Or do I need to add $130? Thanks!

    33. aleksandar stossitch on

      @John D yes he lurks here he lurks their he is the opaque milkernickel
      @Jeff Fox hello, less jerks on brimstone now

    34. aleksandar stossitch on

      is that a primitive elastoplast on its forehead?

    35. S Buntenbach

      got my Money -Zombies and maps

    36. Tore van Kooten on

      Best halloween treat ever! Now i must have a Chinese zombie horde :)

    37. John D on

      Coffin scenery marker !! Hooray!
      (I like the strangest things)
      Happy Halloween, Marrow

    38. Jeff Fox on

      Happy Halloween! An amazing update gang! Thanks!