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Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?
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    1. AGN1964 on

      These guys seem to the leaking the information out carefully, I guess to keep interest high throughout the campaign. I'm sure we'll see enough by the end to judge how interesting the game play is.

    2. Daekwan Lawrence Kim on

      @TAMN Exactly what I was thinking. It would be great if the rules are ready for review before the kickstarter ends.

    3. TAMN on

      I'm very happy to wait for well written rules. Look at Sedition Wars!! Not only were they poorly written first time round (as were the cards), but I can't help thinking at least some of the continuing problems with the re-issue were down to them trying to please hundreds of comments on forums rather than focusing on just getting it right. Not that feedback can't be useful - just at the right time.

    4. Kirill Krymskiy on

      This update sounds promissory=)..I'm looking forward more info about gameplay and its features..

    5. Marrow Production Creator on

      @Grisboui, there will be 10 Quests in the base game.

    6. Grisboui on

      How many Quest will be in the base game?

    7. Marrow Production Creator on

      @Adrian, thank you very much for your patient and support!

    8. Missing avatar

      Adrian Zollinger

      I think it would be good to take advantage of our ability to proof read the rule for you... The positive impact of hundreds of native speakers who are passionate about the product proofing it cannot be overstated. Certainly, wait until you are satisfied, but not so long that edits cannot be incorporated into the final product.

    9. Daekwan Lawrence Kim on

      @AGN1964 I'm aware of that. I think it would be more clear if individual miniatures are explained a bit more. It would definitely help with the potential backers.

    10. Matthew Blecke on

      I'm very happy to hear you're spending time making sure the rulebook is solid. I've seen what can happen if that part is neglected. It's not even that the rules were bad - just not really proofed or polished. The game still hasn't recovered.

    11. AGN1964 on

      @daekwan, there's a game contents list on the front page and you can match the minis listed to the graphic. I think its 40 miniatures with 12 unique sculpts, if you just count the plastic minis in the game and Boxed Game Upgrades.

    12. Daekwan Lawrence Kim on

      Great. I look forward to reading the rules. A detailed list of all the miniature would also be nice.